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Google claims no instances of foreign interference campaigns targeting Australia


Representatives from Google have told an Australian Parliamentary committee looking into foreign interference that the country has not been the target of coordinated influence campaigns. "We've not seen the sort of foreign coordinated foreign influence campaigns targeted at Australia that we have with other jurisdictions, including the United States," Google director of law enforcement and information security Richard Salgado said. "Some of the disinformation campaigns that originate outside Australia, even if not targeting Australia, may affect Australia as collateral ... but not as a target of the campaign. "We have found no instances of foreign coordinated influence campaigns targeting Australia." While acknowledging campaigns that reach Australia do exist, he reiterated they have not specifically targeted Australia. "Some of these campaigns are broad enough that the disinformation could be, sort of, divisive in any jurisdiction in which it is consumed, even if it's not targeting that jurisdiction," Salgado told the Select Committee on Foreign Interference Through Social Media. "Google services, YouTube in particular, which is where we have seen most of these kinds of campaigns run, isn't really very well designed for the purpose of targeting groups to create the division that some of the other platforms have suffered, so it isn't actually all that surprising that we haven't seen this on our services." Appearing alongside Salgado on Friday was Google Australia and New Zealand director of government affairs and public policy Lucinda Longcroft, who told the committee her organisation has been in close contact with the Australian government as it looks to prevent disinformation from emerging leading up the next federal election. Additionally, the pair said that Google undertakes a "constant tuning" of the artificial intelligence and machine learning tech used. It said it also constantly adjusts policies and strategies to avoid moments of surprise, where Google could find itself unable to handle a shift in attacker strategy or shift in volume of attack. Appearing earlier in the week before the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services, Google VP of product membership and partnerships Diana Layfield said her company does not monetise data from Google Pay in Australia. "I suppose you could argue that there are non-transaction data aspects -- so people's personal profile information," she added. "If you sign up for an app, you have to have a Google account.

Anticipating Digital Transformation of the Drug Development Workforce


The continued contribution of the drug development community toward improving the quality of lives of patients, researchers, and the public at large, is and will continue to be highly dependent upon the careful execution of strategies to make vast amounts of data meaningful and usable. This is achievable by pairing data with powerful analytics and then using those insights to develop safe and effective processes and products. Although the drug development enterprise is undergoing major transformation, literature about what the sector should do to support and prepare its workforce for these changes is scant. What follows is a discussion of original research conducted by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (Tufts CSDD) to address workforce development in the era of digitization. The research is primarily based on an in-depth discussion with thought leaders and senior executives. Tufts CSDD identified recurring themes for discussion in articles in academic journals and the trade press between 2015 and 2019. Discussion topics included: (1) challenges and opportunities caused by the sector's digital transformation, (2) skills and competencies of future drug development professionals, (3) new roles that are expected to emerge within drug development, (4) changes in talent recruitment and retention practices, and (5) the reshaping of corporate mindsets and cultures to become digitally proficient organizations.

DigiMax Expands Global Marketing into Asia with Signing of Collaboration Deal in Hong Kong, by @accesswire


TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2021 / DigiMax Global Inc. (the'Company' or'DigiMax') (CSE:DIGI)(OTC:DBKSF), a company that provides artificial intelligence ("AI") and cryptocurrency technology solutions, is pleased to announce that it has signed its first collaboration agreement to expand CryptoHawk services into Hong Kong and surrounding areas. CryptoHawk is an Artificial Intelligence driven, price-trend prediction tool that can be profitably used by any investor interested in trading Bitcoin or Ethereum. The tool is different as it uses AI and machine learning to capture profit from the volatility of crypto currencies, rather than incur the risk of buy-and-hold investments. As previously announced by the Company, in its first full month of operation in June 2021, CryptoHawk signals achieved a 1-month, long-short return on BTC of more than 25% compared to a buy-and-hold return for the same period of a loss of 10%. In both up and down markets, CryptoHawk has the potential to deliver subscribers much higher returns when trading.

