The best Roomba on the market is down to its lowest price ever

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Right now you can get an $150 discount on the Roomba i7 . If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. However, our picks and opinions are independent from USA Today's newsroom and any business incentives. If you say that vacuuming is your favorite chore, I respect your wrong opinion. It is in fact the most tedious and tiresome part of cleaning the house: prove me wrong.

Face Recognition Lets Palestinians Cross Israeli Checkposts Fast, But Raises Concerns

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A Palestinian man uses a biometric gate as he crosses into Israel at the Qalandia crossing in Jerusalem in July. Israel's military has invested tens of millions of dollars to upgrade West Bank crossings and ease entry for Palestinian workers. But critics slam the military's use of facial recognition technology as problematic. A Palestinian man uses a biometric gate as he crosses into Israel at the Qalandia crossing in Jerusalem in July. Israel's military has invested tens of millions of dollars to upgrade West Bank crossings and ease entry for Palestinian workers.

Smartwatch sounds an alarm every time you slump to correct posture

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German scientists are developing a smartwatch to correct bad posture. Engineers at TU Kaiserslautern and the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence are building a prototype of their vision, which would alert wearers to slouching. Using sensors worn under clothes and inside shoes, it would monitor angular velocity, which is the rate of change of angular position of a rotating body. It would then process this data against motion parameters, such as how much the spine moves and at what angle, then issue an alert if the posture was insufficiently upright. Using sensors worn under clothes and inside shoes, it would monitor angular velocity.

Language, trees, and geometry in neural networks


Left image in each pair, a traditional parse tree view, but the vertical length of each branch represents embedding distance. Right images: PCA projection of context embeddings, where color shows deviation from expected distance.

How to Help Save Lives Using AI


An example of how AI improves patient care is Amsterdam UMC's partnership with SAS. The project was able to clinically diagnose patients with colorectal liver cancer, the third most common cancer worldwide, using Computer vision and predictive analysis. Previously, this process required manual examination which was time-consuming and subjective to the radiologist. Automating this process has increased accuracy and saved time to ensure patient survival. Whether it's image analysis to detect cancer or other diseases immediately, predicting the number of patients to ensure the right number of doctors and hospital beds are available or using natural language processing (NLP) to understand lengthy patients reports – the potential for technological enhancement in healthcare is colossal.

Amazon Forecast hits general availability


The ability to forecast events at scale, given a set of variables, is something most companies would find useful. So Amazon is aiming to make prediction more accessible with a fully managed service called Forecast that uses AI and machine learning to deliver highly accurate forecasts. As Amazon explained in a press release, Forecast -- which is based on the same technology the Seattle company uses to anticipate demand for hundreds of millions of products every day -- can be used to build precise forecasts for virtually any business condition, including product demand and sales, infrastructure requirements, energy needs, and staffing levels. It automatically provisions the necessary cloud infrastructure and processes data, building custom AI models hosted on AWS without requiring an ounce of machine learning experience on the part of developers. Amazon says the API or a console allows the average person to build custom machine learning models in less than five clicks and achieve accuracy levels that would normally take months in as little as a few hours.

AI researchers have a plan to pay patients for data


Robert Chang, a Stanford ophthalmologist, normally stays busy prescribing drops and performing eye surgery. But a few years ago, he decided to jump on a hot new trend in his field: artificial intelligence. Doctors like Chang often rely on eye imaging to track the development of conditions like glaucoma. With enough scans, he reasoned, he might find patterns that could help him better interpret test results. That is, if he could get his hands on enough data.

The hottest startups in Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv is the city with the highest number of startups per capita in the world, according to the 2018 Global Startup Ecosystem report -- more than 6,000, of which 18 are unicorns. The city's tech cluster, dubbed Silicon Wadi, is home to more than 100 venture capital funds, plus hundreds of accelerators and co-working places. "Tel Aviv is transitioning from startup nation to scale-up nation," says Eyal Gura, co-founder of Zebra Medical Vision. Amit Gilon, an investor at Kaedan Capital VC fund, agrees – adding that Israel is not just about successful B2B companies anymore, such as Checkpoint, Nice and Amdocs, but also about "big B2C success stories like Playtika, Wix, Fiverr and others". Founded in 2015, Arbe has built a 4D ultra-high-resolution imaging radar for cars.

Promising Directions of Using NLP for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Assessment


This article is part 1 of a series sharing the initial results and directions of Omdena's AI challenge on PTSD treatment with 34 engineers and enthusiasts collaborating. Millions of people suffer from PTSD around the world due to various kinds of traumatic events. Professional help is difficult to find when needed in particular areas, which makes it sometimes impossible for the patient to overcome the trauma they live in. This is why Christoph von Toggenburg reached out to Omdena for leverage AI and community collaboration. Before we dive in deeper let's first understand what PTSD is and how professional psychiatrists treat it.

How Could AI Enhance Blockchain Capabilities?


As revolutionary as blockchain technology is, it is no secret that a number of flaws remain present. Notably, a number of existing blockchains are still unable to reach consensus on how to improve speed and scalability, without compromising on security and decentralization. While the technology does offer a number of key benefits, the underlying network is arguably not fit for purpose. With that being said, we seek to explore whether emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance the capabilities of existing blockchain frameworks. Whether it's with respect to manufacturing processes, the customer experience, agriculture or health care – the benefits of AI are practically endless.