Atari founder, governor play pong with the future of work in the artificial intelligence age


Take it from Gov. Jared Polis, a veteran of the tech startup scene introduced as Colorado's "innovator in chief" Wednesday at a Denver Startup Week panel on the evolution of technology and its impact on everyday life. "I was just at Amazon's new facility in Thornton," Polis said. "Inside, where we used to see human-operated forklifts they have little intelligent robots that are carrying the crates around." The question now, Polis said, is how will public policy take shape around that AI technology so that it supports innovation but keeps human beings relevant in the economy going forward? Polis sat opposite Nolan Bushnell during the session.

Blackberry and Jaguar Land Rover to partner on autonomous vehicles ZDNet


Blackberry and Jaguar Land Rover have announced that they will work together to develop new autonomous vehicles using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies. The two companies will use Blackberry's QNX operating system and Blackberry Cylance to develop a range of capabilities to bolster vehicle safety, including predictive software maintenance and cyber threat protection, in Jaguar Land Rover's next-generation vehicle architecture. Under the partnership, Blackberry will also help Jaguar Land Rover identify potential security vulnerabilities found in connected and autonomous vehicles. "BlackBerry is a trusted partner of the automotive industry because of our heritage and innovations in secure communications," Blackberry CEO John Chen said. "We are pleased to be Jaguar Land Rover's chosen partner for safety-certified technology, as we advance Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to transform automotive safety."

Self-driving trucks are being tested on public roads in Virginia


Daimler Trucks and technology firm Torc Robotics have started to test autonomous trucks on public roads in the U.S. The routes are located on highways in southwest Virginia where Torc -- which is part of Daimler Trucks following a majority stake acquisition -- is based. In an announcement Monday, Daimler Trucks said that all of the "automated runs" would need an engineer to oversee the system as well as a safety driver. It added that all safety drivers held a commercial driver's license and had special training in vehicle dynamics and automated systems. The firm said that "months of extensive testing and safety validation" had already been conducted on a closed loop track. "Bringing Level 4 trucks to the public roads is a major step toward our goal to deliver reliable and safe trucks for the benefits of our customers, our economies and society," Martin Daum, a member of the board of management at Daimler with responsibility for trucks and buses, said in a statement.

Shopify & 6 River: Game-Changing M&A in Warehouse Automation - IRIS


The deal reminds us of Amazon's 2012 purchase of Kiva Systems, which kick-started an arms race to automate supply chains, warehouses, and fulfillment centers. In fact, since the inception of the ROBO Global Robotics & Automation Index, logistics and warehouse automation has been its best performing subsector, returning over 220%, including more than 30% so far in 2019. With 4 deals in the past 12 months, Shopify has been on a bona fide acquisition spree. That said, the 6 River acquisition is its first warehouse fulfillment-related deal, and may well be the most important acquisition to date in the company's quest to transition into a global retail operating system that spans global fulfillment and brick-and-mortar operations from a single e-commerce platform solution provider. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Massachusetts, 6 River Systems provides collaborative mobile robots to enhance warehouse fulfillment solutions.

Saving nature through the use of AI and Machine Learning - KDR Recruitment


In today's world it's easy to get swept up in the cool side of Artificial Intelligence. Whether it be a new Amazon Echo, autonomous cars or perhaps the new Boston Dynamics Robot, which now has the amazing ability to open a door (just watch the video on YouTube, you'll see what I mean). However, whilst the cool stuff is put right in front of our eyes, for us to fascinate over it's easy to forget about what goes on behind the scenes of Artificial Intelligence. Now I'm not saying that the tech, gadgets and robots aren't cool, they're very cool. In fact, I'm sure I'll be the first in line to buy an autonomous flying car, when the time comes.

Colin Angle: iRobot CEO Artificial Intelligence (AI) Podcast


Colin Angle is the CEO and co-founder of iRobot, a robotics company that for 29 years has been creating robots that operate successfully in the real world, not as a demo or on a scale of dozens, but on a scale of thousands and millions. As of this year, iRobot has sold more than 25 million robots to consumers, including the Roomba vacuum cleaning robot, the Braava floor mopping robot, and soon the Terra lawn mowing robot. Note: I accidentally say 29 million not 25 million in the video. This conversation is part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast. OUTLINE: 0:00 - Introduction 1:52 - Three laws of robotics 4:50 - Robots in the home 13:32 - How to build a successful robotics company 23:21 - Autonomous vehicles and home robotics (Tesla, Lidar, Vision) 26:21 - Robot in every home 27:24 - Data, privacy, and trust 32:58 - Human-level intelligence 35:26 - Data from Star Trek CONNECT: - Subscribe to this YouTube channel - Twitter:

Better than a pair of eyes: Bosch camera with AI for driver assistance and automated driving


Stuttgart, Germany, and Yokohama, Japan – Automated driving technology is gradually providing more and more assistance to the driver – with the future aim of the car being able to take complete control. But there is more to it than that: "We want to make cars better drivers than people, and in this way to increase road safety. In other words, technology has to work more reliably than people," says the Bosch management board member Harald Kröger. That presents a major challenge, particularly in terms of surround sensing. The sensing system needs to provide the data and information of what is going on around the vehicle to enable the automated vehicle to choose the appropriate driving decision under the circumstances from a safety standpoint.

Cabinet paves way for self-driving vehicles on Japan's roads next year with new rules

The Japan Times

The Cabinet on Friday approved rules for operating partially self-driving vehicles, paving the way for the use of autonomous vehicles on public roads. Autonomous driving technology is classified into five levels, ranging from Level 1, which allows either steering, acceleration or braking to be automated, to fully automated Level 5. The government plans to enforce an ordinance defining violations and setting penalties by May next year as it envisions the use of Level 3 vehicles, which allow conditionally automated driving, on expressways in 2020. The newly decided penalties apply to the inappropriate use of Level 3 autonomous driving technologies, which require users to switch to manual operations when preset conditions regarding road type, driving speed, weather, time of day and other factors are no longer met. Violators of the ordinance will face fines of up to ¥12,000 ($110) depending on vehicle size.

Neuromodulated Patience for Robot and Self-Driving Vehicle Navigation


Robots and self-driving vehicles face a number of challenges when navigating through real environments. Successful navigation in dynamic environments requires prioritizing subtasks and monitoring resources. Animals are under similar constraints. It has been shown that the neuromodulator serotonin regulates impulsiveness and patience in animals. In the present paper, we take inspiration from the serotonergic system and apply it to the task of robot navigation.

New Omnitracs Exec Takes the Wheel of its Data, AI, and Machine Learning Operations » Dallas Innovates


All parts of the transportation industry are being affected by next-gen technology with the AI market in transportation estimated to grow by nearly 20 percent annually to $10.3 billion by 2030. To support a strategy to enhance its products with more data-driven and artificial intelligence/machine learning-based solutions, Dallas-based Omnitracs LLC--a leading provider of fleet management solutions to transportation and logistics companies.--has In this role, Bose--who has a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence--will oversee Omnitracs' data and AI offerings and operations, helping its customers with actionable insights that support their broader business goals, according to a statement. "Omnitracs has a deep history of providing progressive technologies to the transportation and logistics industry," Bose said in a statement. "Digital transformation is reshaping the industry rapidly, and I look forward to leveraging Omnitracs' rich data securely and applying data science and AI techniques to bring new value to Omnitracs customers."