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Stunning photo reveals a new 'Great Red Spot' is forming on Jupiter

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A beautiful image of Jupiter taken by the NASA Hubble telescope has captured the formation of an almighty storm in the planet's northern hemisphere. NASA says the storm is a'bright, white, stretched-out storm moving at 560 kilometres per hour' at mid-northern latitudes. Storms in this region are very common but this one appears different, as it has more structure and could be forming into a permanent feature. 'Researchers speculate this may be the beginning of a longer-lasting northern hemisphere spot, perhaps to rival the legendary Great Red Spot that dominates the southern hemisphere,' NASA says in a statement. Image of Jupiter taken by Hubble has captured the formation of an almighty storm in the planet's northern hemisphere.

Michigan driver arrested after pulling 'Dukes of Hazzard' stunt over Detroit bridge

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on A Michigan man was arrested Wednesday night after apparently jumping a Detroit drawbridge in "Dukes of Hazzard" fashion, according to multiple reports. The Allen Park driver, 26, was behind the wheel of a Dodge sedan when he accelerated and attempted to cross the Fort Street bascule bridge around 7 p.m. on Wednesday -- as it was rising. "I looked, I said, 'No he ain't,'" drawbridge operator Andre Locke told Detroit's WDIV-TV.

Biden town hall on CNN blasted for too many 'softball' questions

FOX News

Here's what you need to know as you start your day ... Biden town hall on CNN blasted for too many'softball' questions CNN hosted a Joe Biden town hall event at a Pennsylvania baseball stadium Thursday night, but critics said many of the questions made it seem the night's game was softball instead. The evening differed sharply from the grilling President Trump took during ABC News' town hall program two nights earlier, they said. "In the first moments, the contrast between what Trump was asked and what Biden is being asked is striking," Politico columnist Jeff Greenfield tweeted, later writing. "Biden is doing very well, yes. But this is not exactly getting him ready to face tough questions from a Chris Wallace or Jake Tapper (should he decide to do so)."

Machine learning in Medical field


In this post, I will test the effectiveness of machine learning in the medical field especially in classifying whether or not a person has heart disease. AS well, I will guide you through building some classifiers from the scikit-learn library then, we will highlight the best accuracy. According to the World health organization, 17.9 million deaths caused by Cardiovascular diseases each year. Our objective here is help doctors diagnose heart disease faster, and also inform patient who are at high risk. Through this post we will try to solve these important questions: 1- Who are more likely to have heart disease?

US Navy moves a step closer to large unmanned robotic ships


Lockheed Martin has been selected as the main contractor to conduct a study on how to provide the US Navy with large, autonomous ships that can operate for extended periods without a crew. Part of the Navy's Large Unmanned Surface Vessel (LUSV) competition, Lockheed is working with Portland, Oregon-based shipbuilder Vigor Works, LLC, and will provide program management, platform integration, systems engineering, combat management, automation, and cybernetic expertise. With the biggest costs of building and operating a ship revolving around putting a crew aboard it, the US and other navies are very interested in creating unmanned or man-optional ships that can carry out both routine and extremely hazardous duties, leaving sailors to handle the sort of executive and complex tasks that still require a human touch. These autonomous ships of the future could be anything from small autonomous patrol craft, to sub hunters, to full-blown combat submarines. Such craft could, ideally, leave port on their own, remain at sea for months at a time, and then return autonomously for refit and maintenance.

Maintaining AI competitive advantage


A year ago, we concluded that the window for AI competitive advantage might be closing.1 We based this assessment on data from the second edition of Deloitte's State of AI in the Enterprise survey: 57 percent of executives at AI-adopting firms believed that AI would substantially transform their businesses within three years, and 38 percent believed the technologies would do the same for their industry during that time frame (see figure).2 The 19-point gap suggested that AI adopters had a fairly small window before industry competitors cut into their lead. We've released the results of the third edition of the Deloitte State of AI study,3 and adopters continue to be bullish: More than eight in 10 report that AI will be "very" or "critically" important to their business success in the next two years, and the portion who regard it as critically important is poised to grow from 23% today to 41% in two years. And they're continuing to grow their investments: 71% of adopters expect to increase their AI spending in the next fiscal year.

Free From MIT: Intro to Computer Science and Programming in Python - KDnuggets


It aims to provide students with an understanding of the role computation can play in solving problems and to help students, regardless of their major, feel justifiably confident of their ability to write small programs that allow them to accomplish useful goals. The class uses the Python 3.5 programming language.

8 Reasons Why Sales Leaders Should Bet Big on AI-Fueled Sales and Marketing


The pandemic has created unprecedented disruption all around us. Thousands of companies and millions of employees have moved to 100 percent remote work, e-commerce has exploded, and industries from manufacturing to retail have had to reimagine their processes--sometimes even reinvent themselves on the fly. Businesses are emerging from a brutal test of their enterprise agility. There are countless examples of innovation born from necessity. The pandemic has impacted both the front and back office, highlighting many weak spots.

Top 10 Fascinating Movies on Data Science, Machine Learning & AI


Fairy tales are mostly fictions decorated with fantasy. But sci-fic movies are often taken into serious account. The reason behind this is that machines and robotics-related movies from the past are slowly turning to be a reality now. Henceforth, people are curious about what technologies movies might unravel to the mindsets of scientists. Familiar topics like advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, humanoid robots, self-driving cars, and a whole world full of digital growth is what the movie sector has portrayed so far.

TikTok's owner gaining confidence that Beijing will OK U.S. deal

The Japan Times

TikTok-owner ByteDance Ltd. is getting more confident its envisioned alliance with Oracle Corp. will pass muster with China's regulators, a critical step in the political clash over the popular video app, people familiar with the matter said. While Beijing has asserted its right to block the sale of critical technologies, it is likely to greenlight the deal as long as it doesn't involve the transfer of the artificial intelligence algorithms that drive TikTok's service, they said, asking not to be identified discussing a private deal. That's true even if ByteDance were to cede majority control over TikTok, they said. ByteDance had reached a deal with Oracle and later made revisions put forward by the Treasury Department aimed at addressing U.S. national security concerns, it was reported Thursday. The proposal calls for ByteDance to own most of TikTok, with Oracle, Walmart Inc. and venture capital investors holding a minority. But U.S. President Donald Trump, who's threatened to ban the app on national security grounds, has final say on the transaction and has said he doesn't want the Chinese parent to retain majority control.