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Get an Amazon Echo Plus with a free Philips Hue light bulb for $80


A couple of Amazon Echo devices are on sale right now, but the best deal of the bunch is on the Echo Plus. The speaker with a built-in smart home hub is now $80, which is $70 off its typical price of $150. You can get the Echo Plus by itself for $80, or you can choose the bundle the includes a Philips Hue smart light bulb for free. That means you don't need to buy any extra connecting hubs when you purchase other IoT devices like light bulbs, door locks, security cameras and others. If it works with the Zigbee protocol (a majority of IoT devices do) or Amazon's own Works with Alexa platform, then it'll be able to connect to the hub inside of the Echo Plus.

COVID-19 Lesson: Digital Transformation Is an Essential Service


The COVID-19 crisis has hammered home the importance for organizations to become more digital. And I suspect that most organizations are thinking that just means being able to support remote customer engagements and business operations. Organizations that are thriving during COVID-19 are those that have gone beyond just "digitalizing" their engagements and operations, but are actively leveraging granular customer, product and operational data to build analytic profiles (digital twins) around which they can optimize key business processes and uncover new revenue opportunities. For example, OpenTable is helping their customers avoid long lines at grocery stores. OpenTable provides a free restaurant reservations app for diners.

Developing a genetic algortihm


We should take care when designing the entity which would evolve in the genetic algorithm as its representation would constrict our domain. For exampe, you can't make Skynet with entity which is represented by two bits. The looseness of an entity representation is actually the size of our domain. The representation of entity makes the corners from which our evolution can not go further. So, the entity is put into the unmerciful hands of a fitness function.

These 7 robotic delivery companies are racing to bring shopping to your door


By 2020, people thought the autonomous car would whisk you to the office while you read the paper and tackle your emails, then taking you home from the bar on a Friday evening. That remains lodged somewhere in the pipeline for now. But another slice of science fiction is on the way – robots that deliver your food -- and it's already knocking at the door. Robotic food delivery (or, increasingly, the delivery of anything that fits into a robot) is being tackled by a wide range of companies, from garage startups to retail giants. Many use six-wheeled robots designed to drive themselves along the sidewalk and the pathways of business parks and college campuses.

A black man was wrongfully arrested because of facial recognition


The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a formal complaint against Detroit police over what it says is the first known example of a wrongful arrest caused by faulty facial recognition technology. Robert Julian-Borchak Williams, an African American man, was arrested after a facial recognition system falsely matched his photo with security footage of a shoplifter. The New York Times reports that the ACLU is calling for the dismissal of Williams' case and for his information to be removed from Detroit's criminal databases, and prosecutors have since agreed to delete his data. Facial recognition technology has been criticized for years, with researchers showing it to be biased against members of different races and ethnicities. But its use by law enforcement has grown even more controversial in recent weeks following nationwide protests against police brutality and racism.

European Parliament names MEPs on artificial intelligence, cancer plan and foreign interference …


The European Parliament announced the MEPs who will sit on its new special committees on artificial intelligence (AI), cancer and foreign interference …

Vanderbilt researcher optimizing public transit with Artificial Intelligence


Abhishek Dubey, assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science, is applying artificial intelligence (AI) to address how the essential …

DigiMax Signs LOI with Artificial Intelligence Company DataNavee Based in Toronto, Canada


DataNavee ("DNV") was formed by an experienced team of professionals that have been involved in the Artificial Intelligence and data analytics sector …

Artificial Intelligence in Education System Market: Revenue Growth and Applications Insights till 2030


Prophecy Market Insights has recently published a Artificial Intelligence in Education System report which represents the latest industry data and future …