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Mila, the Quebec AI Institute is pleased to present the work of its researchers at the 37th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) being held this week. For this edition, 34 publications were accepted by the reviewers for their significant contribution in the field of machine learning. In addition, several Mila members contributed to the organization of about ten workshops. The ICML conference is world-renowned for presenting and publishing cutting-edge research on all aspects of machine learning, and is one of the fastest growing AI conferences in the world. Accepted papers from Mila researchers cover a range of topics, including the acceleration of Generative Antagonistic Networks, Automatic Natural Language Processing (NLP), and innovations using the Variational Auto-encoder.

How Chase is using AI to update banking


As one of the so-called "big four" U.S. banks, Chase needs little in the way of introduction. And like many age-old institutions, including its direct rivals, the New York-based financial powerhouse has had to move with the times, with Chase now investing more than $11 billion each year on the technology side of its business. This includes software development, cybersecurity, and -- increasingly -- artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Talking at Transform 2020 today, Sandra Nudelman, chief data and analytics officer at Chase for the past two years, outlined some of the main ways the company is harnessing AI and ML across its business, including helping streamline internal processes such as managing PPP applications, improving marketing efforts, increasing credit lines, and preventing fraud. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the U.S. government launched the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) a couple of months back to ensure money continues to roll into the workforce -- this, in turn, led to significant paperwork for banks, which have had to deal with a mountain of applications.

AI Talent Landscape: Defining and Finding the Leaders Your Company Needs


AI leaders are in high demand, but come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. We look at common career paths and profiles, based on our recent analysis of more than 100 AI leaders worldwide. AI has steadily evolved from a near-mythical technology to a pressing reality for organizations in every industry. Hailed as the next Industrial Revolution, AI is projected to increase labor productivity by up to 40 percent, and profoundly change the nature of work.1 Current estimates show AI creating 2.3 million jobs, eliminating 1.8 million jobs and producing insights that will assist one in five workers.2 As AI technology matures, two major talent challenges confront organizations aiming to tap its rich potential.

Airbus Harnessing AI in Bid to Save Millions on Finance Tasks


Airbus SE is using artificial intelligence to squeeze cost out of its finance function, an experiment launched in the aircraft maker's Americas division that could save the corporation millions of dollars annually if rolled out in other regions. It's one of the latest examples of how companies across sectors are digitizing operations to increase efficiency, reduce human error and free up employees for tasks that require more human judgment, such as strategic planning, analysis and audits. "Companies can now automate highly repetitive activity at a lower cost with a higher degree of accuracy," said David Axson, head of the CFO consulting practice at Accenture Strategy, a unit of consulting firm Accenture PLC. "This especially applies to high-volume-use cases like accounts payable." Less than half of companies' accounts-payable activity worldwide is currently automated, Accenture Strategy says.

Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education Market 2025 Impact Status Of COVID -19: Google, IBM, Pearson, Microsoft, AWS, etc. – Cole of Duty


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AI-assisted ultrasound guidance startup Caption Health closes $53M Series B


Brisbane, California-based Caption Health, maker of artificial intelligence-assisted ultrasound guidance software, has tied up a $53 million Series B funding round. Prior backer DCVC headed the raise. Atlantic Bridge and Edwards Lifesciences joined the round as new investors, while Khosla Ventures added onto its previous stake. The company's Caption AI software platform consists of two components, Caption Guidance and Caption Interpretation. The first uses AI to guide medical professionals though cardiac imaging that would normally be conducted by an ultrasound expert.

How artificial intelligence is helping fight Utah wildfires – IAM Network


LAYTON, Utah -- Some Utah firefighters are getting some help to detect wildfires before flames are visible. The EDWIN Project (Early Detection Wildfire Imaging Network) uses cameras with artificial intelligence (A.I.) to seek out hot spots in wildfires among the hills along portions of the Wasatch Front. Three thermal imaging cameras, developed by a team at UTOPIA Fiber, were installed in Layton, Murray and Woodland Hills simultaneously for a BETA test. "Their A.I. cameras caught the early stages of a brush fire in Woodland Hills on July 6," said Bob Knight, spokesman for UTOPIA Fiber. Crews extinguished the smoldering flames before the fire consumed too much acreage.

AI is helping in Suicide Management


The mental health of Americans according to a Pew Research survey is declining. Those interviewed admitted experiencing suicidal thoughts at some point because of pressure from work, traffic jams and spouse problems among others. Canada like the US faces a similar risk of suicide rates¹ and reports 4,000 annual deaths. From these figures, suicide is a serious mental health problem that needs our attention. Technology is supporting suicide management in Canada and the US with both countries adopting artificial intelligence and machine-learning tools to manage the situation.

Machine Learning Cybersecurity: How It Works and Companies to Know


In May of 2017, a nasty cyber attack hit more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries over the course of just a few days. Dubbed "WannaCry," it exploited a vulnerability that was first discovered by the National Security Agency (NSA) and later stolen and disseminated online. It worked like this: After successfully breaching a computer, WannaCry encrypted that computer's files and rendered them unreadable. In order to recover their imprisoned material, targets of the attack were told they needed to purchase special decryption software. Guess who sold that software? The so-called "ransomware" siege affected individuals as well as large organizations, including the U.K.'s National Health Service, Russian banks, Chinese schools, Spanish telecom giant Telefonica and the U.S.-based delivery service FedEx.

NASA and JAXA designing a Toyota-made 'RV for the moon'

Daily Mail - Science & tech

NASA is set to send the first woman and next many to the moon in 2024 and has revealed what the crew will call home – an RV rover. The American space agency is ditching concepts of inflatable tents and underground bases, and is now looking at a pressurized surface vehicle. The space group recently joined efforts with Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), which has been designing a six-wheeled, self-driving Toyota rover - providing Japan with a key role in the Artemis program. The RV-like rover will hold two people up to 14 days, allowing them to live and work inside while traveling across the moon. NASA recently joined efforts with Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), which has been designing a six-wheeled, self-driving lunar rover with Toyota for two years - providing Japan with a key role in the Artemis program Mark Kirasich, the acting director of NASA's Advanced Exploration Systems, said in a video interview: 'The pressurized rover is really an incredible element, human element,' 'I have been in a lot of spacecraft on the ground, I have been in the International Space Station on the ground, this thing is the coolest element I've ever seen for people because they can live and work inside.' 'It's like a space station-esque, kind of a habitat for up to 14 days for two people, but it's on wheels and you can go places.'