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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Fraud Detection


Until a few years ago Artificial Intelligence seemed like a thing from sci-fi movies. The whole concept seemed like fiction or a far fetched dream fed by wishful thinking. Then came personal assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby, Alexa and Cortana, which made the people realise that they could have something like a Jarvis in their homes as well. However, these are just known as weak AIs. Strong AIs are theoretically able to work with human cognitive abilities.

We don't need to worry about Overfitting anymore


Motivated by prior work connecting the geometry of the loss landscape and generalization, we introduce a novel, effective procedure for instead simulta- neously minimizing loss value and loss sharpness. In particular, our procedure, Sharpness-Aware Minimization (SAM), seeks parameters that lie in neighbor- hoods having uniformly low loss; this formulation results in a min-max optimiza- tion problem on which gradient descent can be performed efficiently. We present empirical results showing that SAM improves model generalization across a variety of benchmark datasets[1] In Deep Learning we use optimization algorithms such as SGD/Adam to achieve convergence in our model, which leads to finding the global minima, i.e a point where the loss of the training dataset is low. But several kinds of research such as Zhang et al have shown, many networks can easily memorize the training data and have the capacity to readily overfit, To prevent this problem and add more generalization, Researchers at Google have published a new paper called Sharpness Awareness Minimization which provides State of the Art results on CIFAR10 and other datasets. In this article, we will look at why SAM can achieve better generalization and how we can implement SAM in Pytorch.

Nobody Wants to Talk to an AI


As AIs progress, the limits between robots and humans are narrowing. AI challenges us in countless areas and is surpassing our ability to complete countless tasks. And today, companies want us to talk to them via AI–their so-called vocal assistants. As if talking to a robot has become normal! Recent years have seen an explosion in so-called conversational AI. The problem is that some current systems are still unstable and don't exactly spark the desire for conversation.

Microsoft brings RPA to Windows 10 with new Power Platform products


Microsoft announced AI-focused Power Platform products at its Microsoft Ignite 2021 conference, which kicked off in earnest today. Among the highlights is Power Automate Desktop for Windows 10 users, a robotic process automation service (RPA) that automates tasks within Windows across various apps. New Power Virtual Agents features were also unveiled. RPA -- technology that automates monotonous, repetitive chores traditionally performed by human workers -- is big business. Forrester estimates that RPA and other AI subfields created jobs for 40% of companies in 2019 and that a tenth of startups now employ more digital workers than human ones.

Know Program - Home


Java is a simple, secured, high-level, platform-independent, multithread, Object-oriented programming language. It is also a platform and technology. C is a general-purpose, middle-level, compiler-based, and procedure or function-oriented structured programming language. It was developed by Dennis Ritchie.

The Future Is AI: Catalysing Change In Your Business


Artificial intelligence – AI – was a mere computational theory back in the 1950s when Alan Turing designed the first Turing Test to measure a machine's intelligence. Today, AI inhabits consumer electronics in the form of Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistant – it lives behind our internet browsers, within the relative confines of wireless networks and circuit boards. We interact with AI all the time – Google's auto-suggest function, customer service bots and YouTube's search algorithm are all examples of AI. In just half a century, AI's role in society has become firmly established. Developments in software programming and IT have facilitated important innovations in AI.

Letter to a CIO – Understanding your dilemma and how to move forward. Part 2


This article represents the second part of a series called "Letter to a CIO", which reports the discussions between the author of the letter, dr. Domenico Lepore Founder Intelligent Managemnt Inc. and several Chief Information Officers, with the aim of providing them with an effective methodology to address and successfully solve common problems that CIOs face in the Digital Age. The result of this series of interviews helped dr. A CIO MUST have the abilities necessary to accomplish the transformation from a silo-based Hierarchy to whole system optimization. Without this ability, CIOs will very soon become a relic, something that can be easily disposed of.

Google beefs up Workspace with new apps, and Google Assistant


Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides have traditionally been the cornerstone of Google Workspace Essentials. Now you can add Chat, Jamboard, and Calendar, too. Google made a number of additions and changes to its Google Workspace on the eve of Microsoft Ignite this week. Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, is being beefed up with the addition of a number of notable features, including the ability to use a Nest Hub Max as a second screen for a Google Meet meeting, even in the home. Google is adding its Google Assistant to Workspace, and it's generally available to respond to questions like "When's my next meeting?"

How does AI affect the legal and financial sector? -OVLG


Emails changed the way financial services and law firms used to do business years ago. Now, artificial intelligence is creating a new revolution in the way how law firms and financial institutions work. It is helping to speed up the business process, provide prompt customer service, boost productivity, reduce the workload on human minds, and minimize mistakes. Today, we will discuss how artificial intelligence is helping law firms and financial institutions to boost productivity, reduce expenses, and provide better services to their clients. Artificial intelligence is gradually becoming an indispensable virtual assistant for the lawyers.

Heuristic Search: A* Search


In uninformed search, we do not look ahead of the goal. In other words, we do not ask the question "What is the cost of getting to the goal?". In order to guess the cost of getting to the goal from a state in a search, we need a heuristic function h(n), which is specific to the domain. In this way, the search will be more intelligent than the blind search. Instead of real cost functions of getting to the node, we consider heuristic function and estimates to get to the goal.