Clancey, W. J.

Knowledge Based Tutoring: The GUIDON Program


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Heuristic classification


A broad range of well-structured problems--embracing forms of diagnosis, catalog selection, and skeletal planning--are solved in'expert systems' by the methods of heuristic classification. These programs have a characteristic inference structure that systematically relates data to a pre-enumerated set of solutions by abstraction, heuristic association, and refinement. In contrast with previous descriptions of classification reasoning, particularly in psychology, this analysis emphasizes the role of a heuristic in routine problem solving as a non-hierarchical, direct association between concepts. The heuristic classification problem-solving model provides a useful framework for characterizing kinds of problems, for designing representation tools, and for understanding non-classification (constructive) problem-solving methods.

The epistemology of a rule-based expert system—A framework for explanation


Production rules are a popular representation for encoding heuristic knowledge in programs for scientific and medical problem solving. However, experience with one of these programs, mycin, indicates that the representation has serious limitations: people other than the original rule authors find it difficult to modify the rule set, and the rules are unsuitable for use in other settings, such as for application to teaching. These problems are rooted in fundamental limitations in mycin's original rule representation: the view that expert knowledge can be encoded as a uniform, weakly structured set of if/then associations is found to be wanting. Making explicit this structural, strategic and support knowledge enhances the ability to understand and modify the system.