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Video game 'FIFA 22' gets more realism thanks to 22-player motion capture matches

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To bring more realism to "FIFA 22," EA Sports went to extremes on the pitch – and brought inclusivity to its announcing team. The video game publisher had 22 players put on Xsens motion capture suits and then play competitive matches in Spain. All that data – more than 8.7 million frames of advanced match capture, EA Sports says – will be used to create real-time soccer gameplay animations as players mash controller buttons. And the game maker also is bringing its first female announcer to the game: Alex Scott, who played for the English national team and Arsenal of the Women's Super League. "This is a big moment for FIFA, for football and women and girls across the world," she said on Twitter and Instagram.

Ring Video Doorbell 4 review: Great for people deep in the Ring ecosystem; just good for everyone else


Ring now offers seven video doorbell models, and as you might have guessed, the company is running out of ways to differentiate them. The Ring Video Doorbell 4 looks virtually identical to the Ring Video Doorbell 3 (and the battery-only Ring Video Doorbell 2, for that matter), and it delivers the same 1080p resolution. Like the model 3, the Ring Video Doorbell 4 can operate on either battery power or your existing doorbell wiring, and both models support dual-band Wi-Fi networks (2.4- and 5GHz). That leaves color pre-roll video previews (more on that in a bit) as the only additional feature you'll get for the extra $20 in cost. As is typical of Ring home-security products, you'll need to sign up for a subscription to unlock all the Ring Video Doorbell 4's capabilities.

Hand and Human Pose Estimation


Hello, I am Ahmet furkan DEMIR, I am about to share my first article on Medium platform, this article will be on 2D Pose Estimation. I learned about this subject within the scope of my internship at MOVE ON and I did studies, I thought to write it down for my readers, I hope you like it, I wish you a good reading. Pose estimation, In computer vision and robotics, a typical task is to identify specific objects in an image and to determine each object's position and orientation relative to some coordinate system. This information can then be used, for example, to allow a robot to manipulate an object or to avoid moving into the object. The combination of position and orientation is referred to as the pose of an object, even though this concept is sometimes used only to describe the orientation.

SpotCam Video Doorbell 2 review: This isn't the worst doorbell cam we've tested, but it's far from the best


The SpotCam Video Doorbell 2 is the latest in a line of home surveillance products from Taiwan's SpotCam. The doorbell is a lot chunkier than some of its competitors, measuring 2.7 x 5.7 x 1.5 inches (WxHxD), but it offers the option to record to a local microSD card, which is unusual. In our tests, we found the camera produced a good image, but the overall experience was let down by the app, which was sluggish. Also, while the doorbell offers a barebones experience unless you pay for a monthly subscription: You're expected to pay for additional features such as person detection and facial recognition, and that's on top of the optional cloud storage fees. It will keep watch on the area in which it is installed and send push notifications when motion is detected.

The Echo Show 5 and Ring Video Doorbell bundle is on sale for under £50


SAVE 53%: The Echo Show 5 and Ring Video Doorbell (Wired) bundle is on sale for £49.99 this Prime Day, saving you over £50 on list price. We're into the second day of Prime Day, which is kind of an oxymoron. Listen, we all know that these major shopping events last for much longer than advertised. That's just the way it works nowadays. Black Friday goes on for about a month, so we think you should forgive Prime Day for stretching out for 48 hours.

Best early Prime Day 2021 deals: Smart home devices


When is Amazon Prime Day 2021? Deals galore and top tips and tricks to help you master Amazon's sale. Smart home gadgets are all the rage, but it's a slippery slope. As soon as you're done installing your first gadget, you're in the market for the next, and it can get pretty expensive. Amazon Prime Day is a good time to pick up your next smart home device for less, because there are some fantastic deals out there on a whole range of devices.

VIMPAC: Video Pre-Training via Masked Token Prediction and Contrastive Learning Artificial Intelligence

Video understanding relies on perceiving the global content and modeling its internal connections (e.g., causality, movement, and spatio-temporal correspondence). To learn these interactions, we apply a mask-then-predict pre-training task on discretized video tokens generated via VQ-VAE. Unlike language, where the text tokens are more independent, neighboring video tokens typically have strong correlations (e.g., consecutive video frames usually look very similar), and hence uniformly masking individual tokens will make the task too trivial to learn useful representations. To deal with this issue, we propose a block-wise masking strategy where we mask neighboring video tokens in both spatial and temporal domains. We also add an augmentation-free contrastive learning method to further capture the global content by predicting whether the video clips are sampled from the same video. We pre-train our model on uncurated videos and show that our pre-trained model can reach state-of-the-art results on several video understanding datasets (e.g., SSV2, Diving48). Lastly, we provide detailed analyses on model scalability and pre-training method design.

Review -- TSN: Temporal Segment Network (Video Classification)


Except RGB and optical flow field used in Two-Stream ConvNet, RGB difference and warped optical flow are also tried. The RGB difference between the current frame and previous frame is also tried, to describe the appearance change, which may correspond to the motion salient region. But later on it is found out that it is not good. The warped optical flow is obtained by first estimating homography matrix and then compensating camera motion. As shown in the above figure, the warped optical flow suppresses the background motion and makes motion concentrate on the actor.

Early Prime Day deals 2021: Ring Video Doorbell Wired is on sale for £45

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Products featured in this Mail Best article are independently selected by our shopping writers. If you make a purchase using links on this page, we may earn an affiliate commission. Ahead of Prime Day on June 21, there are a ton of early Prime Day discounts on must-have smart home products, from 58 per cent off Amazon Echo Buds to great savings across Ring Video Doorbells and Blink home security devices. Today, Prime members (sign up for a free 30-day trial) can save 42 per cent on the Ring Video Doorbell Wired and Chime bundle with an early Prime Day deal. Now £45 (usually £78), the Ring Video Doorbell Wired allows you to see who is outside your door at any given time via your smartphone.

Amazon hopes more robots will improve worker safety


Amazon is once again betting that robots will improve safety at its warehouses. The online shopping giant has offered looks at several upcoming bots and other technologies meant to reduce strain on workers. The company is testing a trio of autonomous robots to carry items with little intervention. "Bert" can freely move around a warehouse carrying carts and goods. "Scooter" (above) carries carts like a train, while the more truck-like "Kermit" hauls empty tote boxes using magnetic tape and tags to shape its path.