Barrow, H.G.

Design of low-cost equipment for cognitive robot research


The aim of the design of the interface was to provide a high speed data channel through a'bombproof' socket so that a number of different devices (including Freddy) could be connected or disconnected at will. The input word is structured as follows: I I i Motor Left Right Picture Comparator flag bump bump flag outputs I l I The motor flag is cleared to 0 when the drive command is given, and is reset to 1 when motion ceases. The'world' will consist of a five foot square of aluminium honeycomb or, perhaps, the present hardboard /polystyrene sandwich mounted on a compound The slides will be rails of 2 x light alloy with ball bearing constraints. Several designs are being considered: In the simplest a single small camera mounted on a rotating vertical mast will be limited to the number of rotations allowed by its cable.