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How to implement AI in business process design


On the very first business process design project, my team was told to redesign an internal invoice process in accounts receivable. Problems involved duplicate systems and duplicate BPs that prolonged invoice processing for days. Working hand in hand with finance, we reviewed each step of the process, identifying duplicates in data and processes and eliminating them. The result was a more streamlined invoicing process that went from three days to one. I often think of that first BP redesign assignment and how straightforward it was when compared to redesigning BPs with artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence in the UAE


In the third of a series of blogs from our global offices, we provide a overview of key trends in artificial intelligence in the United Arab Emirates. What is the UAE's strategy for Artificial Intelligence? In 2017, the UAE appointed a Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, H.E. Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama, and issued a national AI strategy seeking to become one of the world leaders in AI by 2031. To implement the national AI strategy, the UAE established an Office for Artificial Intelligence, which is responsible for enhancing government performance by investing in AI technologies and tools for application across various sectors. The UAE Council for Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain was also established to provide advice to the government on the adoption and use of AI, to design policies that promote an AI-friendly ecosystem, to advance research and to promote private–public collaboration in that space.

How Robotics Can Make Oil And Gas Production Safer


Robotics in oil and gas production can save several lives every year by executing tasks that are too dangerous for workers. Oil and gas production involves some of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Tasks such as oil drilling, roughneck jobs and maintenance tests, among others, cause several worker deaths every year. In fact, a study found that there are several deaths in oil and gas production that are never reported. Such points and facts beg the question, what makes oil and gas production so dangerous?

Council Post: Formidable Human-AI Relations Can Accelerate Sustainability Efforts


AJ Abdallat is CEO of Beyond Limits, a leader in artificial intelligence and cognitive computing. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and similar digitalization solutions are modifying the way the world's most influential companies and industries -- as well as entire cities -- function every day. When working in harmony with humans, AI and other automation systems have the potential to make huge impacts on economic growth across the globe, going so far as to support solving humanity's most critical roadblocks, from streamlining energy production to improving grid systems and achieving more sustainable operations for nearly every major industry on Earth. As the CEO of an AI company making advanced digitalization software products and solutions, the paradigm of enabling people and AI to work together on achieving more sustainable operations is always top of mind; its importance cannot be curbed. As we move into the future, I'm confident there will be plenty of jobs for both humans and AI so long as they are able to function in conjunction with one another.

An experimental design perspective on model-based reinforcement learning


We evaluate BARL on the TQRL setting in 5 environments which span a variety of reward function types, dimensionalities, and amounts of required data. In this evaluation, we estimate the minimum amount of data an algorithm needs to learn a controller. The evaluation environments include the standard underactuated pendulum swing-up task, a cartpole swing-up task, the standard 2-DOF reacher task, a navigation problem where the agent must find a path across pools of lava, and a simulated nuclear fusion control problem where the agent is tasked with modulating the power injected into the plasma to achieve a target pressure. To assess the performance of BARL in solving MDPs quickly, we assembled a group of reinforcement learning algorithms that represent the state of the art in solving continuous MDPs. We compare against model-based algorithms PILCO [7], PETS [2], model-predictive control with a GP (MPC), and uncertainty sampling with a GP (), as well as model-free algorithms SAC [3], TD3 [8], and PPO [9].

Los Angeles average gas price leads the nation at a record-breaking $6.08

Los Angeles Times

On Wednesday the average cost for a gallon of regular gas in Los Angeles reached $6.08, leaping 2.3 cents overnight and breaking a record set earlier this year, according to the latest data from AAA. Los Angeles is not alone in its pain as the cost of gas spikes across the nation. And according to analysts, the switch to a more expensive summer blend for other parts of the country promises the hurt will not stop anytime soon. The average cost for regular gas is more than $4 for nearly every state. According to AAA, the national average is $4.56, but California leads the nation with an average of $6.05.

No gas rebates in sight as average prices in L.A. barrel toward $6 a gallon -- again

Los Angeles Times

Experts say a perfect storm of supply-and-demand issues are sending gas prices in Los Angeles soaring again, with the price-per-gallon increasing more than 14 cents in the last 16 days, according to the latest fuel prices tracked by AAA. L.A. fuel prices are again inching toward a $6-a-gallon record set in March. The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in the Los Angeles area is currently $5.91, with plenty of stations charging well over that. A year ago the price was $4.16. Overnight, the price jumped 2.2 cents, the highest level it has risen since February.

The Download: Google's stalkerware ban failure, and a bet for climate catastrophe


According to research by mobile security firm Certo Software and confirmed by MIT Technology Review, Google Search queries related to tracking partners such as a wife or girlfriend commonly return ads for software and services that explicitly offer to spy on other individuals. Stalkerware, also referred to as spyware, is software designed to secretly monitor another person, tracking their location, phone calls, private messages, web searches, and keystrokes. Although Google banned ads promoting stalkerware in August 2020, stalkerware companies are still able to buy ads containing phrases including "app to see spouse's text messages," "see who your girlfriend is texting," and "it's like having their device" against search results such as "read wife's texts app." "We understand that this is not a war between Ukraine and Russia. This is a war of the pure and the light that exists on this earth, and darkness." The problem is that no one can agree how to save it.

Google Has a Plan to Stop Its New AI From Being Dirty and Rude


Silicon Valley CEOs usually focus on the positives when announcing their company's next big thing. In 2007, Apple's Steve Jobs lauded the first iPhone's "revolutionary user interface" and "breakthrough software." Google CEO Sundar Pichai took a different tack at his company's annual conference Wednesday when he announced a beta test of Google's "most advanced conversational AI yet." Pichai said the chatbot, known as LaMDA 2, can converse on any topic and had performed well in tests with Google employees. He announced a forthcoming app called AI Test Kitchen that will make the bot available for outsiders to try.

How one company is helping to diversify the A.I. field


At SureStart, students are introduced to the fundamentals of A.I. through a self-paced, mentor-led program before breaking into teams to build a project using A.I. technology to solve real world problems.