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'Dead Space' is alive: Electronic Arts to release remake of horror classic

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Electronic Arts' horror classic "Dead Space" is being resurrected. The video game publisher announced Thursday plans to remake the popular survival horror video game for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X S and PC. No release date was revealed. The game is being developed by the EA studio Motive, which previous worked on "Star Wars Squadrons." The original "Dead Space" from 2008 starred an engineer named Isaac Clarke sent on a mission to repair a stranded space ship.

Dead Space was to games what Alien was to movies

The Guardian

Now available free on PC, Dead Space came closer than any other game to replicating the look, feel and atmosphere of Ridley Scott's sci-fi thriller

Prey is a complex, tense, and scattered piece of survival horror


An artificial intelligence informs them that aliens on board have transformed the crew into monstrosities. It's up to them to destroy the threat, using an arsenal of conventional weapons and psychic powers. But a seemingly simple quest sends the protagonist trekking across the entire facility, caught between conflicting ideological agendas. This setup may sound familiar to players of 1999 survival horror System Shock 2, and you'll find echoes of it in a whole mini-genre of spiritual sequels, like BioShock and Dead Space. But few have followed the formula as closely as Prey, a new game from Dishonored studio Arkane.