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[D] has anyone ever worked on a machine learning model for "queues"?


Has anyone ever worked on a machine learning model for "queues"? Suppose there is a bakery: the bakery has has "n" people working, "m" people in line" and "q" orders that they are currently working on. The bakery is interested in making a machine learning model that predicts how long a customer will have to wait before the customer's order is ready and how long will the next customer have to wait before they can place an order. Has anyone ever come across a machine learning model which can predict waiting and processing times? I have seen examples online where people try fitting exponential distributions to historical waiting times and see how well they fit, as well as trying different m/m/k combinations... but has anyone ever come across an instance where machine learning algorithms (e.g.

Streamlining Data Center Tasks with Machine Learning


In this edition of Voices of the Industry, Service Express Chief Technology Officer Jake Blough shares how machine learning offers new opportunities for IT leaders to accomplish routine tasks in the data center. Digital transformation in IT departments enables businesses to take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to streamline tasks and improve operations in the data center. The key to understanding the distinction between AI and ML is to view automation as an umbrella with artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning as subsets of automation. AI is broadly defined as a technique that mimics human behavior. Machine learning uses data and algorithms to understand and improve from experience over time.

Portable drone hangar gets military certification


A provider of drone-in-a-box systems for applications like inspection and monitoring received a new certification that will make it easier to provide solutions to the defense sector. Easy Aerial recently announced its Easy Guard ground station--essentially a portable hangar for a drone--has received its certification of Military Standard Specification MIL-STD 810G, a standard and broadly recognized defense-industry certification that designates technology as field-ready military equipment. This is significant because it underlines the growing crossover between UAV solutions developed for commercial applications like inspection and pursuits like surveillance and situational awareness that are used by police and military customers. A number of providers now move fluidly between commercial industries and public security & defense, making some privacy advocates uncomfortable. But for a sector that's growing but still trying to catch its footing as the regulatory environment evolves, UAV developers are keen to take advantage of the broad applicability of rugged and task-agnostic hardware, and defense and security, which are embracing drones, represent a market with deep pockets.

Artificial Intelligence Implementations in Web Development


There is a need to use AI in web development as customers need more user-friendly applications. Billions of consumers decide a business's credibility supported web design and user-friendly site interfaces. And so, Multiple numbers of famous and well-known enterprises are performing on AI algorithms for a really while with the aim of designing websites, chatbots and voice-based search. Voice based search makes internet users get information faster which too within the simplest possible way. Chatbots already made conversations incredibly natural. According to a Statista report, the revenue generation from AI is predicted to succeed in $126 Billion in 2025.

ElectrifAi Achieves AWS Machine Learning Competency Status in Applied AI


ElectrifAi, one of the world's leading companies in practical artificial intelligence (AI) and pre-built machine learning (ML) models, today announced that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learning Competency status in the new Applied Artificial Intelligence (Applied AI) category. This designation recognizes that ElectrifAi has demonstrated deep experience and expertise in building or integrating practical ML solutions on AWS. AWS Partners recognized as part of the AWS Machine Learning Competency expansion help customers take advantage of intelligent solutions to drive business optimization, customer revenue growth and cost reduction. This is done by creating, automating, and managing end-to-end ML workflows with machine intelligence. The AI and ML driven applications are maturing rapidly and creating new demands on enterprises.

Your Call May Be Recorded (and Analyzed by a Bot)

WSJ.com: WSJD - Technology

"We can now access customer data that's been previously kind of locked away in call recordings," said Ian Jacobs, vice president research director at Forrester Research Inc., which predicts U.S. businesses will spend roughly $7 billion on contact center systems in 2021. "That means we're going to see a flood of new use cases for that data." Companies don't believe they can ignore the call-center experience they provide, despite millennials' so-called phone phobia and the proliferation of chatbots. Some 89% of companies expect phone communication to continue playing a role in customer care, according to industry publication Customer Contact Week. Verizon Communications Inc. is using technology from Afiniti Ltd. that uses artificial intelligence to connect callers with the agents who are calculated to have the best chance of keeping them loyal.

General Motors CEO says autonomous vehicles may be on sale by 2030

FOX News

The 2021 Cadillac Escalade is available with the latest version of GM's hands-free Super Cruise highway driving aid. Fox News Autos Editor Gary Gastelu lets it take him for a ride. General Motors is developing autonomous vehicles through its Cruise division, which is already testing the vehicles on the streets of San Francisco without a driver behind the wheel, but you won't be able to buy one. The vehicles are intended for use in a ride-hailing service the company is hoping to launch in select cities soon, including Dubai where it recently signed a deal to become the city's exclusive self-driving taxi service. The Cruise Origin is a fully autonomous electric taxi GM plans to begin producing soon.

How Marketers Can Truly Embrace AI and Maximize Its Benefits


One of the biggest challenges that marketers are facing today and struggling with is the massive amount of data that we see in our line of work, day in and day out. Some would like to call it "data overload," which is only getting compounded due to the speed at which we're getting data in ever-increasing ways. I like to say, and I am sure other marketers will agree, whenever we are putting together any strategic plan, we start with the data. We say, "What does the data tell us?" Data dictates everything that we do, from what people say on social media and review sites about our brands and products to our customers' suggestions on things that we should consider implementing, like a new soda flavor or a new travel route. Further, there are times when the data that comes to marketers also gives us a kernel of insight into potential consumer trends that may impact our brands and products.

Conversational A.I. for Customer xDNA and Intelligent Innovation at Scale - India


In the past 12 months, there has been tremendous traction and advance of A.I. across industries. Moving from a buzzword, hype, or having some novelty level, firms have moved to an actual adoption, and more importantly, tangible business results. Organizations are now breaking through the struggle to implement projects that deliver business value and are well on their journey to become sentient enterprises. The examples and use cases are astounding in number. A great indicator is the number of start-ups driving radical innovations, for instance, in customer experience at scale.

Scientists develop £2,700 'shoe camera' that detects obstacles

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Computer scientists have created an'intelligent' shoe that helps blind and visually-impaired people avoid multiple obstacles. The £2,700 (€3,200) product, called InnoMake, has been developed by Austrian company Tec-Innovation, backed by Graz University of Technology (TU Graz). The product consists of waterproof ultrasonic sensors attached to the tip of each shoe, which vibrate and make noises near obstacles. The closer the wearer gets to an obstacle, the faster the vibration becomes, much like a parking sensor on the back of a vehicle. Tec-Innovation is now working on embedding an AI-powered camera as part of a new iteration of the product.