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Natural Language Processing: NLP In Python with Projects


We have covered each and every topic in detail and also learned to apply them to real-world problems. There are lots and lots of exercises for you to practice and also 2 bonus NLP Projects "Sentiment analyzer" and "Drugs Prescription using Reviews". In this Sentiment analyzer project, you will learn how to Extract and Scrap Data from Social Media Websites and Extract out Beneficial Information from these Data for Driving Huge Business Insights. In this Drugs Prescription using Reviews project, you will learn how to Deal with Data having Textual Features, you will also learn NLP Techniques to transform and Process the Data to find out Important Insights. You will make use of all the topics read in this course. You will also have access to all the resources used in this course. Enroll now and become a master in machine learning.

Artificial intelligence tool could increase patient health literacy, study shows


His research interests are in machine learning and natural language processing, specifically regarding model evaluation, quantifying uncertainty, …

AI's human protein database a 'great leap' for research


Scientists on Thursday unveiled the most exhaustive database yet of the proteins that form the building blocks of life, in a breakthrough observers said would "fundamentally change biological research". Every cell in every living organism is triggered to perform its function by proteins that deliver constant instructions to maintain health and ward off infection. Unlike the genome -- the complete sequence of human genes that encode cellular life -- the human proteome is constantly changing in response to genetic instructions and environmental stimuli. Understanding how proteins operate -- the shape in which they end up, or "fold" into -- within cells has fascinated scientists for decades. But determining each protein's precise function through direct experimentation is painstaking.

Australia's AI Action Plan – where does it take us? - Ethical AI Advisory


The one glaring gap in the Commonwealth government's AI strategy and action plan is a process to develop a coordinated governance framework around the development, use and procurement of AI services within commonwealth government agencies. This is where the NSW Government has taken a clear lead, setting out a mandatory customer service circular which all NSW Government agencies need to adhere to. There is practical guidance on adhering to principles, assessing risk, managing data, sourcing AI solutions, meeting legal obligations and more.

Off-the-shelf vs Custom Machine Learning Models?


Companies can engage in different approaches to model development. From fully managed ML services, all the way to custom models. Depending on business requirements, available expertise, and planning constraints, they must make a choice: should they develop custom solutions from scratch? Or should they choose an off-the-shelf service? For all stages of ML workloads, a decision must be met concerning how the different puzzle pieces will fit together.

Save 97% on this stacked video game development bundle


TL;DR: The Unreal and Unity Game Development for Beginners Bundle is on sale for £21.83 as of July 24, saving you 97% on list price. With this Unreal and Unity Game Development for Beginners Bundle, which includes six courses and over 50 hours of training, you'll learn to build your own projects and games from scratch. The training is led by experts at Zenva Academy, as well as game developer Raja Biswas. Biswas is the founder of the YouTube channel Charger Games, and he has taught thousands of new programmers how to publish their own games. You'll start by learning the basic concepts, tools, and functions of the game engines Unity and Unreal, then move on to building fully functional games yourself.

Global Big Data Conference


In the COVID era, computational biology is having a heyday – and machine learning is playing a massive role. With billions upon billions of compounds to search through for any given therapeutic application, strictly brute-force simulations are wildly unfeasible, necessitating more artificially intelligent methods of whittling down the options. Now, researchers from IRB Barcelona's Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology lab have developed a deep learning method that predicts the biological activity of any given molecule – even in the absence of experimental data. The researchers, led by Patrick Aloy, are applying deep machine learning to a massive dataset: the Chemical Checker, which provides processed, harmonized, and integrated bioactivity data on 800,000 small molecules and is also produced by the Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology lab. In total, any given molecule has 25 bioactivity "spaces," but for most molecules, data on only a few are known – if that.

Are the Boston Dynamics robots really dancing? The creepy video, explained


It's one thing to have your cabbage patch or running man shown up by Zoomers on TikTok, but it's another level of embarrassment to have a robot out dance you. That's exactly what Boston Dynamics' cohort of robots -- including its dog Spot and more human-like bot Atlas -- did in a video that resurfaced on Twitter this weekend. Swaying to the tune of the 1962 classic "Do You Love Me?" by the Contours, the robotic dance team inspired awe, disbelief, and dread in users. But while online lamenting over the robot apocalypse is nearly always tongue-in-cheek, the engineering achievement lurking behind Spot's dance moves means this reality could be much closer and darker than we realize. It is difficult to believe your eyes when you watch the Boston Dynamics robots bust a move -- albeit jerkily -- in the December 2020 video that made new Twitter rounds this weekend.

High Tech Trends: Latest Trends in Technology 2021


Technology is continuously updating at such a fast pace which it is might be quicker than light. A programming language that is making the rounds today might be obsolete by the next couple of days. As more money is invested in the development and research, professionals and computing scientists are continuously tweaking and enhancing current technologies to maximize them. Thus, new technologies and programming language, patch, library, and plug-in are released per hour. To maintain this fast pace of development, you need to keep on knowing the newest technology ideas.

US firefighters turn to AI to battle the blazes


Last summer, as Will Harling captained a fire engine trying to control a wildfire that had burst out of northern California's Klamath National Forest, overrun a firebreak, and raced towards his hometown, he got a frustrating email. It was a statistical analysis from Oregon State University forestry researcher Chris Dunn, predicting that the spot where firefighters had built the firebreak, on top of a ridge a few miles out of town, had only a 10% chance of stopping the blaze. "They had spent so many resources building that useless break," said Mr. Harling, who directs the Mid Klamath Watershed Council, and works as a wildland firefighter for the local Karuk Tribe. "The index showed it had no chance," he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in a phone interview. The Suppression Difficulty Index (SDI) is one of a number of analytical tools Mr. Dunn and other firefighting technology experts are building to bring the latest in machine learning, big data, and forecasting to the world of firefighting.