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Happy International Women's Day!


To celebrate International Women's Day, we take a look back over the past year of AIhub content and highlight some of our favourite articles, interviews, podcasts and videos, by, or featuring, women in the field. Falaah Arif Khan is an engineer/scientist by training and an artist by nature. She is currently Artist-in-Residence at the Center for Responsible AI at New York University. When we interviewed Falaah in 2020 she had just completed her first comic book, Meet AI. She has since teamed up with other AI researchers on other exciting projects.

The Playbook to Monitor Your Model's Performance in Production


As Machine Learning infrastructure has matured, the need for model monitoring has surged. Unfortunately this growing demand has not led to a foolproof playbook that explains to teams how to measure their model's performance. Performance analysis of production models can be complex, and every situation comes with its own set of challenges. Unfortunately, not every model application scenario has an obvious path to measuring performance like the toy problems that are taught in school. In this piece we will cover a number of challenges connected to availability of ground truth and discuss the performance metrics that are available to measure models in each scenario.

US government urged to 'jump start' smart cities - Cities Today - Connecting the world's urban leaders


The US federal government should do more to fund research and facilitate collaboration which helps cities tap the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies, says a new report from non-profit thinktank the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF). "Smart cities offer an important opportunity to address both infrastructure needs and strained state and local budgets at the same time," the report says, noting the large revenue shortfalls many cities face due to the pandemic. Cities can use AI in transport, the electrical grid, buildings, city operations and more. Similarly, a 2020 report from Microsoft and PwC found that AI-enabled decarbonisation technologies could reduce the carbon intensity of the global economy. ITIF's research outlines several key challenges to deployment.

Delivery startup Refraction AI raises $4.2M to expand service areas


Refraction AI, a company developing semi-autonomous delivery robots, today announced that it raised $4.2 million in seed funding led by Pillar VC. Refraction says that the proceeds will be used for customer acquisition, geographic expansion, and product development well into the next year. The worsening COVID-19 health crisis in much of the U.S. seems likely to hasten the adoption of self-guided robots and drones for goods transportation. They require disinfection, which companies like Kiwibot, Starship Technologies, and Postmates are conducting manually with sanitation teams. But in some cases, delivery rovers like Refraction's could minimize the risk of spreading disease.

Artificial Intelligence reveals current drugs may help combat Alzheimer's


Researchers have developed a method based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that rapidly identifies currently available medications that may treat Alzheimer's disease. The method could represent a rapid and inexpensive way to repurpose existing therapies into new treatments for this progressive, debilitating neurodegenerative condition. Importantly, it could also help reveal new, unexplored targets for therapy by pointing to mechanisms of drug action. "Repurposing FDA-approved drugs for Alzheimer's disease is an attractive idea that can help accelerate the arrival of effective treatment -- but unfortunately, even for previously approved drugs, clinical trials require substantial resources, making it impossible to evaluate every drug in patients with Alzheimer's disease," said researcher Artem Sokolov from Harvard Medical School. "We therefore built a framework for prioritising drugs, helping clinical studies to focus on the most promising ones," Sokolov added.

3 Top Artificial Intelligence Stocks To Buy In March - AI Summary


As rates go up, future earnings are discounted more, harming valuations for growth stocks and increasing attention on value stocks that make profits today. Yet with prices fluctuating with supply and demand, the memory business is a highly cyclical industry, and the whole sector has been in a nasty downturn over the past two and a half years, leading to extremely cheap valuations compared with the rest of the technology space. According to management, this is the first time Micron has had technology leadership in both NAND and DRAM at the same time. The last upcycle saw Micron's EPS hit $11.51 in fiscal 2018, so at today's share price near $90, it's possible there's upside ahead, especially if Micron can make a higher cycle peak this time around. Better yet, Applied still trades at just 20 times this year's earnings estimates, quite reasonable for a highly profitable market leader with strong growth prospects.

How AI And Machine Learning Are Transforming The Banking Industry


For a long time, banks have been at the leading edge of utilizing innovation to assist with front-end and back-end activities. It's nothing unexpected that banks are using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to help in a plethora of ways. These emerging technologies are way too useful than one can imagine. Digital transformation is incredibly essential given the extraordinary occasions we are in. To modernize banks and heritage business frameworks and policies without interrupting the current framework is one of the significant difficulties.

Could AI reduce healthcare waste? Approach of online retailers could provide clues - MedCity News


When Amazon envisioned Alexa, an AI-powered, voice-activated customer recommendation system, it was a feat that required machine learning and massive amounts of data to provide answers to conversational queries quickly, even in a noisy environment. Now, the same data analysis capabilities that enable Amazon to become hyper-familiar with consumer purchasing patterns could hold the key to reducing waste in healthcare. Think about the similarities between healthcare and retail. Both industries revolve around the consumer, and they use data to gain context into behavior and draw meaningful conclusions. In healthcare, this includes the ability to predict which consumers could develop type 2 diabetes with 95% accuracy or to pinpoint where and when the Covid-19 virus will spread and how to protect those most vulnerable.

Alzheimer's Prediction May Be Found in Writing Tests


The researchers examined the subjects' word usage with an artificial intelligence program that looked for subtle differences in language. It identified one group of subjects who were more repetitive in their word usage at that earlier time when all of them were cognitively normal. These subjects also made errors, such as spelling words wrongly or inappropriately capitalizing them, and they used telegraphic language, meaning language that has a simple grammatical structure and is missing subjects and words like "the," "is" and "are." The members of that group turned out to be the people who developed Alzheimer's disease. The A.I. program predicted, with 75 percent accuracy, who would get Alzheimer's disease, according to results published recently in The Lancet journal EClinicalMedicine.

Ubisoft's Valhalla Is Too Long, Too Big, and Too Repetitive


Tempted by the promise of an epic Viking saga for the ages, a wave of positive reviews, and a need for something new to play on my PlayStation 5 (sorry), I bought Assassin's Creed Valhalla. It's an enormous open-world action RPG that casts you as Eivor of the Raven Clan, on a mission to conquer England during the Dark Ages. The snowy mountains and sparse settlements of Norway serve as an ideal tutorial environment. By the time you load up the longship to settle in a beautifully realized and atmospheric Anglo-Saxon England, you feel like a real Viking raider. The forests of England are teeming with wildlife, and the towns are peppered with Roman ruins.