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How Artificial Intelligence is Reducing Baggage Mishandling


Modern airports are using artificial intelligence (AI) to avoid mishandling baggage. The idea is to use AI for end-to-end tracking of baggage and planning optimized luggage routes, right from the time a passenger gets on-board, till she collects the baggage at the destination. Nearly all sectors of the economy - education, healthcare, finance, travel, and even the public sector - are applying technology to optimize their functioning. Technologies like AI are digitizing areas that were once thought capable of manual operations alone. Airports and airline companies are exploring the benefits of integrating technology into their operations and services.

Orwell, Huxley and Wachowskis


I believe every mortal has access to 2 basic questions during childhood. Reached but often forgotten … They're forgotten because the questions are simple and bright. The answers are comprehensive and hidden in life. We set out to recall the questions again. When we remember, we are on the way.

A humanoid robot makes eerily lifelike facial expressions


Engineered Arts, a UK-based designer and manufacturer of humanoid robots, recently showed off one of its most lifelike creations in a video posted on YouTube. The robot, called Ameca, is shown making a series of incredibly human-like facial expressions. At the start of the video, Ameca appears to "wake up," as its face conveys a mix of confusion and frustration when it opens its eyes. But when Ameca starts looking at its hands and arms, the robot opens its mouth and raises its brows in what it looks like is amazement. The end of the video shows Ameca smiling and holding a welcoming hand out towards the viewer -- if that's how you want to interpret that gesture.

5 chatbot trends to grow your business


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ML or Machine Learning trends are revolutionizing several businesses and industrial operations, including customer service, call center automation, banking operations, sales, and more. AI isn't anymore just for Fortune 500 companies or multinational corporations (MBCs), but many small businesses and companies are leveraging AI technologies and solutions. In recent years, chatbots have been gaining immense popularity. Chatbots are extremely critical for businesses that are looking to improve and automate their business operations and offer enhanced and exceptional customer experience and boost sales. In this article, we'll take you through some of the latest chatbot trends in the industry you can implement to grow your business in 2021.

Why I Love to Scrounge in Video Games


My husband and I like to play video games together. As rewarding as it may be to get into a state of flow with one wholly absorbing game, or to connect online with chatty remote friends, it's just as much fun to sit in a room with your significant other and either entertain or piss them off with your antics. Big open-world games are best for this. For weeks after its launch, we played Far Cry 5 (on the not-quite recommendation of my colleague Boone Ashworth). My husband enjoys the implausible physics--bouncing planes off rooftops to pick off bad guys, driving horizontally into waterfalls--while I … I like something else entirely.

'The Beatles: Get Back' shows that deepfake tech isn't always evil


While it rarely happens for me, I occasionally observe something that is an actual watershed moment for technological advancement and can acknowledge that the possibility for good using said technologies might outweigh the potential for evil. Streaming your favorite shows has never been easier. For me, such a moment was watching The Beatles: Get Back, which is now airing on Disney . I had heard about it and seen some of its footage slowly being released for about a year, but I had no idea just how much technology had been applied to its production. I've seen many films made from historical footage from the 1960s and even the 1970 and 1980s, and so much of the source material is in poor condition.

Watch: Driverless taxis take to Abu Dhabi roads


In a new video released by the authorities on Twitter, the taxis can be seen plying on Abu Dhabi's Yas Island and testing the pilot service. The taxis, equipped with hi-tech navigating tools, stir around the main roads without any manual help.

Is Artificial Intelligence The Future Of Client Verification & Authentication?


Artificial Intelligence used to be a fancy word in the past, a system that was going to change the world overnight. Well, it is everywhere these days but the pace for that proposed change is rather evolutionary, slowly taking over manual operations and processes. The biggest playground of AI is in Data Science, including data extraction and processing. But, it is less about diddling fancy terms and more about the result; the urge to reach meaningful conclusions in the least possible time. The advent and maturation of digital services, such as banking, shopping, etc, called for better processes to ensure the identity of users both during onboarding and during the completion of a transaction.

Meet Vilim


He is working on improving the performance and safety of our machine learning models. Originally from Zagreb, Croatia, Vilim studied electrical engineering and computer science for his bachelor's degree. He increasingly became intrigued with neuroscience, which became the focus of his Master's degree at LMU in Munich. Vilim stayed on in Munich to obtain his PhD at the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology, where he investigated neural processing for motor control with whole-brain imaging. Machine learning has always been a part of Vilim's work and studies, and he is excited to completely focus on it for his new role.

So Much More Than Electric Vehicle Charging: US-Pioneer Volta Enters The European Market


Volta Inc. ("Volta"), the industry leader in commerce-centric electric vehicle ("EV") charging, announced its expansion into the European market, with an initial focus on Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. The announcement was made at the NOAH Conference in Zurich. With unique charging stations that feature high-impact, large-format digital screens located near the entrances of premier commercial locations, Volta's network is among the most utilized in the U.S. For consumers, Volta provides seamless, reliable charging that complements their daily lives and routines. For site partners, the eye-catching displays and premium station locations help drive business by attracting more customers for longer periods of time. For advertisers, Volta stations double as an innovative, digital out-of-home advertising platform, allowing brands to reach shoppers seconds before they enter a store to make a purchase.