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The role of artificial intelligence in digital commerce


Before we get into the role of artificial intelligence (AI) and where it is set to take digital commerce, I think we should begin by unpacking a definition of digital commerce – what does it mean? It can be defined as the process of selling and buying products and/or services using digital channels. It includes the people, processes and technologies necessary to execute the offering of product, promotions, pricing, analytics, customer acquisition plus retention, and customer experience at all touchpoints throughout the buying journey. This definition can be applied to all sectors of business irrelevant of area of operations, so it includes banking, retail, automotive, etc. Sector is irrelevant in a world of digital transformation at the speed of COVID – all businesses seek digital channels to market their goods. Today, digital channels have been expanded to relate to digital transformation that is inclusive of people, processes and technologies used throughout the customer buying excursion.

Artificial Intelligence: A novel way of ability for disability


"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change", were the words of the world's prominent scientist and writer, Prof. Stephen Hawking. He had to suffer from a devastating situation of his neural disease in an early emerging stage of his career and became paralyzed. However, the disability was failed to stay ahead in his field of cosmology and introducing the world with his groundbreaking research. It became possible only because the automation which was provided by cutting-edge technologies, become his backbone. Thanks to AI, disabled people drastically improve their own lives at the pinnacle of ability where they even can deal with Lucifer of tragic events. Many branches of AI dramatically influence people who are dealing with any kind of accessibility problem.



Founded by Professor Yoshua Bengio of the Université de Montréal, Mila rallies researchers specializing in the field of artificial intelligence. Recognized globally for its significant contributions to deep learning, Mila has distinguished itself in the areas of natural language processing, object recognition and generative models. In addition to its academic training and fundamental research focus, Mila's mission is to contribute to Quebec and Canada's economic development through technology transfer and business innovation. As part of Mila's Applied Machine Learning Research team, the candidate will manage a team of researchers working with industrial partners to build machine learning-based proofs of concept. The projects selected by the team cover a wide range of domains, are in general highly challenging at the scientific level and can lead to publications.

The Transformer


I've started to go through classic papers in machine learning, inventions that shifted the state of the art or created an entirely new application. These are my notes on the Transformer introduced in Attention is All You Need. The transformer addressed problems with recurrent sequence modeling in natural language processing (NLP) but has since been applied to vision, reinforcement learning, audio, and other sequence tasks. Recurrent models built from RNNs, LSTMs, or GRUs were developed to deal with sequence modeling in neural networks because they can include information from adjacent inputs as well as the current input. This has obvious relevance for data like language where the meaning of a word is partially or entirely defined in relation to surrounding words.

The CDC launches a Spanish language WhatsApp chatbot to help people find vaccines


The CDC and WhatsApp have teamed up on a Spanish language vaccine-finder service to help reach people who have yet to get COVID-19 vaccines. The service, called "Mi chat sobre vacunas COVID," is a chatbot that helps users find locations to get vaccinated, and find free rides to get there. Importantly, the service will also counter common misinformation about the shots, with details on side effects and why it's important to get vaccinated. That extra info is important as Latino communities in particular have been targeted by a wave of vaccine misinformation throughout the pandemic -- much of it spread via WhatsApp -- that officials say has fueled vaccine hesitancy. The chatbot is available by messaging "hola" to 1-833-636-1122 or can be accessed directly here.

Spatial Concepts in the Conversation With a Computer

Communications of the ACM

Human interactions with the physical environment are often mediated through information services, and sometimes depend on them. These human interactions with their environment relate to a range of scales,28 in the scenario here from the "west of the city" to the "back of the store," or beyond the scenario to "the cat is under the sofa." These interactions go far beyond references to places that are recorded in geographic gazetteers,37 both in scale (the place where the cat is) and conceptualization (the place that forms the west of the city29), or that fit to the classical coordinate-based representations of digital maps. And yet, these kinds of services have to use such digital representations of environments, such as digital maps, building information models, knowledge bases, or just text/documents. Also, their abilities to interact are limited to either fusing with the environment,44 or using media such as maps, photos, augmented reality, or voice. These interactions also happen in a vast range of real-world contexts, or in situ, in which conversation partners typically adapt their conversational strategies to their interlocutor, based on mutual information, activities, and the shared situation.2 Verbal information sharing and conversations about places may also be more suitable when visual communication through maps or imagery is inaccessible, distracting, or irrelevant, such as when navigating in a familiar shopping mall.

June 23rd Virtual Open Day


Africa Data School is a practical Data school in Africa that offers training in Data science, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing. The Africa Data School community invites you to our virtual Open day Wednesday 23rd June 2021 from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm EAT. Don't miss out on the opportunity to hangout with Africa Data School as they give you first hand experience of the realm of Data Science.

Consumers face challenges using chatbots to resolve queries: Report


The report surveyed over 700 people across the country in April-May 2021. The findings stated that though 97% customers admitted using a chatbot online, more than half the customers said chatbots did not understand the queries. Around 35% customers surveyed said that they got their queries resolved through chatbots. While 22% said that they have to call customer care because chatbot couldn't resolve the query, 21% said query was not fully resolved through a chatbot. Chatbots, with the use of advanced techniques like artificial intelligence and machine learning, interact and communicate with online visitors of a brand website.

Customer Insights 2021 Predictions: Evolution And Collaboration


CI leaders will shift 10% of their budgets to emotion analytics. Emotions are a more important driver of consumer decisions than rational thought and thus are the largest factor in brand energy, customer experience, and marketing effectiveness. But for the past decade, CI professionals have leaned into the precision of big data analytics instead of the traditionally unquantifiable territory of emotion. New techniques change this dynamic: AI-based text analytics tools such as Clarabridge and IBM Watson improve the precision of cruder sentiment analysis tools, while firms such as Nielsen and Realeyes bring biometric and facial analysis methodologies from the lab to the business world. As data analytics becomes commoditized, firms will shift 10% of the insights budget to emotion analytics to pilot new techniques in search of competitive advantage in the "why" behind consumer behavior, not just the "what" that data analytics addresses. Companies will reorganize to ensure CX and CI collaboration.

The best deals on robot vacuums and smart home gadgets for Prime Day


Aside from the usual deals on tech, Amazon Prime Day is also a great opportunity to snag that home or kitchen appliance you've always had your eye on. From smart thermostats to robot vacuums, there's a veritable smorgasbord of devices that are on sale today. Not all of them are worth your money, however, so we've done the hard work of narrowing the list down to what we think are the best deals out there. One of our favorite smart thermostats is this one from Ecobee, which is on sale today for $198 (you'll only get the price at checkout), which is 20 percent off its retail price of $249. The SmartThermostat has built-in Alexa voice support, which you can use to control the temperature, make a call or send a message.