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8 Myths About AI in the Workplace


Although artificial intelligence has been around for a while, it was always thought of as something that is in the early stages of development, and that it would take decades before we could make it work to our advantage. In other words, it was the stuff we would usually see in sci-fi movies. However, artificial intelligence has made some huge leaps, and it's definitely here to stay if we were to look at the numbers. According to research, the artificial intelligence market is set to reach $266.92 billion by 2027, which is nearly ten times more than the $27.23 billion that it was worth in 2019. Furthermore, according to recent surveys, 91.5% of top businesses have stated that they are currently investing in AI.

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With technology shaping businesses inside out, the above mentioned is the motto every business should swear by. If you are an entrepreneur yourself, you know how technological advancements have flipped things over in the business arena. It's okay for business leaders to feel this way, especially when they have an investment at stake. Nevertheless, technology is here to stay. And the only coping mechanism you have is to embrace it.

5 Ways Digital Marketers Use Artificial Intelligence to Grow their Businesses


Over the years, AI or artificial intelligence has transformed the way people market their products and services. It has helped businesses improve their customer experience, optimize the speed of various marketing tasks, and increase conversion rates. However, a lot of marketers still don't understand the benefits that artificial intelligence can provide. Some are afraid it may steal their jobs and replace them in the future. But the truth is that this new technology enables marketers to provide a more personalized consumer interaction. To give you a better understanding of what we are talking about, here are 5 ways intelligent marketers use artificial intelligence.

Scientist trains magpies to exchange bottle caps for food using high-tech bird feeder

Daily Mail - Science & tech

An expert in robotics and artificial intelligence has trained wild magpies to trade-in discarded bottles caps in exchange for food. Hans Forsberg constructed a DIY'birdbox' consisting of a dispenser that releases food pellets and another compartment fitted with sensors to detect when a cap is dropped into a hole. A YouTube video shows a bird, with a bottle cap in its mouth, land on a table and make its way towards an opening that leads to a receptacle. The magpie drops the cap through a hole, looks up at the tube eagerly waiting for its reward and grabs the treat when it lands at the base of the system. Forseberg was inspired after seeing the magpies fiddling with locks on lanterns in his backyard and began by training the birds to use these skills to collect garbage in the area.

How Artificial Intelligence Transforms the Experience in Museums? - Ridzeal


Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world in multiple ways. The technology is used not only in the corporates. But it is being used in a wide range of other fields as well, like healthcare and agriculture as well. Artificial Intelligence business solutions could be utilized to enhance the experience, be it the customer experience that the company offers to the customers or the hospitality experience offered by the hotels etc. AI has a pivotal role to play in the enrichment of the experience in the museums. In this article, we will talk about that in detail. When it comes to digitalization, Artificial Intelligence has a major role to play.

Boom Of Artificial Intelligence In The Banking Sector (Part-1)


From electronic trading platforms to medical diagnosis, robot control, entertainment, education, health, and commerce, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital disruption have touched every field in the 21st century. AI has made its presence felt in all walks of life due to its ability to help the user innovate. It has also enabled users to make faster and more informed decisions with an increased amount of efficiency. Of late, the banking sector is becoming an active adapter of artificial intelligence -- exploring and implementing this technology in new ways. The penetration of artificial intelligence in the banking sector had been unnoticed and sluggish until the advent of the era of internet banking.

Emerging Growth in Artificial Intelligence


Change is inevitable, evolution can't be ignored and the impact of technology cannot be overstated. The world is changing at the speed of light, the world we had decades ago is not the one we have today. Technology has changed every aspect of our life. And one of those changes is the innovation and evolution of artificial intelligence. Whether we agree with its ethics or not, artificial intelligence is part of our daily life.

3 Women Paving the Way for Advancements in Artificial Intelligence


Whether it's the phone in your pocket, the GPS in the car, or the software that the store on the corner uses, artificial intelligence has become a part of everyday life. With everything from cruise control and automated braking systems becoming standard in cars to the incorporation of machine-learning in shipping management, we have come to rely on it. We have even developed early warning systems and disaster relief programs using projections and data from advanced computing. As the use of artificial intelligence increases, so does the importance of the diversity of those who create it. There is evidence that increased gender diversity improves team dynamics and that AI programs magnify the behaviors of those who create them.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence


You've probably heard something along the lines of: "Artificial Intelligence has the potential to change lives." But how does it work? In this article, I hope to share what I've been learning about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a simple introduction to topics in the field. Since I am just starting out, I've been scouring the web for resources, talks, and articles about AI to try to get a better idea of what it is and how we can use it to its full potential. I hope to convey these ideas in simple terms that hopefully anyone can understand.

Matthew Ledvina – Artificial Intelligence: An Inevitable Future


Artificial Intelligence has been active as a concept for decades now. But the implementation of AI-enabled/infuses systems is at an all-time high in the past few years. Every industrial operation has integrated itself with AI to make things much smoother than they already were. The advent of Artificial Intelligence has made things super easy, especially for consumers. A few noticeable examples are the increased accessibility of purchasing commodities over the internet. The Artificial Intelligence enabled network studies each and every fragment of data to create a perception about the user.