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Police: Woman met man on dating app, held him up using a pink taser

Boston Herald

And then there are really bad dates. A Washington state woman with a pink taser was arrested on Tuesday after she was accused of trying to hold up a man she had met online, Boston police said. Selena Rivera-Apodaca, 24, of Kent, Wash., is expected to be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court on Wednesday on a charge of armed robbery. Shortly before noon on Tuesday, officers went to the Hyatt Regency Hotel at 1 Avenue De LaFayette in response to a radio call about an armed robbery. When they arrived, police said, officers were met by a man who said he had met a woman on an online dating app.

These Hoodies Make You 'Invisible' to Some Surveillance Algorithms


The spread of artificial intelligence into surveillance technology has given every CCTV camera the potential to turn into a spy for the state. And on the internet, images scraped from social media sites or videos can be used to build massive surveillance databases like Clearview AI. A hoodie might change that. Researchers from Facebook and the University of Maryland have made a series of sweatshirts and T-shirts that trick surveillance algorithms into not detecting the wearer. The shirts exploit a quirk that was found in computer vision algorithms nearly five years ago.

Facebook's AI team is teaching robots what human trait? – IAM Network


Right now, a robot that has to navigate around a home, like a robotic vacuum, knows what a refrigerator is when it sees one, but unlike a human, it doesn't necessarily know that that means it's in the kitchen. Therefore, if a piece of furniture gets moved, it can disorient the robot unless one takes the time to manually program it with the object's new location. A team of researchers from Facebook's AI program and Carnegie Mellon University are teaming up to change that. Using a system dubbed Goal-Oriented Semantic Exploration, the team is using machine learning to teach robots a little bit of common sense when it comes to the placement of household furniture. Looking for the latest gov tech news as it happens?



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Tinder slammed over mysterious premium pricing, transparency and data use concerns


Tinder users have known for a while that the price you pay for the dating app's premium service, Tinder Plus, might not be the same amount the people you're swiping are shelling out. Tinder has already settled an age discrimination lawsuit in California, which saw users over 29 in the state -- who, like all U.S. users, had been paying double what younger people were for the subscription -- eligible for part of a settlement totalling $23 million. Now the Australian consumer organisation Choice has filed an official complaint with the national consumer commission, the ACCC, after conducting a mystery-shopper survey that found prices for a one-month subscription to Tinder Plus ranged from AUD$6.99 to more than AUD$34, with no transparency upfront about the variation. Tinder Plus is the lowest tier of Tinder's premium subscription options, offering users extra features like unlimited swipes, the ability to undo left-swipes, and Super Likes and Boosts to help get your profile more attention. There's also Tinder Gold, which includes all the above as well as the ability to see who's already swiped right on you and Top Picks, and the new Platinum tier, which includes the ability to message people you haven't actually matched with yet.

Meet the team : Rashid Oukhai, the 'philosopher' businessman


We begin with Mr Rashid Oukhai, the Founder and CEO of Peculium. A student of computer sciences, Rashid began his journey some 20 odd years back when Big Data was not formally called so. His interest in data sciences ripened when he started working with a well known Telecommunications provider in France. His first task on his first day was to make sense of a massive database! For most of us, that would have been a daunting task. However, there are few among us that love to work with data.

InnovAnt posted on LinkedIn


Many #companies have successfully integrated #AI into their own work in various ways, and one of the fields that have benefitted from this the most is #customer #service. There are many ways to provide a better, more streamlined service to every person using a company's services, and integrating AI on a fundamental level is undoubtedly one of the most efficient moves a company could make. Here are 6 ways customer service can benefit from the integration of artificial intelligence.

The Death of Management by Walking Around


In recent months, I've touched upon the idea that crisis doesn't so much create change, as speed it up. Well, if that is the case, then someone needs to inform the managers. Since the arrival of COVID-19, innovations in science and technology have skyrocketed as humanity searches for ways to ensure its physical, psychological and economic survival. Yet, when it comes to the tricky business of managing people and their productivity, we seem to be stuck in the past. In decades gone by, the job of a manager was to physically monitor the tangible output of employees who were present and accounted for in their places of work.

3 Important Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Your Business And Turbocharge Success


From the smallest local business to the largest global players, I believe every organization must embrace the AI revolution, and identify how AI (artificial intelligence) will make the biggest difference to their business. But before you can develop a robust AI strategy – in which you work out how best to use AI to drive business success – you first need to understand what's possible with AI. To put it another way, how are other companies using AI to drive success? Let's briefly look at each area in turn. Thanks to the Internet of Things, a whole host of everyday products are getting smarter.

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