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How to Build a Machine Learning Model


How to Build a Machine Learning Model A Visual Guide to Learning Data Science Jul 25 · 13 min read Learning data science may seem intimidating but it doesn't have to be that way. Let's make learning data science fun and easy. So the challenge is how do we exactly make learning data science both fun and easy? Cartoons are fun and since "a picture is worth a thousand words", so why not make a cartoon about data science? With that goal in mind, I've set out to doodle on my iPad the elements that are required for building a machine learning model.

Decoding Practical Problems and Business Implications of Machine Learning


Machine learning typically is used to solve a host of diverse problems within an organization, extracting predictive knowledge from both structured and unstructured data and using them to deliver value. The technology has already made its way into different aspects of a business ranging from finding data patterns to detect anomalies and making recommendations. Machine learning helps organizations gain a competitive edge by processing a voluminous amount of data and applying complex computations. With machine learning, companies can develop better applications according to their business requirements. This technology is mainly designed to make everything programmatic.

Machine Learning Algorithms For Beginners with Code Examples in Python


Machine learning (ML) is rapidly changing the world, from diverse types of applications and research pursued in industry and academia. Machine learning is affecting every part of our daily lives. From voice assistants using NLP and machine learning to make appointments, check our calendar and play music, to programmatic advertisements -- that are so accurate that they can predict what we will need before we even think of it. More often than not, the complexity of the scientific field of machine learning can be overwhelming, making keeping up with "what is important" a very challenging task. However, to make sure that we provide a learning path to those who seek to learn machine learning, but are new to these concepts.

AI: The Brains behind Business in 2020 - Connected World


Across many industries, experts are preparing to retire, and bringing with them a wealth of experience and know-how. Are you prepared for that knowledge and experience to walk out the door? AI (artificial intelligence) can help solve the labor shortage and other production problems. Quite simply it can be the "brain" to help figure things out. One company is coming to market to do just that.

Artificial intelligence: Researchers release 'theAItre' play written entirely by machines


The AI project intends to use artificial intelligence to create an innovative theatrical performance, which is expected to premiere early next year. Head of the research team Rudolf Rosa said: "The main idea behind our study came from Tomáš Studeník, an innovator who noticed the centenary of the play'RUR' is approaching. "This was a key moment for robotics, as the idea of a robot, including the word'robot' itself, was invented by Karel Čapek and his brother Josef, who wrote this play.

Real-World Applications of Artificial Intelligence To Improve Medication Management Across the Care Continuum - Electronic Health Reporter


Discussions about the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare often span multiple areas, most commonly about making more accurate diagnoses, identifying at-risk populations, and better understanding how individual patients will respond to medicines and treatment protocols. To date, there has been relatively little discussion about practical applications of AI to improve medication management across the care continuum, an area this article will address. What's the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions prescription drugs in the United States? In poll after poll, the high and rising costs of medications are American voters' top healthcare-related issue. This concern is well founded.

DeText: A deep NLP framework for intelligent text understanding


Natural language processing (NLP) technologies are widely deployed to process rich natural language text data for search and recommender systems. Achieving high-quality search and recommendation results requires that information, such as user queries and documents, be processed and understood in an efficient and effective manner. In recent years, the rapid development of deep learning models has been proven successful for improving various NLP tasks, indicating the vast potential for further improving the accuracy of search and recommender systems. Deep learning-based NLP technologies like BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) have recently made headlines for showing significant improvements in areas such as semantic understanding when contrasted with prior NLP techniques. However, exploiting the power of BERT in search and recommender systems is a non-trivial task, due to the heavy computation cost of BERT models. In this blog post, we will introduce DeText, a state-of-the-art open source NLP framework for text understanding.

5 reasons why Microsoft is even entertaining a Tik Tok purchase


Microsoft's talks to acquire Tik Tok don't make a whole lot of sense on the surface. In fact, nothing about this deal makes sense given you have a tech giant that is known for the enterprise, President Trump tweeting about Tik Tok, legislators chiming in and a 45-day deal deadline. Sure, I've read a few Wall Street analysts do some mental gymnastics to argue for the Microsoft purchase of Tik Tok. Depending on price ($10 billion too good to pass up and $50 billion crazy), Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is going to have some explaining to do. With all that said, here is a bit of informed speculation about why this Microsoft-Tik Tok lunacy is happening. The Department of Defense's JEDI cloud contract is to be announced soon.

Council Post: How Machine Learning Is Powering A New Generation Of App Development


Ever since the introduction of computers, the primary objective of their evolution has been to take arduous calculations off our plates. It meant automating tasks that would otherwise take us a long time. Over the past few years, the computing capabilities of mobile devices have reached a point where it's now easy to deploy machine learning natively. Artificial intelligence is a term that gets thrown around a lot, but it's machine learning that's making automation possible. When we talk about artificial intelligence, we actually refer to its branch called machine learning, which is the way computers learn and perform tasks without being explicitly programmed.

Formal Methods for Web Services - Programmer Books


Formal Methods for Web Services PDF Download for free: Book Description: This book presents papers from the lectures of leading researchers given at the Ninth International School on Formal Methods for the Design of Computer, Communication and Software Systems, SFM 2009, which was devoted to formal methods for web services.