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Florida woman used fake dating profile to advertise 'free meth' at rival's home

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Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on A Florida woman was arrested for allegedly setting up a dating profile advertising "free meth tonight" that sent suitors to her romantic rival's home looking for sex, police said. Vanessa Marie Huckaba, 29, created the "Islandbabe1234" profile on the website Seeking Arrangement and included the name, photo, cellphone number and address of a woman who was dating her ex-boyfriend, according to an arrest report obtained by The Miami Herald. FLORIDA WOMAN CHARGED IN MACHETE ATTACK WANTED TO BE WITH VICTIM'S WIFE: DEPUTIES "Multiple strangers began arriving at the victim's residence thereafter," said Adam Linhardt, a spokesman for the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

Why we need Artificial Intelligence in healthcare now - Techregister


Pre-COVID-19, the healthcare industry was treading a slow but sure course toward digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These days, it seems that healthcare (and many other sectors, for that matter) is sprinting in that direction – lunging to keep up with the lightning pace of emerging tech and equipping providers and patients with vital tools for public health and safety. Dizzying as these tech shifts might feel at the moment, they are opening our eyes to AI's potential and promise for the ever-evolving healthcare sector. Innovating at rapid speed and scale, AI capabilities are already bringing dramatic changes to the way we'do healthcare' – not least when it comes to the advancement of care diagnostics. Using a patient-centred, AI-powered chatbot illustrates these opportunities up-close.

Dump Large Datasets and Machine Learning Models with Joblib and Pickle


Pickle is common used that it can persist the data as it was. Using pickle can avoid this issue. The pickle module can transform a complex object into a byte stream and it can transform the byte stream into an object with the same internal structure.

Council Post: The Importance Of Security Architecture And Attack Surface Analysis


Automation, cloud-based systems, internet-enabled devices, API-centric environments -- all of these things within software application development have paved the way for greater enterprise efficiency, productivity and innovation. But they have also opened up new avenues for cybercriminals to target private, sensitive information and compromise the systems that process it. Security pros and hackers tend to stay neck and neck in a race against each other. As new security innovations emerge, hackers crop up almost immediately, finding new ways to get around them. The only way for the good guys to pull ahead in the race is to shift their security and risk management approach from reactive to proactive.

Researchers taught AI how to judge a video game by its cover


Have you ever seen the promo art or box cover for a video game and thought "what the hell is this even about?" A pair of researchers have combined cutting-edge image recognition and natural language processing to create an AI system for video game genre classification. Yuhang Jiang and Lukun Zheng, in their recently published pre-print research paper "Deep learning for video game genre classification," describe the creation of a large training database and its use in developing a novel classification system. We created a large dataset of 50,000 video games including game cover images, description text, title text, and genre information. This dataset can be used for a variety of studies such as text recognition from images, automatic topic mining, and so on and will be made available to the public in the future.

Top Free AI & Data Science Courses Launched In 2020


After a lot of turmoil that the year 2020 brought in terms of business disruption, challenges to ensure business continuity, remote working becoming the new norm, among others, many companies and institutes introduced and developed free courses for the data science and AI enthusiasts to make the most of the lockdown. From various ivy league institutions to major organisations across the globe, several courses were made free this year. As the year 2020 comes to an end, we list a few such courses in AI and data science that were made free and are still available for tech enthusiasts to avail. The courses are listed in no particular order. In March this year, as lockdown ensued, to uplift the learners and help the community in the critical time, Coursera decided to launch new, free resources, as well as sharing impressive course collections, community discussions, and expert interviews.

The Python Record Linkage Toolkit


The Python Record Linkage Toolkit is a library to link records in or between data sources. The toolkit provides most of the tools needed for record linkage and deduplication. The package contains indexing methods, functions to compare records and classifiers. Deduplication is the process of eliminating or removing the redundant data from the given data. Record linkage is the process where the data from one source is joined with data from another source that describes the same entity.

Digital Transformation Strategy: The 7 Critical Tenets


There are three reasons you've likely ended up on this blog post: You and your organization are looking to embark on a digital transformation journey. Your digital transformation efforts have failed and you're looking for a reset. Whatever your reason for being here – or stage of digital transformation (DX) your company is in – defining a digital transformation strategy is a crucial step in the process. Companies of all sizes are seeing enviable business outcomes from digital transformation efforts, such as product and service improvement and innovation, operational efficiency, and increased agility across the value chain. But the path to value starts with defining a strategy for your specific business needs and desired outcomes. Let's start with a definition: A digital transformation strategy is a detailed plan for how your business will address key challenges created by the convergence of the physical, digital, and human worlds.

Intelligent Industrial Robotics: An Answer for Smart Logistic Productivity


As e-commerce volumes soar and labor shortages continue in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more enterprises are seeking automated robotics solutions to meet client demand and increase efficiency. Mech-Mind Robotics' intelligent industrial robots address key challenges facing industry players today with next-gen solutions that are accurate, precise, and cost-effective. Mech-Mind Robotics ("Mech-Mind") is a fast-growing Chinese startup backed by leading venture capital including SEQUOIA Capital China and Intel Capital with its core massive applied technologies in high-performance 3D cameras, motion planning AI algorithms and software. During the trade fair, Mech-Mind presented its core technologies and solutions in four exhibition zones: high-efficiency assorting of common goods, mixed-carton depalletizing with AI 3D vision, parcel loading with AI 3D vision, and high-precision smart camera image and recognition technology. "At Mech-Mind, we harness advanced technologies such as 3D vision and deep learning to power next-generation industrial robots. CeMAT ASIA 2020 is the ideal stage for us to demonstrate our far-reaching solutions to logistics and manufacturing customers seeking to increase efficiency, improve effectiveness, and reduce time and labor costs affordably. Smart robotics are no longer limited to labs. We are very excited to be part of this," said Tianlan Shao, CEO and Founder of Mech-Mind Robotics.

As Cities Curb Surveillance, Baltimore Police Took to the Air


In August 2016, a Bloomberg report revealed a secret aerial surveillance program in Baltimore led by the city's police department. Over eight months, planes equipped with cameras collected over 300 hours of footage, used by the police to investigate alleged crimes. Hardly anyone outside police department leadership and the vendor, Persistent Surveillance Systems, knew. Baltimore's police commissioner at the time, Kevin Davis, defended both the planes and the secrecy. The city's murder rate was spiking, the stretched police department was responding to thousands of calls per day, and footage from the planes was helping police find suspects.