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Why I use Python for machine learning -


Last week, I represented Python in the “Great ML Language Un-Debate”. Here are my thoughts on why I love using Python for ML!Continue reading on Concur Labs » Source

What you got to know about Machine Learning -


There are no ways to know deep enough into Machine Learning, this is a wide topic with several branches full of content to talk or to…Continue reading on Medium » Source

Machine Learning vs Deep Learning vs AI -


I had an interview with a big company and was asked a number of questions, but one that stuck out to me was when the interviewer asked "Do…

The AI Industry is Not Ready for Disruption -


Demand for AI talents won’t risk dropping all of a suddenContinue reading on Towards AI — Multidisciplinary Science Journal » Source

Machine Learning : GridSearchCV and RandomizedsearchCV -


Both are technique to find the right set of Hyper-Parameter to achieve high Precision and Accuracy for any model or algorithm in Machine…Continue reading on Medium » Source