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personality pod - NFTs Meet Artificial Intelligence -


While most people are still trying to wrap their heads around why certain jpeg NFTs could be worth hundreds and thousands of dollars, a company has been quietly working on implementing artificial intelligence into NFTs, aka Intelligent NFTs., a Mark Cuban back company, has been quietly working on bringing the complexities of artificial intelligence to the blockchain, and I'm really excited for this project – not as a source of profit, but because it's helping expand the borders of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Explained (somewhat) in depth: Obviously, the AI is not SKYNET level, but I can't wait to try and get my hands on a personality pod (or two) and see what else we can do. The personality pods go on sale tomorrow (Oct. Alethea AI has released pricing for the personality pod pricing going live on Opensea tomorrow.

Alethea AI Breaks OpenSea Records with Latest iNFT Sales - NFT Plazas


Alethea AI has been making headlines in the NFT space lately with the team's remarkable innovations and explorations combining NFTs and AI. Now, they have set a new OpenSea record with the conclusion of their seven day auction. The auction was a historic moment for NFTs, AI and blockchain, featuring the first-ever collection of 100 Intelligent NFTs named "The Revenants," and the sale of 10,000 Personality Pods that allow any NFT to be animated and brought to life. The Revenants sold for approximately 2400 ETH for its primary and secondary market sales and raked in 10 million USD in a week. The highest selling Revenant was Vincent Van Gogh, who sold for 58 ETH ($232,000 USD).