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DataRobot exec talks 'humble' AI, regulation


Organizations of all sizes have accelerated the rate at which they employ AI models to advance digital business transformation initiatives. But in the absence of any clear-cut regulations, many of these organizations don't know with any certainty whether those AI models will one day run afoul of new AI regulations. Ted Kwartler, vice president of Trusted AI at DataRobot, talked with VentureBeat about why it's critical for AI models to make predictions "humbly" to make sure they don't drift or, one day, potentially run afoul of government regulations. This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity. VentureBeat: Why do we need AI to be humble?

World's Best Smart Hospitals 2021


LICENSING INFORMATION If your hospital is listed above, you can find out more about the licensing options visiting the Statista website. METHODOLOGY The World's Best Smart Hospitals 2021 ranks the 250 medical institutions that are the world leaders in the use of smart technology. The ranking is based on a survey which included recommendations for hospitals in five categories: Digital Surgery, Digital Imaging, Artificial Intelligence, Telehealth and Electronic Medical Records. These recommendations came from both national and international sources. Statista's complex methodology ensures the quality and validity of the ranking.

'Starfield': Todd Howard discusses Bethesda's new space-based RPG

Washington Post - Technology News

That's how Bethesda Game Studios Executive Producer Todd Howard described the upcoming game "Starfield" in an exclusive video interview with The Washington Post. "Starfield," in development since 2017, represents the first new IP in 25 years for Bethesda, the video game studio behind the critically acclaimed action role-playing series "The Elder Scrolls" and "Fallout." The new space-based role-playing game will be released Nov. 11 of 2022 for PC and Xbox Series X and S. Because of major technological leaps since "Skyrim," the last Elder Scrolls installment from 2011, Howard said "Starfield" will be much more robust than that title, which won numerous game of the year awards. The first video footage of "Starfield," which kicked off the Microsoft/Bethesda joint presentation during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) Sunday, shows a fraction of the breadth of this brand new universe. How big could it get?

Is Automation Jeopardizing Our Future?


I am Mrignayni, a content strategist and copywriter for B2B tech companies of the world. Earlier, widespread automation meant the introduction of service sector jobs or big stupid machines doing repetitive work in factories. That's not the case a couple of decades down the line, is it? Machines are now capable of breaking down complex jobs into smaller, predictable ones that need very little specialization. What is the future of automation?

The Value-Based Healthcare Podcast - Episode 19: Easier Access and Less Intimidating Healthcare


Julie is an attorney and national healthcare consultant with over two decades of experience as a highly trained and successful law school, health law, and business and graduate level of healthcare administration professor.

Is Automation Jeopardizing Our Future? - Liwaiwai


Earlier, widespread automation meant the introduction of service sector jobs or big stupid machines doing repetitive work in factories. That's not the case a couple of decades down the line, is it? Machines are now capable of breaking down complex jobs into smaller, predictable ones that need very little specialization. We are on the verge of being outcompeted! What is the future of automation?

'Your World' on coronavirus herd immunity, crime surge, Bitcoin sell-off

FOX News

Fox News correspondent Claudia Cowan joins'Your World' with the details from San Francisco This is a rush transcript from "Your World with Neil Cavuto" June 8, 2021. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. NEIL CAVUTO, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: How about some good news to kick off things, like herd immunity happening in a lot of parts of this country, including in San Francisco, where close to eight out of 10 residents older than 12 years old have already had at least one vaccination shot? It reads similarly in other cities, like Philadelphia, 67.4 percent have been vaccinated, in Denver, close to 70 percent, in San Diego, north of 65 percent, and, in New York City, more than 52 percent. And this is "Your World." And FOX on top of vaccinations that are surprisingly robust across a country that is rapidly leading the world in finally putting a spike in this horrific, horrific disease. Now, the implications of all of this are being weighed in the medical community, as well as the political community, as to how much longer term this means we get to, well, herd immunity, if we even need to get to that, technically, at the rate we're going. Let's go to Claudia Cowan following all of this in San Francisco -- Claudia. The City by the Bay is on the cusp of herd immunity, which means that the coronavirus is having trouble finding new hosts. The city is reporting that nearly 80 percent of teens and adults have been vaccinated with at least one dose against COVID-19, while 68 percent are fully vaccinated. The number of new cases is the lowest since the city shut down in March of 2020. And no one has died of COVID in over a month. San Francisco pushed people to get the shot while infections hospitalizations and death rates were low. Officials believe that made a world of difference. While there is some debate over what exactly constitutes herd immunity, one expert says the numbers here are among the best in the country. MONICA GANDHI, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO: And there are places, like in the Bay Area, that are up to 76, 77 percent. So, we are doing great in terms of high vaccination rates, high immunity, low cases, low hospitalizations, low deaths, low test positivity rate.

An Interview With the Man Who Spent Countless Hours Restoring the em Super Mario Bros. /em Movie


When skeptics make the case that making a film adaptation of a video game is never a good idea, the Super Mario Bros. movie tends to be Exhibit A. Starring Bob Hoskins as Mario and John Leguizamo as Luigi, the 1993 box-office flop is certainly bizarre, complete with sentient ooze, a baby raptor standing in for Yoshi, and frightening "Goombas" with giant bodies and tiny scaly heads. But it's also, in this critic's opinion, one that merits revisiting, not just because it's not as awful as it's remembered to be, but because there's a new restoration of the film. The "Morton-Jankel Cut," as it's called, is the passion project of the Super Mario Bros: The Movie Archive team--Ryan Parente, Steven Applebaum, and Ryan Hoss--who reached out to filmmaker Garrett Gilchrist to restore the film after discovering a VHS containing 20 minutes of previously unseen footage. The extended cut of the movie, which you can watch for free on the Internet Archive, is even wilder than the theatrical version, including a scene where President Koopa (Dennis Hopper) "de-evolves" a man into slime, the implication that he suffers from dementia, and a musical interlude where Iggy and Spike (Fisher Stevens and Richard Edson) break into a regicidal rap at the Boom Boom Bar. To learn more about how the restoration came together, we spoke to Gilchrist about the biggest challenges he faced, what it was like to sink countless of into a movie frequently named as one of the worst video-game adaptations of all time, and why he considers this new version superior to the theatrical cut. The interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

RoboCup Logistics League: Interview with Sebastian Eltester


This year, RoboCup will be taking place from 22-28 June as a fully remote event with RoboCup competitions and activities taking place all over the world. The RoboCup Logistics League (RCLL) is a sub-league of the RoboCup Industrial League. It focuses on in-factory logistics applications. The goal is for a team of autonomous robots to assemble products on demand, using a set of production machines. Each team comprises up to three autonomous robots which can produce using seven machines.

What is the future of digital art?


What exactly is digital art? These and other questions will be answered in this article. Introduction: Digital Art is a transition from traditional media such as painting on canvas or on paper to creating an image, photo, etc., digitally using a computer monitor. While traditional art is a creative process, digital art is a technology that can be easily manipulated and modified by anyone to create artwork. Digital art can be superimposed on top of traditional artwork in many different ways to make the combination more interesting.