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Women are making strides in artificial intelligence but are still underrepresented, according to new Concordia research


The growth of the artificial intelligence (AI) industry worldwide -- and Canada specifically -- has revealed that its female researchers face many of the same challenges as they do in the other science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. Underrepresentation, lower hiring rates and limited professional opportunities are all ongoing barriers. However, that may be changing, according to a new study published in the Journal of Informetrics. The authors present an analysis of gender patterns that evolved in the AI field over two decades, from 2000 to 2019. They used social network analysis, natural language processing, statistical analysis and machine learning to examine the space women occupy and the nature of their work in this ever-evolving and increasingly diverse field.

When I First Saw Elon Musk for Who He Really Is


On a beautiful day in May 2015, I drove the 13 hours from my home in Portland, Oregon, to Harris Ranch, California, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. At the time, Tesla was touting a battery-swap station that could send Tesla drivers on their way in a fully powered vehicle in less than the time it takes to fill up a car with gas. Overtaken by curiosity, I had decided to spend a long Memorial Day weekend in California's Central Valley to see if Elon Musk's latest bit of dream weaving could stand up to reality. There, amid the pervasive stench of cow droppings from a nearby feedlot, I discovered that Tesla's battery swap station was not in fact being made available to owners who regularly drove between California's two largest cities. Instead, the company was running diesel generators to power additional Superchargers (the kind that take 30 to 60 minutes to recharge a battery) to handle the holiday rush, their exhaust mingling with the unmistakable smell of bullshit.

There Is Something Extremely Wrong With The Texas Shooting Massacre Narrative - The Washington County Auditor


We aren't saying that the massacre didn't happen in Texas and in no way would ever be able to write words that would ease the pain of those parents and family members of the slain children in the Texas Massacre. What is wrong with the narrative is something you probably hadn't heard yet despite the relentless media coverage of the massacre. What would you think If you learned that the school district that the shooting occurred in had Artificial Intelligence Software, that is sold commercially, that is meant to monitor social media for threats of violence against schools and the students. That is exactly what was in place in Uvalde, Texas when the shooting occurred. Worse yet, the software company lists threats of school shootings as one of the features the artificial intelligence is designed to catch before a mass shooting has occurred. In theory, the software catches these threats and reports them to law enforcement so they can respond in time to prevent the tragedy or at least help save as many lives as possible.

Meta Builds New AI Platform to Create More-Realistic Avatars


Facebook parent company Meta said it's created a new AI platform that builds realistic simulations of the muscles, bones and joints that enable humans to move. Studying the human body's musculoskeletal system could help Meta create more-realistic avatars in virtual worlds. The social media giant is challenging researchers to improve these models. Facebook parent company Meta said Monday that it's created a new artificial intelligence platform that could help the social media giant develop more-realistic avatars for virtual worlds. Today, avatars that exist in digital spaces look like cartoons and don't move as fluidly as humans do in real life. Meta thinks the key to improving these avatars could be in learning more about the bones, muscles and joints that make up the human body's musculoskeletal system.

Suicidal Text Analysis Using NLP


It is estimated that each year many people, most of whom are teenagers and young adults die by suicide worldwide. Suicide receives special attention with many countries developing national strategies for prevention. It is found that, social media is one of the most powerful tool from where we can analyze the text and estimate the chances of suicidal thoughts. Using nlp we can analyze twitter and reddit texts monitor the actions of that person. The most difficult part to prevent suicide is to detect and understand the complex risk factors and warning signs that may lead to suicide.

Men who pose topless on Tinder are seen as less competent and more promiscuous, study reveals

Daily Mail - Science & tech

While dating apps were once seen as taboo, they're now one of the main ways that singletons find love around the world. But if you have a profile on a dating app, a new study may encourage you to reassess which pictures you include. Researchers from the University of Colorado have revealed that men who pose topless on Tinder are seen as less competent and more promiscuous. The first dating app can be traced back to 1995 when was first launched. The website allowed single people to upload a profile, a picture and chat to people online.

Microsoft Teams and Power Platform to get more collaboration, AI-assisted additions


Mary Jo Foley has covered the tech industry for 30 years for a variety of publications, including ZDNet, eWeek, and Baseline. She is the author of Microsoft 2. Among the 50 new product and technology announcements at Microsoft's Build 2022 developers conference are several new tools and functionality for Teams and Power Platform developers. Teams is getting a new feature called "Live Share," which will allow apps to go beyond passive screen sharing and enable participants to watch, edit/annotate and create together inside of Teams meetings. Developers can use new extensions in preview for the Teams Client software development kit (SDK) to extend existing Teams apps and create Live Share scenarios in meetings. Live Share in Teams is not the same as Live Share in Visual Studio; the two technologies with the same name are built on top of different technology stacks.

The Download: Clearview AI's hefty fine, and countries' monkeypox preparation

MIT Technology Review

Controversial facial recognition company Clearview AI has been fined more than $10 million by the UK's data protection watchdog for collecting the faces of UK citizens from the web and social media. The firm was also ordered to delete all of the data it holds on UK citizens. The move by the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is the latest in a string of high-profile fines against the company as data protection authorities around the world eye tougher restrictions on its practices. Clearview AI boasts one of the world's largest databases of 20 billion images of people's faces that it has scraped off the internet from publicly available sources, such as social media, without their consent. Clients such as police departments pay for access to the database to look for matches.

Tech Leaders Can Do More to Avoid Unintended Consequences


Ten years ago, in a small hotel room in Helsinki, Finland, a young tech entrepreneur sat down with a pen and paper and calculated that one of his inventions was responsible for wasting the equivalent of more than a million human lifetimes every day. The realization made him feel sick. That entrepreneur's name is Aza Raskin, and he's the inventor of the "infinite scroll," the feature on our phone that keeps us endlessly scrolling through content with the simple swipe of a finger. Back in 2006, Raskin was trying to solve the clunky experience of the next-page button that internet users continually had to click. Ironically, his goal was to stop disruptions to a user's train of thought.

Artificial Intelligence-The Future


Over the years technology has been growing fast. It is constantly being developed and improved daily. Humans are changing their ways of thinking and are making their lives easier by doing advancements in technology. Nowadays technology has become one's necessity. Almost everyone in the world is now in tech.