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Tinder And Duolingo Team Up: How To Access This Free Language Feature

International Business Times

The popular dating app Tinder and the language-learning website Duolingo have decided to collaborate to give users a chance to find love in another language. Tinder has been allowing users to use its "Passport" feature for free until April 30. This feature lets users set their location to anywhere they want in the entire world, which is how Duolingo will come in handy. "Passport is one of our most popular paid features and since it's been free we've had our busiest day of 2021," said Udi Milo, VP Product, Tinder. "In the first week alone there was a 25% increase in the number of matches made as a result of the feature, so a partnership with Duolingo will help our members spark conversations easily, no translation needed."

Sr. Account Executive- AI/ML


Would you like to be part of a team focused on building adoption of Amazon Web Services with partners and prospective customers? Do you have the business savvy and the technical acumen necessary to help establish Amazon Web Services as the premier cloud provider? Amazon Web Services is expanding into the US Public Sector market, and this new group within Amazon offers a creative, fast paced, entrepreneurial work environment where you'll be at the center of Amazon innovation. In this role, you will be focused on Enterprise accounts within the National Security arena. The ideal candidate has some previous sales experience with a terrific perspective on connecting with customers and building relationships.

Computer Vision - Graduate Program


Our company vision is to amplify human potential. Our mission is to deliver enterprise a powerful tool for transformation--an augmented reality platform of great utility and simplicity. Achieving our goals requires passion and dedication. That's why we're committed to building and empowering a diverse team of incredibly talented people and fostering an inclusive culture through our values of unity, innovation, and user centricity. Magic Leap is looking for PhD and Masters students to join our team for a 3 month Summer Program for Underrepresented Students in Engineering.

AI (Artificial Intelligence): Build It Or Buy It?


Founded in 2005, Rimini Street is a provider of support services for enterprise applications from companies like SAP, Oracle and The goal is to reach $1 billion in revenues by 2026. And to accomplish this, the company evaluated a myriad of AI solutions. But they all fell short. "In the end, we leveraged a combination of best of breed open source technology and tools to build our own AI platform that is very powerful, intelligent, extensible and scalable," said Brian Slepko, who is the Executive Vice President of Global Service Delivery at Rimini Street.

Seeing Quadruple: Artificial Intelligence Leads to Discovery That Can Help Solve Cosmological Puzzles – SciTechDaily


Four of the newfound quadruply imaged quasars are shown here: From top left and moving clockwise, the objects are: GraL J1537-3010 or "Wolf's Paw;" GraL J0659 1629 or "Gemini's Crossbow;" GraL J1651-0417 or "Dragon's Kite;" GraL J2038-4008 or "Microscope Lens." The fuzzy dot in the middle of the images is the lensing galaxy, the gravity of which is splitting the light from the quasar behind it in such a way to produce four quasar images. By modeling these systems and monitoring how the different images vary in brightness over time, astronomers can determine the expansion rate of the universe and help solve cosmological problems. With the help of machine-learning techniques, a team of astronomers has discovered a dozen quasars that have been warped by a naturally occurring cosmic "lens" and split into four similar images. Quasars are extremely luminous cores of distant galaxies that are powered by supermassive black holes.

Ghost in the Shell: Will AI Ever Be Conscious?


Imagine you undergo a procedure in which every neuron in your brain is gradually replaced by functionally-equivalent electronic components. Let's say the replacement occurs a single neuron at a time, and that behaviorally, nothing about you changes. From the outside, you are still "you," even to your closest friends and loved ones. What would happen to your consciousness? Would it incrementally disappear, one neuron at a time?



The AI system absorbs ASAT trajectory data to identify possible targets. It then rapidly develops multiple courses of action, which could include maneuvering, countermeasures, or engaging in offensive or defensive activities. Operators and commanders then receive a timely menu of optimized choices, which accelerates command-and-control decision-making and strengthens space defense in mission-critical situations.

Understanding the AI alignment problem


Welcome to AI book reviews, a series of posts that explore the latest literature on artificial intelligence. For decades, we've been trying to develop artificial intelligence in our own image. And at every step of the way, we've managed to create machines that can perform marvelous feats and at the same time make surprisingly dumb mistakes. After six decades of research and development, aligning AI systems with our goals, intents, and values continues to remain an elusive objective. Every major field of AI seems to solve part of the problem of replicating human intelligence while leaving out holes in critical areas.

Students Create Owl Assist Chatbot Using Artificial Intelligence · News · Keene State College


Two years ago, computer science professor Dr. Meena Vimal Cruz handed her student Matthew Pittendreigh a project: use artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to create a chatbot for the college. "In my teaching," said Dr. Cruz, "I mentor students and help them get hands-on experience, applying theoretical knowledge to real-world problems. We work on a project basis. A chatbot will act like an automated customer support to help prospective students apply, get connected, and answer important questions about resources and deadlines, any hour of the day or night." Matthew, already a veteran of Dr. Cruz's projects, jumped right in.

Intel Sports Expands Artificial Intelligence Work With 3D Athlete Tracking Technology


Intel Sports is changing the way fans watch, interpret, and digest live sporting events. Developing immersive experience on mobile and digital platforms, the company is pushing forward with the help of artificial intelligence. Recently, the company is involved in releasing their 3D Athlete Tracking Technology. This endeavor has generated traction and gained attention from multiple news organization.