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Machine learning hiring levels in the packaging industry rose to a year-high in April 2022


The proportion of packaging companies hiring for machine learning related positions rose significantly in April 2022 compared with the equivalent month last year, with 25% of the companies included in our analysis recruiting for at least one such position. This latest figure was higher than the 10.7% of companies who were hiring for machine learning related jobs a year ago and an increase compared to the figure of 17.9% in March 2022. When it came to the rate of all job openings that were linked to machine learning, related job postings rose in April 2022, with 0.5% of newly posted job advertisements being linked to the topic. This latest figure was an increase compared to the 0.2% of newly advertised jobs that were linked to machine learning in the equivalent month a year ago. Machine learning is one of the topics that GlobalData, from whom our data for this article is taken, have identified as being a key disruptive force facing companies in the coming years.

The $2 Billion Emoji: Hugging Face Wants To Be Launchpad For A Machine Learning Revolution


When Hugging Face first announced itself to the world five years ago, it came in the form of an iPhone chatbot app for bored teenagers. It shared selfies of its computer-generated face, cracked jokes and gossiped about its crush on Siri. It hardly made any money. The viral moment came in 2018--not among teens, but developers. The founders of Hugging Face had begun to share bits of the app's underlying code online for free.

Research Papers based on Lasso Regression part2(Machine Learning)


Abstract: The application of the lasso is espoused in high-dimensional settings where only a small number of the regression coefficients are believed to be nonzero. Moreover, statistical properties of high-dimensional lasso estimators are often proved under the assumption that the correlation between the predictors is bounded. In this vein, coordinatewise methods, the most common means of computing the lasso solution, work well in the presence of low to moderate multicollinearity. Motivated by these limitations, we propose the novel "Deterministic Bayesian Lasso" algorithm for computing the lasso solution. This algorithm is developed by considering a limiting version of the Bayesian lasso.



The troubled hero of our story believes that his digital social profile, created by him, is acting independently in an attempt to take over his life. Ultimately, the audience is left asking if he really is losing his mind, or if he can see a reality we all have missed. Librettist Sarah LaBrie says of the script, "When Vera Ivanova approached me with this project, my first thought was that this story would offer an incredible opportunity to play with the concept of identity and the way it changes as our lives migrate increasingly online. Now, however, I've come to understand that the significance of The Double to our current cultural moment runs much deeper than that. In 2022, many of us are coming to terms with what it means to be a citizen of a country founded on a dream that clashes glaringly with the reality many of us confront."

Top 5 smart personal home robots you can buy in 2022


Robots are not limited to industrial works anymore! Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence and voice recognition, robots are slowly invading our smart homes embedded with devices like wireless security cameras, Smart TVs, Amazon's Alexa, Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Philips Hue lightbulbs, Ecobee4, etc. And it is not a secret that machine learning software development is on rise now. A lot of clients are coming to develop personalized ML solutions for their businesses. ABI Research predicts that this integration will grow, and by 2024 that over 79 million homes in the world will have a robot in the house.

CNN for Autonomous Driving


Artificial intelligence is entering our lives at a rapid pace. We can say that society is currently undergoing a digital transformation, as there is a profound paradigm shift within it. As more and…

Access and Action: Healthcare Systems Put Big Data to Work


Across all industries, organizations are now managing more data, nearly 14 petabytes on average, according to Dell Technologies' 2020 Global Data Protection Index (1 petabyte is just over 1 million gigabytes). In healthcare, providers and patients want to see more done with all that data. Some 75 percent of healthcare consumers want to work together with providers on wellness goals, according to Deloitte research, and 85 percent of physicians expect interoperability and data sharing to become standardized. The pandemic has highlighted the value of innovative technologies to gather, manage and gain insights from the vast stores of data that hospitals collect, guiding them toward improved care and adaptive clinical workflows. "The pandemic has been a huge validation of the path we were on and the investments we've made in data management," Lamm says.

#ICRA2022, the great robotics scicommer – Day 1 video digest


The IEEE International Conference on Automation and Robotics, ICRA, is the itinerant flagship conference of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, RAS. In its 39th edition, ICRA is being held in the Pennsylvania Convention Center, in Philadelphia, PA, USA, between May 23 and 27, 2022. ICRA started just after the birth of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (formerly IEEE Robotics and Automation Council) in 1983. The first edition was held in Atlanta, GA, USA, in 1984. During its first years, the conference showed the growing interest of researchers and industry leaders in the emergent field of robotics.

GitHub - dair-ai/Mathematics-for-ML: 🧮 A collection of resources to learn mathematics for machine learning


A collection of resources to learn mathematics for machine learning. This is probably the place you want to start. Pay close attention to the notation and get comfortable with it. Machine learning deals with data and in turn uncertainty which is what statistics aims to teach. Get comfortable with topics like estimators, statistical significance, etc.

Walmart to place Symbotic system in 42 distribution facilities - Channel969


Symbotic's system will probably be deployed in all of Walmart's distribution community over the subsequent eight years. Walmart introduced that it's increasing its cope with Symbotic and plans to place Symbotic's system into all 42 of its regional distribution facilities over the subsequent, a minimum of, eight years. Symbotic's partnership with Walmart was introduced in July 2021, when Walmart deliberate to outfit 25 of its distribution facilities with Symbotic's system. The businesses had been working collectively since 2017, when Symbotic's system started being examined in Walmart's Brooksville, Florida distribution heart. The system features a fleet of totally autonomous robots and synthetic intelligence (AI) powered software program that goals to enhance effectivity, accuracy and agility whereas additionally lowering prices.