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The Apple TV 4K (64GB) is on sale for $180 right now


Apple gave its TV 4K set-top box some love this year by upgrading the internals and revamping its accompanying Siri remote. But it didn't change the price, which means you'll still pay at least $179 for it. However, Amazon has a new deal that knocks nearly $20 off the 64GB Apple TV 4K, bringing it down to $180. The base, 32GB model has been on sale for $169 for a few weeks at this point, but this new deal essentially lets you get the extra-storage model at the base's original price. We consider the 2021 Apple TV 4K to be the best high-end streaming box you can get, and it's even more attractive if you live in the Apple ecosystem.

Give Every Remote Control a Tracker


A lost remote control is the most minor of crises. Barely an annoyance really, typically resolved by flipping enough couch cushions. Which is perhaps why it's taken so long for the disruptive types to get around to finding solutions. Those solutions are here now, though, and they're delightful. Credit to Roku first: It pioneered remote-finding years ago, albeit only for higher-end streaming player models.

Apple TV 4K review (2021): Finally, a Siri remote I don't hate


Let's get this out of the way up front: the new Apple TV 4K looks exactly like the last model, and it's a bit faster. But what really stands out is the new Siri remote, which is practically an apology for what came before. Instead of being elegantly thin and easy to lose, it's a bit chunky and easier to hold. Instead of an infuriating touchpad, there's a directional pad that also has touchpad capabilities. The new Siri remote is so good, I'd recommend that existing Apple TV 4K owners just buy it separately for $60 and skip the new box entirely.

Teardown shows the new Apple TV 4K is easy to repair, but Siri Remote is a pain


Given that the revamped Apple TV 4K looks identical to the last model, we figured that it would be similarly easy to repair. The site was able to tear right through the set-top box's case, thanks to a bit of prying and standard screws. In a unique twist, Apple also used metal contact pins to connect the ATV's large fan to its logic board. That makes it easy to remove without worrying about breaking any cables. Beyond that, the Apple TV 4K is basically a sandwich of easy to remove components.

Second-generation Apple TV 4K features a new processor, redesigned Siri remote, and high frame rate HDR


Apple has announced a second-generation Apple TV 4K with a new and unambigously designed Siri remote--at last, there's no more holding the remote the wrong way! The new streamer is powered by Apple's A12 Bionic processor, which will enable high frame rate HDR (high dynamic range at 60 frames per second) on streaming services that offer it. The new Siri remote, and an intriguing color-balance feature that is part of tvOS 14.5, will also be available on the first-gen Apple TV 4K as well as the Apple TV HD. One thing that hasn't changed about the new Apple TV 4K is the price: Yes, it's still a whopping $199 for the 64GB model and $179 for the 32GB version, with the updated models slated to ship in May following an April 30 pre-order date. The new Siri remote costs $59, or it can be purchased with an Apple TV HD for $149--that's about $50 higher than the most expensive 4K players from Amazon, Roku, and other competitors.

Apple TV 4K review: A solid update that costs too much


Apple products are designed so that the newest one is almost always the best one. With support for 4K and HDR, a speedy new processor, and refreshed tvOS update, it's no stretch at all to say it's the best Apple TV the company has ever made. It builds on everything that was great about the 2015 Apple TV while making significant improvements where they count. The hardware is largely the same as the 2015 model, with a few exceptions: the box no longer has that random USB-C port on the back (no matter, because you couldn't use it anyway). The Siri Remote looks almost exactly the same, too.

4th-Gen Apple TV tvOS 10.2 Update Improves Scrolling Behavior Of Siri Remote

International Business Times

For Apple TV users who are not really pleased with how the device's Siri remote works, Apple is working on a fix that would improve its scrolling behavior. This is what is being teased in the beta versions of the upcoming tvOS 10.2 software update that Apple is still working on. This Tuesday, Apple rolled out the fourth pre-release version of tvOS 10.2 to developers who will be testing out the beta to see if their apps would still function well when the official update is released. As of late, the current tvOS version for the fourth-generation Apple TV is tvOS 10.1.1. Apple intends to improve the user experience its digital media player/microconsole provides with tvOS 10.2.

Apple TV's biggest paint points are going to get solved with tvOS 10


At WWDC on Monday, Apple unveiled the next version of tvOS, its operating system for the fourth-generation Apple TV. The latest Apple TV is only eight and a half months old, so the changes coming to the tvOS might not be as significant as some of the additions headed to iOS, macOS and watchOS. Still, make no mistake, the changes are major improvements. In fact, with tvOS 10, Apple is fixing some of the niggles we've had about the Apple TV since it launched. And like iOS 10 and macOS, the new Apple Music experience is coming to Apple TV too.