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Exercise Reveals Advantages Artificial Intelligence Gives in All-Domain Ops


… advantages the Defense Department would receive by applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to all-domain information, Air Force Gen.

[N] Call for papers: KDD 2021 Workshop on Bayesian Causal Inference for Real-World Interactive Systems


Increasingly we use machine learning to build interactive systems that learn from past actions and the reward obtained. Theory suggests several possible approaches, such as contextual bandits, reinforcement learning, the do-calculus, or plain old Bayesian decision theory. What are the most theoretically appropriate and practical approaches to doing causal inference for interactive systems? We are particularly interested in case studies of applying machine learning methods to interactive systems that did or did not use Bayesian or likelihood based methods, with a discussion about why this choice was made in terms of practical or theoretical arguments.

[Research] Companies for compiling training data


I need to retrieve data for Machine Learning training using sample data from event sites for training of a web scraper. Are you sure this is what you want to do? A web scraper is typically rule-based (e.g. But to answer your question, Amazon Mechanical Turk is by far the largest platform if you want to access (mostly unskilled) workforce, as long as you can frame your task into a questionnaire (i.e.

Admiral: Artificial Intelligence Will Be A Wingman, Not a Lead


ARLINGTON, Va. — The Navy is very much on board for integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into its networks, but human …

Future Role of Artificial Intelligence in Logistics and Transportation


Route Planning with Predictive Analytics. Using the power of AI, enterprises can unlock advanced route planning that optimizes several real-world …

Make Responsible AI Part of Your Company's DNA


First things first: by "artificial intelligence," I am not referring to our mechanical sentient … This idea is the basis of responsible and ethical use of AI.