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How is Robotics Helping India Get a Better Future?


Robotics will eventually play a key role in India's "Make in India" strategy, which aims to persuade global businesses to invest. India's position as a true hub of robotics talent is due to this. At this time, the whole population and their daily life are centred on the internet. Everything from buying to schooling to vacation planning can be done with just a few clicks on smartphones and laptops. No one could have predicted digital life a decade ago, and the same can be said for robotics.

AI powered drone new tool of warfare


Real-time systems using AI for navigation and guidance, coordination, self-healing, target identification and acquisition & munition delivery systems are a strategic asset. Drone warfare is asymmetric and is almost mainstream. A bit like guerrilla warfare as it is low cost. Command, control, communications and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) are becoming a most essential element in modern military operations. Countries with artificial intelligence powered drone have baffled their enemies in the war zone.

How is AI Transforming the Future of the Gaming Industry?


AI in gaming means adaptive as well as responsive video game experiences facilitated through non-playable characters behaving creatively as if they are being controlled by a human game player. From the software that controlled a Pong paddle or a Pac-Man ghost to the universe-constructing algorithms of the space exploration Elite, Artificial intelligence (AI) in gaming isn't a recent innovation. It was as early as 1949, when a cryptographer Claude Shannon pondered the one-player chess game, on a computer. Gaming has been an important key for the development of AI. Researchers have been employing its technology in unique and interesting ways for decades.

China's Military Has a New Enemy (No, Not America)


One word: AI – Many of the world's leaders in the field of science and technology, including the late Stephen Hawking, Telsa founder Elon Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, have all expressed concern in recent years over the risks of artificial intelligence (AI) – most notably its potential use in autonomous weapons. Along with many in academia and human rights groups, the science and tech visionaries have warned that in the wrong hands there is a serious danger posed by AI. One concern is that these weapons could be designed to be extremely difficult to simply "turn off," as the Future of Life Institute noted in its report on the development of autonomous weapon platforms. That could result in a scenario straight out of science fiction where humans lose control of their dangerous creations. While it may not mean a world-ending scenario presented in The Terminator, even losing control of a few AI weapons temporarily could result in unnecessary mass causalities or worse.

Top Leadership Appointments In AI And Tech This Year – Analytics India Magazine


… artificial intelligence, machine learning and data sciences. … from large-scale software Platform-as-a-Service to AI and machine learning.

[Cooperative Internship 2022] Machine Learning Intern, Data Team


Agoda is an online travel booking platform for accommodations, flights, and more. We build and deploy cutting-edge technology that connects travelers with more than 2.5 million accommodations globally. Based in Asia and part of Booking Holdings, our 4,000 employees representing 90 nationalities foster a work environment rich in diversity, creativity, and collaboration. We innovate through a culture of experimentation and ownership, enhancing the ability for our customers to experience the world. Within our Data Team, we build and maintain the engines behind the Machine learning driven optimizations we serve at real time to our customers.

Can artificial intelligence be harnessed to protect the public from random assailants?

The Japan Times

On the evening of Oct. 31, 25-year-old Fukuoka native Kyota Hattori -- wearing makeup and a purple and green ensemble to emulate the villainous Joker of "Batman" franchise fame -- boarded a Keio Line train at Keio-Hachioji Station, heading for central Tokyo. After spending half an hour meandering around Shibuya, which was packed with costumed revelers feting Halloween, Hattori headed back toward Hachioji, but reversed direction again at Chofu, where he changed to a Shinjuku-bound limited express train. Soon after the doors closed, according to eye witness reports, he removed a survival knife and liquids from a backpack. When a 72-year-old male passenger tried to intervene, Hattori allegedly stabbed the man and proceeded to pursue fleeing passengers, splashing them with lighter fluid, which he then ignited. The stabbing victim was hospitalized in a critical condition and 16 other passengers suffered burns and smoke inhalation.

Which food manufacturers are active in artificial intelligence R&D?


Research and innovation in artificial intelligence in the food manufacturing sector are on the rise. The most recent figures show the number of AI patent applications in the industry stood at 17 in the three months ending September – up from 11 over the same period last year. Figures for patent grants related to AI followed a similar pattern to filings – growing from 14 in the three months ending September last year to 29 this year. The figures are compiled by GlobalData, which tracks patent filings and grants from offices around the world. Using textual analysis, as well as official patent classifications, these patents are grouped into key thematic areas, and linked to key companies across various industries. AI is one of the key areas tracked by GlobalData.

Digital Disruption through Technologies like AI, ML and Blockchain Set to Transform Indian Real Estate Ecosystem


New Delhi [India], November 26 (ANI/NewsVoir): Artificial intelligence has emerged as one of the biggest disruptors and game changers in the real estate landscape today, enabling a strategic, and empowered buying and selling experience. With the potential to carry out massive technological reforms across the sector AI is driving change with a technology-led immersive experience made possible just at the click of a button. These views were expressed by eminent leaders from the industry at'Leveraging AI in the Real Estate Landscape', a webinar organized by Techarc, a leading technology analytics, research and consultancy firm in association with Compass, the overseas development centre of Urban Compass Inc., a US-headquartered technology platform leading change with new age technologies such as AI & ML in the real estate industry. The panel called for leveraging the power of AI and its potential to transform the real estate landscape especially in India with appropriate investments. Incorporating data and AI based algorithms is enabling leading real estate platforms like Compass, in decision making process and at the same time is also assisting them in managing the substantial volumes of historic data that has been generated within the industry over the years and monitor bespoke KPIs in order to expedite procedures and extract useful data.

Top 12 Use Cases / Applications of AI in Manufacturing


Manufacturers are frequently facing different challenges such as unexpected machinery failure or defective product delivery. Leveraging AI and machine learning, manufacturers can improve operational efficiency, launch new products, customize product designs and plan future financial actions to progress on their AI transformation. A recent MIT survey revealed that 60% of manufacturers are using AI to improve product quality, achieve greater speed and visibility across supply chain, and optimize inventory management. Implementing AI in manufacturing facilities is getting popular among manufacturers. According to Capgemini's research, more than half of the European manufacturers (51%) are implementing AI solutions, with Japan (30%) and the US (28%) following in second and third.