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Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) Libraries for Python


AutoML provides tools to automatically discover good machine learning model pipelines for a dataset with very little user intervention. It is ideal for domain experts new to machine learning or machine learning practitioners looking to get good results quickly for a predictive modeling task. Open-source libraries are available for using AutoML methods with popular machine learning libraries in Python, such as the scikit-learn machine learning library. In this tutorial, you will discover how to use top open-source AutoML libraries for scikit-learn in Python. Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) Libraries for Python Photo by Michael Coghlan, some rights reserved.

The Cute, The Weird And The Lovely: 7 Of The Kookiest Robots Around


Today's robots are more intelligent than ever, learning to respond to their environment and perform a range of tasks autonomously, without human intervention. As such, robots are now entirely commonplace in sectors like manufacturing; the International Federation of Robotics estimated that 1.7 million new robots would be installed in factories around the world by 2020. Then we have the rise of collaborative robots, or cobots, which are explicitly designed to work alongside humans as helpful robotic colleagues. In this way, the future of many industries may mean humans and robots working seamlessly side by side. It's no wonder, then, that robotics is considered a major, transformative technology trend – one that, along with rising automation, will no doubt shape the future of work.

RTX3080 TensorFlow and NAMD Performance on Linux (Preliminary)


I had also run with TensorFlow 2.2 on the RTX Titan but did not have time to do this on the RTX 3080. You can see that the $700 RTX 3080 gave excellent performance compared to the much more expensive RTX Titan (which has 24GB of expensive memory). I didn't compare directly to other cards because the RTX Titan was what I had available at the time. Note: that these results for the RTX Titan are much improved over past testing that I have done using earlier versions of the NGC TensorFlow container. This is especially true for the fp16 result as you will will see in the chart below.

Agoracom: Small Cap Investment - Loop Insights Inc. - Profile


What if you could receive the same personalization and experience you get from online shopping, but in brick and mortar stores? Loop Insights is doing just that. Brick and mortar retail isn't going anywhere, but it does need to adapt to offer better in-store customer experiences. Loop Insights solves a significant problem for traditional retailers - big and small - who are losing customers to e-commerce retail. All e-commerce sites have easy access to company-wide connectivity, real-time insights, and personalized marketing.

Part 1


Are we going to build (beyond) human-level artificial intelligence one day? Nobody knows, because the specs are not fully done yet. But let me give you some of those we already know, just to get you started. While large factions within the philosophy of mind still seem to struggle over the relationship between mind, world, meaning, intentionality, subjectivity, phenomenal experience, personhood and autonomy, Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers a clear and concise set of answers to these basic questions, as well as avenues of pursuing their eventual understanding. In the view of AI, minds are computational machines, whereby computationalism is best understood as the most contemporary version of the mechanist world view.

Medical Moonshot: How Novartis and Microsoft Are Using AI to Reimagine Medicine


Those efforts from the AI Innovation Lab generally coalesce around two areas: AI exploration, which involves tackling some of the hardest challenges within life sciences, very specific projects, starting with generative chemistry and optimizing cell and gene therapies at scale. The second area is AI empowerment, which Bodson said is a Microsoft term centered on enabling every person to harness AI in their own special and custom ways to reason over diverse information and unlock valuable new insights as they simultaneously reimagine ways to achieve those results more rapidly and at lower cost.

10 Creative Safety Features For Driverless Car One Must Know


For a few years now, research and development in driverless cars have evolved tremendously, and several intuitive and creative changes have been witnessed. There have been various demonstrations of these autonomous vehicles by the auto giants both on and off roads. However, the measure of safety has always been a serious concern in self-driving cars. There have been severe accidents during the trials on-road of various driverless cars. For instance, in 2016, a Tesla driver died in a fatal crash while using autopilot mode.

'Disintegration' multiplayer shuts down after just six months


The developer behind Disintegration, the tactical shooter with transhuman characters, is ending the multiplayer mode that it launched early this year. In a blog post, V1 Interactive wrote that the multiplayer modes will be removed in phases starting today, with everything gone by November 17th. The single-player campaigns will remain, however, and the studio has no plans to remove those. "While our player base showed interest in the single player campaign, the game unfortunately struggled to build a significant audience necessary for a compelling multiplayer experience," according to the developer. Disintegration is set around two centuries in the future.

Mozilla wants to understand your weird YouTube recommendations


From cute cat videos to sourdough bread recipes: sometimes, it feels like the algorithm behind YouTube's "Up Next" section knows the user better than the user knows themselves. Often, that same algorithm leads the viewer down a rabbit hole. How many times have you spent countless hours clicking through the next suggested video, each time promising yourself that this one would be the last one? The scenario gets thorny when the system somehow steers the user towards conspiracy theory videos and other forms of extreme content, as some have complained. To get an idea of how often this happens and how, the non-profit Mozilla Foundation has launched a new browser extension that lets users take action when they are recommended videos on YouTube that they then wish they hadn't ended up watching.