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Rep's bill would allow STEM ed to branch out

Boston Herald

Sometimes, vocations and avocations need a champion, and students in Massachusetts looking to further their knowledge of science, technology and robotics have one in state Rep. Danillo Sena. A House member representing the 37th Middlesex District, Sena filed a bill on Feb. 4 titled "An Act establishing an elementary and secondary school robotics grant program," meant to create a grant program that provides public and charter schools the necessary funding to increase robotics and STEM participation during and after school. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, a branch of education designed to help students to become better problem-solvers. "Money should not be a barrier between students and access to fun and engaging STEM education programs that foster creativity and have lasting positive effects on student achievement like these robotics teams," the Acton Democrat stated in a release. The bill was created in collaboration with Olivia Oestreicher, a member of Team 4905 Andromeda One Robotics at Ayer Shirley Regional High School and a Rep. Sena intern.

Facebook develops A.I. to predict likelihood of worsening Covid symptoms


Artificial intelligence researchers at Facebook claim they have developed software that can predict the likelihood of a Covid patient deteriorating or needing oxygen based on their chest X-rays. Facebook, which worked with academics at NYU Langone Health's predictive analytics unit and department of radiology on the research, says that the software could help doctors avoid sending at-risk patients home too early, while also helping hospitals plan for oxygen demand. The 10 researchers involved in the study -- five from Facebook AI Research and five from the NYU School of Medicine -- said they have developed three machine-learning "models" in total, that are all slightly different. One tries to predict patient deterioration based on a single chest X-ray, another does the same with a sequence of X-rays, and a third uses a single X-ray to predict how much supplemental oxygen (if any) a patient might need. "Our model using sequential chest X-rays can predict up to four days (96 hours) in advance if a patient may need more intensive care solutions, generally outperforming predictions by human experts," the authors said in a blog post published Friday.

Doubling the Number of Known Gravitational Lenses Using Artificial Intelligence


Machine learning key to discovery of over 1200 gravitational lenses. Data from the DESI (Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument) Legacy Imaging Surveys have revealed over 1200 new gravitational lenses, approximately doubling the number of known lenses. Discovered using machine learning trained on rea

A new foundation toward achieving the next generation of artificial intelligence


This book lays a new foundation toward achieving artificial self-intelligence by future machines such as intelligent vehicles. Its chapters provide broad coverage of the three key modules behind the design and development of intelligent vehicles for the ultimate purpose of actively ensuring safe driving as well as accident prevention. Self-contained and unified in presentation, the book explains in detail the fundamental solutions to autonomous vehicles' perception, decision-making, and action-taking, in a pedagogic order.

Learn Data Science for free in 2021 - KDnuggets


I will discuss all these fields and the best online courses to get started. A good data Scientist is well versed in programming, especially in Python or R as these languages are top data science languages. Google Trends: Blue is Python, Red is R. We can see that there is a great worldwide interest in the Python programming language as compared to R, so I would advise a beginner to start learning and getting a good grip on Python. You should start by learning the basics of Python via the Sentdex YouTube channel. He has a great series for beginners.

Step by step guide to a blazing career in AI and DataScience


Step by Step Guide to a Blazing Career in AI and Data Science, Includes free and paid courses with comparisons, companies and job sites, CV ... If you are inclined to make AI/DataScience your career, look no further. Each is a 1 hour section addressed to fulfill all the queries that you have about the topics. From a strong basic foundation for AI/DataScience and related subjects, you will wade through applications and future trends. Then you will move on to jobs and get a good idea about the opportunities that match your requirement. Finally, we will also explore the breadth of the courses that can bridge a gap or begin a new inning.

Building AI that Comprehends the Online Education Problem


Education is complex – really complex. We humans struggle with both the scale and the granularity of educational options, which result from huge variation in learning content, learning targets, individual skills and learning styles, as well as other factors in the learning environment. Experienced human teachers in physical classrooms, or those teaching small groups over the Internet, can address this complexity well in the subject areas where they have experience. But this solution does not scale well to online education, which is a growing imperative. There is an explosion of excellent (and not so good) online education content, but getting the right content to the right people, in the right way and at the right time, is an extremely challenging problem.

Retrofitting MIT's deep learning "boot camp" for the virtual world


Deep learning is advancing at lightning speed, and Alexander Amini '17 and Ava Soleimany '16 want to make sure they have your attention as they dive deep on the math behind the algorithms and the ways that deep learning is transforming daily life. Last year, their blockbuster course, 6.S191 (Introduction to Deep Learning) opened with a fake video welcome from former President Barack Obama. This year, the pair delivered their lectures "live" from Stata Center -- after taping them weeks in advance from their kitchen, outfitted for the occasion with studio lights, a podium, and a green screen for projecting the blackboard in Kirsch Auditorium on their Zoom backgrounds. "It's hard for students to stay engaged when they're looking at a static image of an instructor," says Amini. "We wanted to recreate the dynamic of a real classroom." Amini is a graduate student in MIT's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), and Soleimany a graduate student at MIT and Harvard University.

Adaptive Learning: The driver for the schools of the future


As teachers and administrators strive to improve student performance and graduation rates, they're increasingly leveraging new Educational Technology (EdTech) to deliver a higher quality learning experience. To gain a competitive advantage, EdTech market players are integrating advanced technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and Blockchain that are set to be the largest revenue contributors to the education sector in the coming years. In the UAE, 1.2 million school and university students started their e-learning journey a year ago with the onset of the pandemic, which has fueled the surge of EdTech startups. The EdTech sector has been gaining significant momentum, leading to an acceleration of investments in 2020. For instance, the regional EdTech companies raised almost $4m in March last year.

Full stack web development and AI with Python (Django)


This full stack web development, Django and AI combination course leads you through a complete range of software skills and languages, skilling you up to be an incredibly on-demand developer. The combination of being able to create full-stack websites AND machine learning and AI models is very rare - something referred to as a unAIcorn. This is exactly what you will be able to do by the end of this course. Whether you're looking to get into a high paying job in tech, aspiring to build a portfolio so that you can land remote contracts and work from the beach, or you're looking to grow your own tech start-up, this course will be essential to set you up with the skills and knowledge to develop you into a unAIcorn. This course will fill all the gaps in between.