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AI: The Quest for Digitization of Intelligence


Imagine you are buying a new car, and you have shortlisted 3 different models to finalize from. How would you go about it? There are so many aspects to consider, like -- power, safety, price, service network, looks, brand, colour, space and so on. How would you take a balanced decision? Would you use some tool for evaluation?

Can we be friends? Dating apps say sex isn't everything in a post-pandemic world

The Japan Times

I've just come out of a long-term lockdown. Instead, they crave the friendships and social groups they have been starved of over the past year. That's the verdict of dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, which are launching or acquiring new services focused entirely on making and maintaining friends. "There's a really interesting trend that has been taking place in the connection space, which is this desire to have platonic relationships," said Bumble founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd. "People are seeking friendship in ways they would have only done offline before the pandemic."

The role of artificial intelligence in digital commerce


Before we get into the role of artificial intelligence (AI) and where it is set to take digital commerce, I think we should begin by unpacking a definition of digital commerce – what does it mean? It can be defined as the process of selling and buying products and/or services using digital channels. It includes the people, processes and technologies necessary to execute the offering of product, promotions, pricing, analytics, customer acquisition plus retention, and customer experience at all touchpoints throughout the buying journey. This definition can be applied to all sectors of business irrelevant of area of operations, so it includes banking, retail, automotive, etc. Sector is irrelevant in a world of digital transformation at the speed of COVID – all businesses seek digital channels to market their goods. Today, digital channels have been expanded to relate to digital transformation that is inclusive of people, processes and technologies used throughout the customer buying excursion.

Five Ways AI and VHA Agents Can Upgrade Retail and Convenience Stores


Virtual Human Agents (VHA) can assist customers and staff in a multitude of ways. In retail and convenience stores, the AI-powered VHAs will help make shopping easier and more enjoyable on both sides of the counter. Imagine entering a convenience store. It's crowded, and the staff is overworked. You walk around the aisles for a while and finally find the things you need.

Machine learning's rise, applications, and challenges


The terms "artificial intelligence" and "machine learning" are often used interchangeably, but there's an important difference between the two. AI is an umbrella term for a range of techniques that allow computers to learn and act like humans. Put another way, AI is the computer being smart. Machine learning, however, accounts for how the computer becomes smart. But there's a reason the two are often conflated: The vast majority of AI today is based on machine learning.

AGQA: A Benchmark for Compositional, Spatio-Temporal Reasoning


Take a look at the video above and the associated question – What did they hold before opening the closet?. After looking at the video, you can easily answer that the person is holding a phone. People have a remarkable ability to comprehend visual events in new videos and to answer questions about that video. For instance, the person initially holds a phone and then opens the closet and takes out a picture. To answer this question, we need to recognize the action "opening the closet" and then understand how "before" should restrict our search for the answer to events before this action.

Amazon Prime Day 2021: Best smart home device deals


Just give a simple voice command to control your home device with a smart outlet via Alexa or Google Home Assistant. No hub required to install the wifi plug. Gosund Alexa outlet plug works with a stable 2.4GHz network. By setting schedules and timers for your home smart wifi electrical plugs, you can prepare a crockpot meal and get home with dinner's ready. Get ready to have a smart home and create a customized schedule to automatically turn on/off any home electronic appliances such as lamps, Christmas lights, coffee maker, etc. Please note that the Alexa outlet plug is not suitable for the appliances whose power is more than 10A,1200W (e.g., air conditioner, microwave oven, induction cooker etc.) Gosund Google smart plug can help you control your home appliances from anywhere.

Deriving Equations from Sensor Data Using Dimensional Function Synthesis

Communications of the ACM

The original version of this paper was published in ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, October 2019. This work is licensed under a The Digital Library is published by the Association for Computing Machinery.

Spatial Concepts in the Conversation With a Computer

Communications of the ACM

Human interactions with the physical environment are often mediated through information services, and sometimes depend on them. These human interactions with their environment relate to a range of scales,28 in the scenario here from the "west of the city" to the "back of the store," or beyond the scenario to "the cat is under the sofa." These interactions go far beyond references to places that are recorded in geographic gazetteers,37 both in scale (the place where the cat is) and conceptualization (the place that forms the west of the city29), or that fit to the classical coordinate-based representations of digital maps. And yet, these kinds of services have to use such digital representations of environments, such as digital maps, building information models, knowledge bases, or just text/documents. Also, their abilities to interact are limited to either fusing with the environment,44 or using media such as maps, photos, augmented reality, or voice. These interactions also happen in a vast range of real-world contexts, or in situ, in which conversation partners typically adapt their conversational strategies to their interlocutor, based on mutual information, activities, and the shared situation.2 Verbal information sharing and conversations about places may also be more suitable when visual communication through maps or imagery is inaccessible, distracting, or irrelevant, such as when navigating in a familiar shopping mall.

Formal Software Verification Measures Up

Communications of the ACM

The modern world runs on software. However, there is a catch: computer code often contains programming errors--some small, some large. These glitches can lead to unexpected results--and systematic failures. "In many cases, software flaws don't make any difference. In other cases, they can cause massive problems," says Kathleen Fisher, professor and chair of the computer science department at Tufts University and a former official of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).