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Facebook speeds up mapping data validation with machine learning tools Map With AI and RapiD


Millions of roads around the world have yet to be mapped, and that's a real problem, particularly in the developing world. Missing map data can harm disaster response, community planning, and local economies. And while government-run and tax-funded projects like the U.K.'s Ordnance Survey have produced enormous corpora, they've largely failed to freely and widely distribute them. That's motivated crowdsourcing efforts like OpenStreetMap, which recruit thousands of volunteers to catalog roads, buildings, and bridges every day. It's an arduous process, but one buoyed by Facebook, which has worked with communities and partners to fine-tune a tool -- Map With AI -- that automates several of the most time-consuming steps.

Facebook Artificial Intelligence to take the place of its Content Moderators


Facebook is continuously facing privacy and security issues, and the user's exposure to sensitive data on the platform just adds salt to the wounds. Facebook is famous for the spread of misinformation along with offensive content that could lead to wrong messages. Even though these are serious allegations, still Facebook says that they try to remove harrowing content as much as they can. Facebook has thousands of content moderators all over the world including their always-on artificial intelligence service to detect offensive content. Since technology has taken over our lives, Facebook is also making its way towards it.

Why CMOs Should Care More About Social Customer Service


When the pilot announced that we were number 19 in the queue for taking off from LaGuardia, I figured my odds for making my connecting flight in Dallas were about the same as my winning Powerball. Sure enough, an hour later the pilot confirmed a late arrival, spurring "WTF" groans from fellow passengers, who then went back to their inflight entertainment. I jumped on Twitter, shared the delay with @AmericanAir, and asked for their help. Less than 10 minutes later, I could depart from my uptight and locked position knowing I was safely booked on a later connecting flight. Unfortunately, this level of social customer service is still the exception rather than the rule.

India's Plan to leverage AI for Economic Growth Shri Suresh Prabhu


It connects top AI experts, enterprises, government representatives, data scientists, technology leaders, startups, investors, researchers, academicians, and global AI innovators - to discuss the impact of AI on commercial applications and the revolutionary ways it can transform businesses and government functions.

Automatic Feature Induction for Stagewise Collaborative Filtering

Neural Information Processing Systems

Recent approaches to collaborative filtering have concentrated on estimating an algebraic or statistical model, and using the model for predicting missing ratings. In this paper we observe that different models have relative advantages in different regions of the input space. This motivates our approach of using stagewise linear combinations of collaborative filtering algorithms, with non-constant combination coefficients based on kernel smoothing. The resulting stagewise model is computationally scalable and outperforms a wide selection of state-of-the-art collaborative filtering algorithms. Papers published at the Neural Information Processing Systems Conference.

The 10 Best Examples Of How Companies Use Artificial Intelligence In Practice


All the world's tech giants from Alibaba to Amazon are in a race to become the world's leaders in artificial intelligence (AI). These companies are AI trailblazers and embrace AI to provide next-level products and services. Here are 10 of the best examples of how these companies are using artificial intelligence in practice. Chinese company Alibaba is the world's largest e-commerce platform that sells more than Amazon and eBay combined. Artificial intelligence (AI) is integral in Alibaba's daily operations and is used to predict what customers might want to buy.

Why Your Business Needs AI-Powered Customer Service? BotMyWork


We humans never stick to the same thing forever. Be it video games, songs, movies, cellphones, we choose something latest and trending over the former. Likewise, businesses are also choosing new and trending ways to provide customer support. The latest way they're shifting towards is AI-powered customer service. But what is the reason they are advancing to this technology?

Otter is AI for Accessibility


Sign in to report inappropriate content. was selected by the USDA TARGET center to present the AI-powered Otter Voice Notes to the federal agencies on May 15, 2019, for the event called #InnovationAtWork in Washington, D.C, showcasing the latest assistive technology helping people living with disabilities.

r/MachineLearning - [R] Soft-Label Dataset Distillation and Text Dataset Distillation


Dataset distillation is a method for reducing dataset sizes by learning a small number of synthetic samples containing all the information of a large dataset. This has several benefits like speeding up model training, reducing energy consumption, and reducing required storage space. Currently, each synthetic sample is assigned a single hard' label, and also, dataset distillation can currently only be used with image data. We propose to simultaneously distill both images and their labels, thus assigning each synthetic sample a soft' label (a distribution of labels). Using soft' labels also enables distilled datasets to consist of fewer samples than there are classes as each sample can encode information for multiple classes.

The Age of Quantum Supremacy - IRIS


I am not a genius, have no inside information and don't have influential friends feeding me high-tech solutions to common problems. However, people wonder why I have huge social media followings, know what the next big thing is and have opportunities thrust upon me. The simple answer is I love watching for disruptive technologies and I follow trends--have done so for years. I think you must be on top of what is happening around you and gather intelligence on what technology can change the world and what technology is simple taking up space like marijuana. I've watched the marijuana "technologies" reaping incredible rewards from the few who got in at the early stages.