Newest Nintendo 'Animal Crossing' Arrives

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a video game from Nintendo that's bringing comfort to millions of socially distant people around the world. MEGAN MANATA, BYLINE: It's a new day, perfect weather to go outside and water your flowers or maybe you'd like to spend your morning fishing. Maybe catching bugs is more your speed. Whatever way you want to spend your day, you can also pop by for a quick chat with your friendly furry neighbors. VANESSA NGUYEN: Right now, my favorite is Flo.

DualSense is the video game controller for PlayStation 5. Here's what it does.

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While we wait to get our first official glimpse of the PlayStation 5, Sony is sharing the first details on the video game console's controller. The DualSense features a two-toned look with a white touchpad and subtle PlayStation blue light bar illuminating the sides. It also boasts white grips, with black shoulder buttons and thumbsticks. The DualSense will include many of the features of the DualShock controller used on the PlayStation 4 but will focus more on how games feel as you use the controller, said Hideaki Nishino, Sony's senior vice president of platform planning and management. Nishino said the controller will have haptic feedback to mimic "powerful sensations you'll feel when you play, such as the slow grittiness of driving a car through mud."

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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics are changing management of critical infrastructure through real-time analytics. Please contact us to find out how you can get involved.

Learn about new data mining and machine learning procedures in SAS Viya


Have you heard that SAS offers a collection of new, high-performance CAS procedures that are compatible with a multi-threaded approach? The free e-book Exploring SAS Viya: Data Mining and Machine Learning is a great resource to learn more about these procedures and the features of SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning. Download it today and keep reading for an excerpt from this free e-book! In SAS Studio, you can access tasks that help automate your programming so that you do not have to manually write your code. In this blog post, you will learn the syntax for two of the new, advanced data mining and machine learning procedures: PROC TEXTMINE and PROCTMSCORE.

IoU-Adaptive Deformable R-CNN: Make Full Use of IoU for Multi-Class Object Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery


Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. Recently, methods based on Faster region-based convolutional neural network (R-CNN) have been popular in multi-class object detection in remote sensing images due to their outstanding detection performance. The methods generally propose candidate region of interests (ROIs) through a region propose network (RPN), and the regions with high enough intersection-over-union (IoU) values against ground truth are treated as positive samples for training. In this paper, we find that the detection result of such methods is sensitive to the adaption of different IoU thresholds. Specially, detection performance of small objects is poor when choosing a normal higher threshold, while a lower threshold will result in poor location accuracy caused by a large quantity of false positives.

The Virus Gives AI a Chance to Prove It Can Be a Force for Good


In China, doctors use artificial intelligence tools provided by Huawei Technologies Co. to detect signs of Covid-19 in CT scans. Chinese tech giant Baidu Inc. devised an algorithm that can analyze the biological structure of the new coronavirus and made it available to scientists working on a vaccine. AI is also behind biometric identification systems being rolled out by governments to track the virus and enforce lockdown efforts, including temperature screening systems deployed throughout Beijing and CCTV cameras hooked up to facial-recognition software in Moscow. "AI is being used to fight the virus on all fronts, from screening and diagnosis to containment and drug development," says Andy Chun, an adjunct professor at City University of Hong Kong and AI adviser at the Hong Kong Computer Science Society, a nonprofit industry group. The pandemic is opening up a massive opportunity for the tech industry, while it shines a light on calls for more scrutiny of AI innovations being developed faster than regulators are able to devise rules to protect citizens' rights.

Diffusion Map for Manifold Learning, Theory and Implementation - KDnuggets


'Curse of dimensionality' is a well-known problem in Data Science, which often causes poor performance, inaccurate results, and, most importantly, a similarity measure break-down. The primary cause of this is because high dimensional datasets are typically sparse, and often a lower-dimensional structure or'Manifold' would embed this data. So there is a non-linear relationship among the variables (or features or dimensions), which we need to learn to compute better similarity. Manifold learning is an approach to non-linear dimensionality reduction. The basis for algorithms in manifold learning is that the dimensionality of many data sets is only artificially high 1.

Last Week in AI


Every week, Invector Labs publishes a newsletter that covers the most recent developments in AI research and technology. You can find this week's issue below. You can sign up for it below. Games are often seen as a great benchmark to evaluate the ability of artificial intelligence(AI) algorithms to generalize knowledge. From the different data environments that we can create, games come the closest to resemble real world environments.

Learning about artificial intelligence: A hub of MIT resources for K-12 students


In light of the recent events surrounding Covid-19, learning for grades K-12 looks very different than it did a month ago. Parents and educators may be feeling overwhelmed about turning their homes into classrooms. With that in mind, a team led by Media Lab Associate Professor Cynthia Breazeal has launched to share a variety of online activities for K-12 students to learn about artificial intelligence, with a focus on how to design and use it responsibly. Learning resources provided on this website can help to address the needs of the millions of children, parents, and educators worldwide who are staying at home due to school closures caused by Covid-19, and are looking for free educational activities that support project-based STEM learning in an exciting and innovative area. The website is a collaboration between the Media Lab, MIT Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing, and MIT Open Learning, serving as a hub to highlight diverse work by faculty, staff, and students across the MIT community at the intersection of AI, learning, and education.

AI: The End Of Premature Deaths?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents a drastic change in the technological evolution. At the moment, this technology is used in every field of science. We have seen the use of AI in various arenas such as autonomous vehicles, face recognition and robotics, among others. Similarly, it is also embedded in the medical field in areas such as disease prediction using representational images, i.e. prediction of breast cancer using CNN (Convolutional Neural Networks) in a deep learning model. But currently, we are moving a step forward into the future in order to find the risk of premature death in individuals with underlying chronic diseases.