Barachini, Franz

Frontiers in Run-Time Prediction for the Production-System Paradigm

AI Magazine

Efficient indexing schemes have influenced the acceptance of production systems in the industrial world. However, in embedded-control systems, production systems have not been applied intensively because of their nondeterministic run-time behavior. Thus, nonpredictability of response times is a major obstacle to the widespread use of expert systems in the real-time domain. The RETE and TREAT algorithms and their offspring play a major role in the implementation of efficient pattern-matching systems.

Advances in Interfacing Production Systems with the Real World

AI Magazine

The workshop "Advances in Interfacing Production Systems with the Real World" was designed to bring together researchers from around the world to focus on the problem of integrating production systems into industrial environments. It was held on 25 August 1991 in Sydney, Australia, in conjunction with the Twelfth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-91). Nine papers were accepted for the proceedings, and six of them were discussed at the workshop.