Chun, Andy Hon Wai

Optimizing Limousine Service with AI

AI Magazine

A common problem for companies with strong business growth is that it is hard to find enough experienced staff to support expansion needs. This article is a case study of how one of the largest travel agencies in Hong Kong alleviated this problem by using AI to support decision-making and problem-solving so that their planners and controllers can work more effectively and efficiently to sustain business growth while maintaining consistent quality of service. AI is used in a mission critical fleet management system (FMS) that supports the scheduling and management of a fleet of luxury limousines for business travelers. The AI problem was modeled as a constraint satisfaction problem (CSP).

An AI Framework for the Automatic Assessment of e-Government Forms

AI Magazine

This article describes the architecture and AI technology behind an XML-based AI framework designed to streamline e-government form processing. The framework performs several crucial assessment and decision support functions, including workflow case assignment, automatic assessment, follow-up action generation, precedent case retrieval, and learning of current practices. To implement these services, several AI techniques were used, including rule-based processing, schema-based reasoning, AI clustering, case-based reasoning, data mining, and machine learning. The primary objective of using AI for e-government form processing is of course to provide faster and higher quality service as well as ensure that all forms are processed fairly and accurately.

Stand-Allocation System (SAS): A Constraint-Based System Developed with Software Components

AI Magazine

The stand-allocation system (SAS) is an AI application developed for the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) at Chek Lap Kok. The system ensures a high standard of quality in customer service, airport safety, and use of stand resources. This article describes our experience in developing an AI system using standard off-the-shelf software components. SAS is an example of how development methodologies used to construct modern AI applications have become fully inline with mainstream practices.