The future of work: What you need to know about the hybrid workplace


In the wake of the pandemic, the outlines of a new kind of digital workplace are starting to emerge. Get a glimpse of the future in this short video. Large numbers of employees have adjusted successfully to working remotely. Many businesses are looking for new ways to support online productivity and strengthen business resiliency with remote capabilities, while ensuring a safe return to work for on-site employees. So what does the future of work look like?

Artificial Intelligence, a Transformational Force for the Healthcare Industry


Artificial Intelligence is transmuting the system and methods of the healthcare industries. Artificial Intelligence and healthcare were found together over half a century. The healthcare industries use Natural Language Processes to categorize certain data patterns. Artificial Intelligence can be used in clinical trials, to hasten the searches and validation of medical coding. This can help reduce the time to start, improve and accomplish clinical training.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Diagnostic Health Care - DATAVERSITY


Click to learn more about author Ahmer Inam. How might artificial intelligence (AI) help physicians diagnose medical conditions more effectively? This question grows more important each year. Approximately 400,000 hospitalized patients experience some type of preventable harm each year, costing the health care industry $20 billion, according to NCBI. Mistakes hurt everyone – first and foremost patients, and also the medical staff who grapple with the emotional and mental toll of committing a misdiagnosis.

Best Stocks & ETFs for Artificial Intelligence


In this episode of ETF Spotlight, I speak with Zacks Senior Stock Strategist, Kevin Cook, about investing in advanced technologies, which are bringing science fiction to our offices, homes, cars, and portfolios. London-based research company DeepMind, which was acquired by Alphabet parent Google GOOGL in 2014, has developed an AI system that can predict the 3D shape of all known proteins with almost perfect accuracy. This is a huge development for life sciences and medicine. Exponential advancements in AI have changed the nature of computing, making Moore's law irrelevant. Per WSJ, Huang's law named for Nvidia's NVDA CEO, is in full effect now.

3 ways to evaluate and improve machine learning models


When solving machine learning problems, simply training a model based on a problem-specific training machine learning algorithm does not guarantee either that the resulting model fully captures the underlying concept hidden in the training data or that the optimum parameter values were chosen for model training. Failing to test a model's performance means an underperforming model could be deployed on the production system, resulting in incorrect predictions. Choosing one model from the many available options based on intuition alone is risky. By generating different metrics, the efficacy of the model can be assessed. Use of these metrics reveals how well the model fits the data on which it was trained.

Decode your future in software development with this course bundle


TL;DR: The 2021 Google Software Engineering Manager Prep Bundle is on sale for £28.84 as of July 30, saving you 98% on list price. Aspiring to be a software engineer is admirable. Aspiring to be a software engineer at Google is extraordinarily ambitious -- but that doesn't mean it's impossible to achieve. Just like any other dream job, the only way to get there is by simply taking the first step. And this 2021 Google Software Engineering Manager Prep Bundle offers the perfect stepping stone.

Hikvision records 40% net profit uplift for 1H21 despite of COVID-19 and political conflict


Chinese video surveillance manufacturer Hikvision has reported it generated 6.48 billion yuan in total profit, a 40% increase from last year's 4.62 billion yuan for the first half of 2021 financial year. For the period to 30 June, the company also experienced a near 40% year-on-year uplift in operating income that came in just shy of 34 billion yuan. Of the total, sales of products and services accounted for more than 80%, or 28 billion yuan, an increase from last year's 21.5 billion yuan. The rest was made up of its smart home and robotic businesses, as well as "other innovative" businesses, made of a number of subsidiaries including EZVIZ, HikRobot, HikAuto, HikMicro, HikStorage, HikImaging, HikFire, HikRayin, and their related business or products. "With solid accumulation of algorithm and strong hardware and software development capabilities, Hikrobot focused on mobile robot and machine vision business, and continued to help the development of global intelligent manufacturing," Hikvision said. "Other innovative businesses continued to develop rapidly and gradually opening up new opportunities.