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From AI to Teamwork: 7 Key Skills for Data Scientists - InformationWeek


The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists jobs in data science in the top 15 fastest growing occupations with projected 31 percent job growth over the next 10 years. With data increasingly becoming the lifeblood of all organizations, data scientists need to be equipped not only with the right technical skills, but a robust dose of business acumen as well. In 2021, machine learning methods like transfer learning and transformers are drawing a lot of attention because they are rapidly driving innovation in a number of different spaces. For building and training neural networks, PyTorch has a lot of momentum behind it, and Keras and TensorFlow are also commonly used. There is also a rich ecosystem of software libraries, many open source, that can help accelerate machine learning and data science applications.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping The World - AI Summary


Reflation trade has been pummelled after the Federal Reserve unexpectedly signalled a shift in its stance on inflation, and, European Central Bank executive Fabio Panetta says the introduction of a digital euro would boost consumers' privacy. Plus, the FT's innovation editor, John Thornhill, talks about the new season of the Tech Tonic podcast and its main focus, artificial intelligence. Reflation trade has been pummelled after the Federal Reserve unexpectedly signalled a shift in its stance on inflation, and, European Central Bank executive Fabio Panetta says the introduction of a digital euro would boost consumers' privacy. Plus, the FT's innovation editor, John Thornhill, talks about the new season of the Tech Tonic podcast and its main focus, artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence: Deutsche Bank Releases Paper on Potential of AI in Securities Services


The wishes of investors looking to not having to deal with settlement failure penalties and cookie-cutter services from custodian banks will be fulfilled …

2021 Roundup Of AI And Machine Learning Market Forecasts Show Strong Growth - Software Strategies Blog


Demand for TensorFlow expertise is one of the leading indicators of machine learning and AI adoption globally. Kaggle's State of Data Science and Machine Learning 2020 Survey found that TensorFlow is the second most used machine learning framework today, with 50.5% of respondents currently using it. TensorFlow expertise continues to be one of the most marketable machine learning and AI skills in 2021, making it a reliable leading indicator of technology adoption. In 2020, there were on average 4,134 LinkedIn open positions that required TensorFlow expertise soaring to 8,414 open LinkedIn positions this year in the U.S. alone. Globally, demand for TensorFlow expertise has doubled from 12,172 open positions in 2020 to 26,958 available jobs on LinkedIn today.

A Comprehensive Guide On How to Monitor Your Models in Production -


Yup, that's me being plowed to the ground because the business just lost more than $500,000 with our fraud detection system by wrongly flagging fraudulent transactions as legitimate, and my boss's career is probably over. You're probably wondering how we got here… My story began with an image that you've probably seen over 1,001 times--the lifecycle of an ML project. A few months ago, we finally deployed to production after months of perfecting our model. I told myself and my colleague, "Our hard work has surely paid off, hasn't it?". Our model was serving requests in real-time and returning results in batches--good stuff! Surely that was enough, right? Well, not quite, which we got to realize in a relatively dramatic fashion. I'm not going to bore you with the cliché reasons why the typical way of deploying working software just doesn't cut it with machine learning applications. I'm still trying to recover from the bruises that my boss left on me, and the least I can do is help you not end up in a hospital bed after "successful model deployment", like me. I'll tell you all about: By the end of this article, you should know exactly what to do after deploying your model, including how to monitor your models in production, how to spot problems, how to troubleshoot, and how to approach the "life" of your model beyond monitoring. You almost don't have to worry about anything. Based on the software development lifecycle, it should work as expected because you have rigorously tested it and deployed it. In fact, your team may decide on a steady and periodic release of new versions as you mostly upgrade to meet new system requirements or new business needs.

Flexible Work and Personal Digital Infrastructures

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Flexible, contingent, or'agile,' working arrangements provide workers with greater autonomy over when, where, or how to fulfill their responsibilities. In search of increased productivity and reduced absenteeism, organizations have increasingly turned to flexible work arrangements. Although access to flexible work arrangements is more prevalent among high-skilled workers, in the form of flextime or co-working, the past decade has also witnessed growth of independent contractors, digital nomadism, digitally enabled crowdwork, online freelancing, and on-demand platform labor.3 Flexible work arrangements reduce commutes and can enable workers with care-responsibilities to stay in the workforce. Younger workers also see flexibility as a top priority when considering career opportunities.2 Flexible working arrangements can also be mutually beneficial, enabling organizations to scale dynamically. Specific skill sets can be immediately accessed by turning to freelancers to fill organizational gaps. A growing number of organizations and workers rely on short-term and project-based relationships, using online platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr to connect. However, flexible work arrangements often come entwined with precarity cloaked in emancipatory narratives.5 Fixed salaries and benefits have given way to hourly rates and quantified ratings.

Global Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging Market To Hit $1,579.33 Million by 2028


Data Bridge Market Research published a new report, titled, "Artificial intelligence in medical imaging Market". The report offers an extensive analysis of key growth strategies, drivers, opportunities, key segments, and competitive landscape. This study is a helpful source of information for market players, investors, VPs, stakeholders, and new entrants to gain a thorough understanding of the industry and determine steps to be taken to gain a competitive advantage. Businesses can bring about an absolute knowhow of general market conditions and tendencies with the information and data covered in the large scale Artificial intelligence in medical imaging market survey report. To get knowledge of all the above things, this market report is made transparent, wide-ranging and supreme in quality.

Marcin Pionnier on finishing 5th in the RTA competition


I graduated on Warsaw University of Technology with master thesis about text mining topic (intelligent web crawling methods). I work for Polish IT consulting company (Sollers Consulting), where I develop and design various insurance industry related stuff, (one of them is insurance fraud detection platform). From time to time I try to compete in data mining contests (Netflix, competitions on Kaggle and As far as I remember, the basis of the solution I defined at the very beginning: to create separate predictors for each individual loop and time interval. So my solution required me to build 61x10 610 regression models.

These Are The Startups Applying AI To Tackle Climate Change


Fighting climate change is both an urgent global imperative and a massive business opportunity. Climate change is the most pressing threat that the human species faces today. Artificial intelligence is the most powerful tool that humanity has at its disposal in the twenty-first century. Can we deploy the second to combat the first? A group of promising startups has emerged to do just that. Both climate change and artificial intelligence are sprawling, cross-disciplinary fields. Both will transform literally every sector of the economy in the years ahead. There is therefore no single "silver bullet" application of AI to climate change. Instead, a wide range of machine learning use cases can help in the race to decarbonize our world. Nearly every major activity that humanity engages in today contributes to our carbon footprint to some extent: building things, moving things, powering things, eating things, computing things.

Reading CSV(), Excel(), JSON () and HTML() File Formats in Pandas


Pandas is a Python library containing a bunch of capacities and specific information structures that have been intended to help Python developers to perform information examination errands in an organized manner. Importing data is the most fundamental and absolute initial phase in any information-related work. The capacity to import the information accurately is a must have skill for every data scientist. Data exists in many different forms, and not only should we know how to import various data formats but also how to analyze and manipulate the data to infer insights. The majority of the things that pandas should do can be possible with fundamental Python, yet the gathered arrangement of pandas capacities and information structure makes the information examination assignments more reliable as far as punctuation and in this manner helps readability.