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Save 97% on this stacked video game development bundle


TL;DR: The Unreal and Unity Game Development for Beginners Bundle is on sale for £21.83 as of July 24, saving you 97% on list price. With this Unreal and Unity Game Development for Beginners Bundle, which includes six courses and over 50 hours of training, you'll learn to build your own projects and games from scratch. The training is led by experts at Zenva Academy, as well as game developer Raja Biswas. Biswas is the founder of the YouTube channel Charger Games, and he has taught thousands of new programmers how to publish their own games. You'll start by learning the basic concepts, tools, and functions of the game engines Unity and Unreal, then move on to building fully functional games yourself.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Advertising (Ad) Sales


Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting real in the marketing suite. When asked where they planned to invest this year, marketers ranked AI as their #1 priority, according to our most recent State of Marketing Report. AI adoption is surging: 84% of marketers reported they use AI somewhere in their acquisition and retention engines, up almost three times over just two years ago. What are these intrepid marketers doing with AI? Reported uses are expanding rapidly, from enhanced personalization to improved segmentation, insight discovery, predictive modeling, and process automation. Advertising technology also rode the wave of big data-driven AI adoption, as programmatic platforms revolutionized the process of buying and selling digital ads.

Razorpay gets the lending AI-based risk tech startup TERA Finlabs


Financial solutions company Razorpay on Monday said it has acquired AI-based risk tech SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform TERA Finlabs for an undisclosed sum. TERA Finlabs is an Indian subsidiary of GAIN Credit, a leading UK digital lender which was launched in 2018 to expand its global footprint in digital lending. This marks the company's third acquisition after foraying into the B2B SME lending space with the launch of Razorpay Capital in 2019, it said in a statement. "The team at TERA FinLabs comes with exceptional domain knowledge in credit underwriting & risk management and we see immense value in TERA Finlabs core lending infrastructure capabilities," said Harshil Mathur, CEO, and Co-Founder, Razorpay. Razorpay Capital, along with TERA Finlab's technology capabilities, will be able to service the credit needs of over 10,000 businesses in India by the next year, the company said.

Top 50 Offshore Software Development Companies


Are you searching for a trustworthy technology partner for your business? Don't worry, you have hit the right place. We did our ground research and came up with the 50 top-performing offshore software development companies. These companies have a splendid history and help you build strong solutions assisting businesses manage their jobs more efficiently and effectively. After reading this post, you will definitely find a partner for your business fitting all your requirements. With a hefty focus on mobile and web development, it also offers enterprise software, CMS solutions, EMC systems, and portals for the marketing, manufacturing, healthcare, financial, and telecommunication industries. It has been assisting fast-growing tech companies and startups with a talent pool of 2700 experienced senior-level, dedicated teams of developers. Their clients grow and make successful and scalable products that users love. They work across almost every corner of the map to nail their upcoming project. The main focus of their dedicated developers is'YOURS'. It has partnerships with Adobe, SVB, Google Cloud, and AWS. They are best known for guiding their clients from an idea to its technical application. Skelia is an international BPO and ICT services company established in 2008 by Belgian entrepreneurs.

Infobird Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: IFBD) Digitally Transforming Companies in the Retail Industry - NetworkNewsWire


Evolving customer expectations and business needs have fueled a digital transformation in China, marked by the integration of cloud computing and artificial intelligence ("AI") into companies' operations. "To survive in this new world, businesses must learn to observe, think, and operate differently," reads Deloitte China's webpage about digital transformation ( "Digital transformation, the cross-disciplinary power comprising digital, analytics, cloud, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance, is about embracing digital disruption and unlocking exponential value." Interestingly, Infobird Software (NASDAQ: IFBD), a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company offering AI-enabled end-to-end customer engagement solutions in China, has packaged the aspects of digital transformation mentioned above, i.e., cloud computing, analytics, cybersecurity, and digital, into its robust proprietary solutions and is using them to help companies around China adapt to the changing times and transform digitally. IFBD's customer engagement solutions, which integrate the needs of both the customers and the businesses into a single platform, stimulate companies' market performance and growth and enable them to improve their infrastructure.

Microsoft is bringing Clippy back - in an entirely new place

The Independent - Tech

Microsoft is planning to bring Clippy, its Office 97 assistant that looks like a paperclip, back to Windows. The software giant tweeted a photo of Clippy saying that, if the post received 20,000 likes, it would replace the paperclip emoji in Microsoft Office with Clippy. At time of writing, the tweet has nearly 134,000 likes. Clippy infamously offered support in Microsoft Word and other programs, such as Microsoft Publisher, but by 2008 the assistant was killed. Windows 10, Microsoft's current operating system, uses Cortana as its virtual assistant – a name taken from the Halo game franchise.

The Top 100 Software Companies of 2021


The Software Report is pleased to announce The Top 100 Software Companies of 2021. This year's awardee list is comprised of a wide range of companies from the most well-known such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Salesforce to the relatively newer but rapidly growing - Qualtrics, Atlassian, and Asana. A good number of awardees may be new names to some but that should be no surprise given software has always been an industry of startups that seemingly came out of nowhere to create and dominate a new space. Software has become the backbone of our economy. From large enterprises to small businesses, most all rely on software whether for accounting, marketing, sales, supply chain, or a myriad of other functions. Software has become the dominant industry of our time and as such, we place a significance on highlighting the best companies leading the industry forward. The following awardees were nominated and selected based on a thorough evaluation process. Among the key criteria considered were ...

Global Big Data Conference


Buying off-the-shelf AI (Artificial Intelligence) software is a good first step for those companies that are new to the technology. There should be little need to make investments in technical infrastructure or to hire expensive data sciences. There will also be the benefit of getting a solution that has been tested by other customers. For the most part, there should be confidence in the accuracy levels as the algorithms will probably be implemented properly. But there is a nagging issue: there are many AI applications on the market and it is extremely difficult to determine which is the best option.

What OpenAI and GitHub's "AI pair programmer" means for the software industry


OpenAI has once again made the headlines, this time with Copilot, an AI-powered programming tool jointly built with GitHub. Built on top of GPT-3, OpenAI's famous language model, Copilot is an autocomplete tool that provides relevant (and sometimes lengthy) suggestions as you write code. Copilot is currently available to select applicants as an extension in Visual Studio Code, the flagship programming tool of Microsoft, GitHub's parent company. While the AI-powered code generator is still a work in progress, it provides some interesting hints about the business of large language models and the future directions of the software industry. The official website of Copilot describes it as an "AI pair programmer" that suggests "whole lines or entire functions right inside your editor."

AI is about to eat the world -- why you need to be ready.


Back in August 2011, Marc Andreessen penned a piece in the Wall Street Journal about how we were in the midst of a Software revolution built on the hardware and internet infrastructure that we build and continue to develop. The main argument is that new Software firms were going to disrupt the existing players such as Oracle and Microsoft. This has proven to be the case, although the legacy Software companies still have a captive and essential layer in the tech ecosystem. With all the data that we have been collecting, a new wave of innovation is starting to emerge, and is predicted to be where a new generation of trillion dollar market opportunities. Every business tech professional who wants to succeed in the years to come, needs to start listening and take note of what Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI and the former president of Y Combinator, one of the field's leading experts, is saying. At just 19 years old, Altman (now 36), co-founded Loopt, a location based social network mobile application.