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NLP and Sentiment Analysis for Beginners


This program will give you in-depth knowledge of how NLP and sentiment analysis helps you determine the emotional meaning of communications. This program will give you in-depth knowledge of how NLP and sentiment analysis helps you determine the emotional meaning of communications. You'll learn how NLP applications and Sentiment analysis help you to read, understand, and decode human words in a valuable manner. This program will walk you through different NLP algorithms, and you'll get practical knowledge on how to write code in Python, and implement NLP algorithms. This program will help you learn NLP, Sentiment Analysis, and Deep Learning from basic to advance.

Data the dog: Twitter turns its privacy policy into an old-school video game

The Guardian

On Friday, Elon Musk announced he was pausing his $45bn purchase of Twitter because he had only just discovered some of the accounts on the site were fake. But that's not the strangest thing that has happened to the beleaguered social media platform this week. Because on Tuesday the current top brass, perhaps trying to demonstrate their vision for the site, released a Super Nintendo-style browser game that recaps Twitter's private policy. The platform unveiled Twitter Data Dash, which plays like a vintage side-scrolling platformer that's been draped with a healthy dose of disinformation anxiety. You take control of a blue-hued puppy named Data and are tasked with retrieving five bones hidden in each of the game's day-glo urban environments.

Viable aims to quantify qualitative customer feedback with AI


We are excited to bring Transform 2022 back in-person July 19 and virtually July 20 - 28. Join AI and data leaders for insightful talks and exciting networking opportunities. There is an implicit assumption in most analytics solutions: The data analyzed and the insights derived, are almost exclusively quantitative. That is, they refer to numerical data, such as number of customers, sales and so on. But when it comes to customer feedback, perhaps the most important data is qualitative: text contained in sources such as feedback forms and surveys, tickets, chat and email messages. The problem with that data is that, while valuable, they require domain experts and a lot of time to read through and classify.

Call Center Sentiment Analysis -- Hack to Empathetic Customer Service


Call Center sentiment analysis is the processing of data by identifying the natural nuance of customer context and analyzing data to make customer service more empathetic. If you are employed in Call Center, the following scenario might be familiar: You get a call from a client and hear their words with stress. The cause for such a cataclysmic reaction: They got a bad rating for their products or business. Some of those reviews might be negative, formal, and neutral. Knowing what someone meant can be tricky unless you understand their emotional quotient.

Human rights organizations ask Zoom to scrap its emotion tracking AI in open letter


Digital rights non-profit Fight for the Future and 27 human rights organizations have written an open letter to Zoom, asking the company not to continue exploring the use of AI that can analyze emotions in its video conferencing platform. The groups wrote the letter in response to a Protocol report that said Zoom is actively researching how to incorporate emotion AI into its product in the future. It's part of a larger piece examining how companies have started using artificial intelligence to detect the emotional state of a potential client during sales calls. The pandemic made video conferences a lot more common around the world. Sales people have been finding it hard to gauge how receptive potential clients are to their products and services, though, without the capability to read their body language through the screen.

A Dynamic Web App Using Pre-trained Transformer Models for Sentiment Analysis and Text…


Transformers are one of the most exciting concepts in Natural Language Processing. This article is a guide on working with pre-trained models that use transformers. A transformer model is a neural…

How to lock down your Twitter data, or leave, before Musk takes over

Washington Post - Technology News

By now, most of Twitter's 217 million daily active users have probably heard the news: Elon Musk -- the world's richest person, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and a prolific Internet poster -- has reached an agreement to buy the social network for about $44 billion.

The Glorious Utility of the Mid-Range Phone


If you can do without all the beefed-up chips, six-pack cameras, and lidars of the $1,000 handsets, mid-range options get the job done for not a lot of cash. Sometimes you even get more from the cheaper phones, like an actual headphone jack. This week, Motorola and OnePlus announced some new phones that fall into that group. Lenovo-owned Moto has two new options. The Moto G 5G is the most basic.

Companies are using AI to monitor your mood during sales calls. Zoom might be next.


Virtual sales meetings have made it tougher than ever for salespeople to read the room. So, some well funded tech providers are stepping in with a bold sales pitch of their own: that AI can not only help sellers communicate better, but detect the "emotional state" of a deal -- and the people they're selling to. In fact, while AI researchers have attempted to instill human emotion into otherwise cold and calculating robotic machines for decades, sales and customer service software companies including Uniphore and Sybill are building products that use AI in an attempt to help humans understand and respond to human emotion. Virtual meeting powerhouse Zoom also plans to provide similar features in the future. "It's very hard to build rapport in a relationship in that type of environment," said Tim Harris, director of Product Marketing at Uniphore, regarding virtual meetings.

Understand your Customer Better with Sentiment Analysis


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