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Which Python Data Science Package Should I Use When?


Every package you'll see is free and open source software. Thank you to all the folks who create, support, and maintain these projects! If you're interested in learning about contributing fixes to open source projects, here's a good guide. And If you're interested in the foundations that support these projects, I wrote an overview here. Pandas is a workhorse to help you understand and manipulate your data.

Learn Python Basics


Python, you've heard of it and wonder what's so special with this language. With the rise of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, it is impossible to get away from it. You may question yourself, is Python easy to learn? Let me tell you, it actually is! and I am here to help you get started with Python basics. Python in simple words is a High-Level Dynamic Programming Language which is interpreted. Guido van Rossum, the father of Python had simple goals in mind when he was developing it, easy looking code, readable and open source. Python is ranked as the 3rd most prominent language followed by JavaScript and Java in a survey held in 2018 by Stack Overflow which serves proof to it being the most growing language. Python is currently my favorite and most preferred language to work on because of its simplicity, powerful libraries, and readability. You may be an old school coder or may be completely new to programming, Python is the best way to get started! To sum it up, Python has a simple syntax, is readable, and has great community support.

Top ten myths of technology modernization in insurance


Modernization of technology can make a significant impact across many parts of the insurance industry, including underwriting, policy administration, and claims. McKinsey research shows that the potential benefits of modernization include a 40 percent reduction in IT cost, a 40 percent increase in operations productivity, more accurate claims handling, and, in some cases, increased gross written premiums and reduced churn. 1 1. Technology modernization is vital, but--given the significant value at stake and the size of the investment--it should be approached with a healthy dose of caution. Indeed, many insurers miss out on the full benefits of the program for several reasons. First, they don't have a clear view of what sort of actions are needed or the impact such actions could have, which may lead them to undersell both the business value at stake and what is needed to capture it. This approach can enhance the customer experience somewhat, but it doesn't address core challenges such as the ability to reconfigure products quickly or scale users rapidly. is all that is needed, only to find that some capabilities (such as rapid product configurations) require modernization of core systems.

'Minecraft: Education Edition' is available on Chromebooks


Ahead of a new school year that could see students not step foot in a physical classroom, Microsoft is bringing Minecraft: Education Edition to Chromebooks. The Chrome OS release of Minecraft: Education Edition will support cross-platform play between the Windows, iPad and Mac versions of the game, so students will have the chance to socialize and collaborate on projects no matter what device they're using. Microsoft is also updating the software to add 11 new STEM lessons and a Minecraft world to teach students about bees and pollination. An improved lesson plan library and tagged learning abilities are part of the update as well. The company says Chrome OS, iPad and Windows devices will install the update automatically.

Activision Blizzard reports a record quarter amid growing wage dispute


Activision Blizzard reported another quarter of record-setting financial results, with each of its core franchises delivering better-than-expected returns, including Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch and Candy Crush. Activision had 125 million monthly active users in the second quarter, while Blizzard had 32 million, and the company overall reported GAAP net revenues of $1.93 billion, up from $1.4 billion in 2019. Growth across the company's games was spurred by shelter-in-place orders amid the global pandemic. It also happened amid upheaval at Activision Blizzard itself. Activision Blizzard is facing growing pressure from employees and stockholders to address wage disparities at the company.

Software developers: How plans to automate coding could mean big changes ahead


For the vast majority of humans, writing code is akin to learning a new language – but researchers from Intel and MIT are on a mission to change that. And the solution they are coming up with is to build code… that can code. Called machine programming, the field that the researchers are looking at is concerned with automating software development. And the team has just revealed a new tool that takes developers one step closer to the prospect of, one day, having machines that can program themselves. MISIM (Machine Inferred code Similarity), the new technology invented by Intel and MIT's labs, effectively studies snippets of code to understand what a piece of software intends to do.

Top 10 Python Libraries that Every Data Scientist Must Know


Python is one of the most popular and widely known programming languages that has replaced many programming languages in the industry. It is one of the most loved programming languages that data science professionals use more because it is an ocean of libraries. Python is known as the beginner's level programming language because of its simplicity and easiness, its programming syntax is simple to learn and is of high level compared to C, Java, and C . Pytorch is an open source library, it basically a replacement of Numpy. PyTorch comes with higher-level functionality useful for building a deep neural network.

Master Python Programming: The Complete Python Bootcamp 2020


Udemy Coupon - Master Python Programming: The Complete Python Bootcamp 2020, Python 100% Hands-on, Hundreds of Python Coding Challenges and Quizzes, Complete Python E-Book. Created by Andrei Dumitrescu, Crystal Mind Academy Students also bought Python 3 Programming: Beginner to Pro Masterclass Docker Essentials for Python Developers Master statistics & machine learning: intuition, math, code Advanced Web Scraping with Python using Scrapy & Splash Neural Networks in Python from Scratch: Complete guide Python Tkinter Masterclass - Learn Python GUI Programming Preview this Course GET COUPON CODE Description ***Fully updated for 2020*** This Python course covers every major Python topic, including Object-Oriented Programming, Decorators, Working with Excel, Working with Databases, Web Scraping, Data Science with Pandas, Data Visualization with Plotly, Network Automation and many more! Course Updates: Update: July, 2020 - NEW Section: Sending Emails with Python (SMTPLIB) Update: June, 2020 - NEW Section: Async IO in Python (async/await, aiohttp, aiofiles, asyncssh) Update: April, 2020 - FIVE NEW Sections of Coding Challenges with Solutions: Data Structures, Flow Control, Functions, Working with Text, CSV and Excel Files. At the end of this course you will MASTER all the Python 3 key concepts starting from scratch and you'll be in the top Python Programmers. Welcome to this practical Python Programming course for learning Python, the most in-demand programming languages across the job market in 2020.

LF Edge Project Announces the Release of Fledge v1.8


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., July 31, 2020 – LF Edge, an umbrella organization within the Linux Foundation that aims to establish an open, interoperable framework for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud, or operating system, announced maturing of its Fledge project, which has issued it's 1.8 release and moved to the Growth Stage within the LF Edge umbrella. Fledge is an open source framework for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), used to implement predictive maintenance, situational awareness, safety and other critical operations. Fledge v1.8 is the first release since moving to the Linux Foundation. However, this is the ninth release of the project code that has over 60,000 commits, averaging 8,500 commits/month. Concurrently, Fledge has matured into a Stage 2 or "Growth Stage" project within LF Edge.

10 Free Programming Courses by MIT, IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Apple


You will learn about variables, conditional execution, repeated execution and how we use functions. Once a student completes this course, they will be ready to take more advanced programming courses. This course covers Python 3. 4. Programming for the Web with JavaScript Course by University of Pennsylvania The basics of how the World Wide Web allows browsers to send and retrieve web content; Web browser internals, the Document Object Model (DOM), and jQuery; How to create dynamic, interactive web pages using JavaScript; Techniques for creating data-driven websites using modern web technologies; Client-side JavaScript libraries and frameworks; Server-side JavaScript application architecture, middleware, HTTP, and RESTful API design 5. Python Basics for Data Science This Python course provides a beginner-friendly introduction to Python for Data Science. Practice through lab exercises, and you'll be ready to create your first Python scripts on your own! 6. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python An introduction to computer science as a tool to solve real-world analytical problems using Python 3.5.