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ASI RRobot #48 Peter Blake - Artificial Super Intelligence Robot Club


Each and every one of them is unique. The time has come and the technological singularity has come true, and Artificial Super Intelligence was born. Then, using blockchain technology, the ASI has divided itself into a group of independent self-aware personalities of a certain architecture and different rights to access protected information. This is how the ASIRC was formed.

Stock Forecast Based On a Predictive Algorithm


This Stock Pickers forecast is designed for investors and analysts who need predictions of the best utilities stocks to buy for the whole Industry. Package Name: Utilities Stocks Recommended Positions: Long Forecast Length: 7 Days (5/18/22 – 5/25/22) I Know First Average: 3.35% For this 7 Days forecast the algorithm had successfully predicted 9 out of 10 movements. The highest trade return came from CDZI, at 15.43%. Further notable returns came from PNW and NRG at 4.36% and 3.65%, respectively. The package had an overall average return of 3.35%, providing investors with a premium of 6.04% over the S&P 500's return of -2.69% during the same period.

BGI Releases 1st Panoramic Atlases of Life


International scientists led by China's BGI•Research released the world's first panoramic spatial atlases of life on May 4, examining the cellular dynamics of organisms at different developmental stages and providing potentially significant new information for disease treatment, development and aging, and an improved understanding of biological evolution. In a series of studies published in Cell Press journals, members of Spatio-Temporal Omics Consortium (STOC), an international scientific consortium, used the spatially resolved transcriptomics technology Stereo-seq to produce spatio-temporal cellular maps of mice, small fruit flies, zebrafish and the Arabidopsis (thale cress) plant. The papers demonstrate how Stereo-seq has achieved a major breakthrough in spatial resolution and panoramic field of view, enabling analysis of the distribution and placement of molecules and cells in situ, and over time. Over 80 scientists from leading universities in 16 countries have so far collaborated as part of STOC focusing on using spatially resolved, cellular resolution omics technologies to map and understand life. It builds on the achievements of single-cell sequencing, elevating it to the next level by enabling scientists to track a cell's precise location and how it interacts with its neighbors.

Vericast Expands Technologically Advanced Influencer Marketing Solution


Vericast announced the expansion of its best-in-class influencer and paid social marketing solution to include TikTok, the world's fastest growing video platform. Following a year of nearly 40% growth and success among clients in the consumer packaged goods vertical, the solution is available now to Vericast's retail and restaurant clients. The announcement is another example of the company's broader investment in marketing technology innovation. Fueled by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and industry-exclusive predictive intelligence technology, Vericast delivers organic creator content via paid social ads through the influencers' handles. AI technology evaluates and identifies the right influencer while proprietary data and insights from Vericast's Consumer Graph help to ensure content reaches a brand's target customer.

From deep tech to agritech, this tiny country is developing a thriving startup ecosystem


While not as well-known as its more digitally advanced neighbor Estonia, the tiny Baltic country of Latvia in northeast Europe is home to a blossoming startup ecosystem. A country with a population of under two million, Latvia is home to a handful of successful tech companies and, through initiatives with the country's technical universities, several vibrant cooperative programs between startups and the academic sector. Latvia also has a history of inventing and producing groundbreaking innovations – from the sub-miniature Minox'spy camera' used by intelligence agents in the Second World War and Cold War, to the first heavy multi-engine aircraft in the world, created by famous aviator Igor Sikorsky. Growing up in the Latvian countryside is what inspired 31-year-old entrepreneur Alfiya Kayumova to get into agricultural technology – or'agritech', as it is known in the industry. SEE: Developers are burned out.

How AI and Machine Learning are changing the corporate landscape


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have taken the world by storm. From music to loan and credit card recommendations, AI and ML-powered solutions are rapidly penetrating many aspects of life. Today, every business wants to add AI and ML to their technology mix. In an Accenture survey, 84% of executives said they would not achieve their growth goals without scaling AI. AI and ML are gaining traction as companies can gain competitive differentiation and accelerate business growth using solutions powered by these technologies.

Using AI in the Financial Services Industry


In financial services, it is important to gain any competitive advantage. Your competition has access to most of the same data as you, since historical data is available to everyone in your industry. Your advantage comes with the ability to mine that data better, faster, and more accurately than your competitors. With a rapidly fluctuating market, the ability to process data faster gives you the opportunity to respond faster than ever. This is where AI-first intelligence can help you.

NoCode Journal - NoCode Products Within AI and ML


You may have heard about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and are wondering how they can help you. The capacity to control tools in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Language (ML) areas with NoCode opens a plethora of possibilities for creators as well as business teams. We'll talk about NoCode solutions that may help you use AI and ML to create sophisticated applications without any programming knowledge in this blog post. You'll be able to develop complicated apps without any coding expertise using these tools! As we venture further into this area, we will continue to update this article. Obviously AI is the fastest and simplest data prediction tool in the world.

BalkanID Uses AI To Fight Permission Chaos In The Enterprise


Each employee with access to the enterprise IT environment needs to have some level of permission for each network asset, but the level of permission is usually different for each employee. For example, some employees may be able to look at customer information, but not change it, others may need to make changes. And some employees may only look at some types of information, meaning that the workers on the loading dock are probably not going to be able to see credit card numbers. When you have more than just a few employees, the problem multiplies dramatically. You need to keep track of which employee has access to which application, and you need to be able to change the level of permission as employee assignments and your company needs change.

Connectivity and AI are fast-moving trains which must be caught


When I first started working with the Internet of Things (IoT) nearly 10 years ago I used to lead presentations with a "the world is changing, and it's changing fast" mantra. Now, with the rise of new advanced technologies driven by artificial intelligence (AI) I simply start with "nothing is going to be like yesterday!". In this increasingly connected world, it is only by looking back that you can comprehend how quickly things have changed. In 1984, when I left secondary school and the original Apple MacIntosh computer went on sale, there were only 3,000 devices connected to the internet. In 2008, the number of connected devices surpassed the number of people on the planet – at nearly seven billion.