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Amazon’s Echo Buds are overheating, so you should update your software now


Amazon would like Echo Buds owners to avoid catastrophe. If you happen to own a pair of the wireless earbuds Amazon released last September, go ahead and check your inbox. Per Android Central, Amazon sent a message to Echo Buds owners imploring them to download the latest software update as soon as possible. They might get way too hot while they charge. "We recently determined that in very rare cases it is possible for Echo Buds to overheat while in the charging case," Amazon's email said.

Your Google smart speaker is always listening--here's how to delete the recordings

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These days, everything from the temperature in your house to the locks on your doors can be managed with a simple voice command to your favorite smart speaker, saving you time and stress while also allowing you to create the perfect home ambiance. But for every "Hey Google" you call out, there's a recording of your request backed up on your Google account. And while Google Assistant isn't meant to record your conversations unless you drop one of the wakeup commands ("Hey, Google," or "OK, Google"), the tech sometimes mishears what you're saying. Related: Here's how to delete your Alexa voice recordings Google Assistant can do a lot to make life a little easier, but you don't have to trade in your privacy to use it. Even worse, each and every one of those recordings has the potential to be heard by Google employees.

Amazon updates Echo Buds to fix overheating issue


Amazon is asking Echo Buds owners to update the firmware on their true wireless device ASAP. First reported by Android Central, the company emailed users today (July 15th) to alert them of a potential safety issue with the buds. Amazon says it "determined in very rare cases it is possible for the Echo Buds to overheat while in the charging case." The company says it has already released a software update that fixes the problem, eliminates any risk and improves the long-term battery performance of the Echo Buds. If you own a pair of these, you can check on the update through the Alexa app.

Banking's Interest in Conversational AI Jumps During COVID Lockdowns


Plexiglass and human "traffic monitors" will go only so far to ease concerns of both consumers and employees about in-person banking while the COVID pandemic continues. Financial institutions are realizing that long-term adjustments will be required in how retail banking is conducted. This dramatic shift has sharply increased interest in various types of conversational banking, especially as a means to ease the pressure on call centers. Most often, conversational banking takes the form of chatbots powered by artificial intelligence. But it also includes voice-activated digital assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, used with a variety of devices including mobile phones and smart speakers.

Bias in Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are awesome. They allow our mobile assistants to understand our voices and book us an Uber. AI and Machine Learning systems recommend us books in Amazon, similar to the ones we've liked in the past. They might even make us have an amazing match in a dating application and meet the love of our life. All of these are cool but potentially harmless applications of AI: If your voice assistant doesn't understand you, you can just open the Uber application and order a car yourself.

The nominees for the VentureBeat AI Innovation Awards at Transform 2020


At our AI-focused Transform 2020 event, taking place July 15-17 entirely online, VentureBeat will recognize and award emergent, compelling, and influential work through our second annual VB AI Innovation Awards. Drawn from our daily editorial coverage and the expertise of our nominating committee members, these awards give us a chance to shine a light on the people and companies making an impact in AI. Here are the nominees in each of the five categories -- NLP/NLU Innovation, Business Application Innovation, Computer Vision Innovation, AI for Good, and Startup Spotlight. A senior principal scientist at Amazon Research and faculty member at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Dr. Hakkani-Tur currently works on solving natural dialogue for Amazon's Alexa AI. She has researched and worked on natural language processing, conversational AI, and more for over two decades, including stints at Google and Microsoft.

Pros and Cons of AI Chatbots: All You Must Know


Implementation of AI in marketing has helped improve campaign performances by leaps. An integral part of such campaigns are AI chatbots. The market for which is expected to grow from $2.6 billion in 2019 to $9.4 billion by 2024*. But why are chatbots becoming so popular? Why are businesses around the world rushing to adopt them?

Machine Learning For Beginners Part 3


This is a supervised learning sub categories. Regression is the process of predicting the value of discrete'yes / no' label, as long as it falls on a continuous spectrum of the input value. In the output variable regression problem is real value as the dollar, weights etc regression algorithm to answer questions such as "How much?" "How many?".

India has much to gain from chatbots


India's busiest railway station has an approximate footfall of five lakh passengers/day. Every day, over a million transactions are handled across 13,000 Aadhaar centres. In a nation, where queues are omnipresent at public service buildings, a burning need for intelligent digital interventions is obvious. India is expected to reach 627 million Internet users by 2019 end. This digital adoption is propelled by rural India, which registers 35 per cent annual growth. Why then is the common Indian not lapping up information from the many websites and apps launched by the Government of India?

How Chatbots are transforming businesses -- and why your business need one


If a business website and mobile app services millions of prospects (who want to buy from you) and customers (servicing existing consumers), AI and ML can help boost the performance through Chatbots. This has massive consequences on any businesses bottom line. Today's businesses are conducted on-the-go and with incredible immediacy. Consumers want solutions and deliveries immediately. In a cut throat world like ours, time management and fast delivery means survival.