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How to Do Hierarchical Clustering in Python ? 5 Easy Steps Only


Hierarchical Clustering uses the distance based approach between the neighbor datapoints for clustering. Each data point is linked to its nearest neighbors. There are two ways you can do Hierarchical clustering Agglomerative that is bottom-up approach clustering and Divisive uses top-down approaches for clustering. In this tutorial, I will use the popular approach Agglomerative way. In order to find the number of subgroups in the dataset, you use dendrogram. It allows you to see linkages, relatedness using the tree graph. You will find many use cases for this type of clustering and some of them are DNA sequencing, Sentiment Analysis, Tracking Virus Diseases e.t.c. Popular Use Cases are Hospital Resource Management, Business Process Management, and Social Network Analysis. Here we are importing dendrogram, linkage, cluster, and cophenet from the scipy.cluster.hierarchy

Help! My Boyfriend Gets Really Depressed Whenever He Loses a Video Game.


Jenée Desmond-Harris is online weekly to chat live with readers. Here's an edited transcript of this week's chat. Q. Starcraft slump: My boyfriend is a kind, caring, loving man, and I am mostly satisfied with our relationship. His main hobby is the online game Starcraft, and he spends maybe 10 to 15 hours a week on it, usually a game each evening. The problem is that if he loses a game, it can color his mood for days. There are usually like two to three days a month where he's down in the dumps because of this.

18 AI Applications / Usecases / Examples in Healthcare in 2021


AI, computer vision and machine learning systems proved that machines are better and faster than humans analyzing big data. Today, organizations have large datasets of patient data and insights about diseases through techniques like Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS). Using AI, healthcare providers can analyze and interpret the available patient data more precisely for early diagnosis and better treatment. Today, it is possible to say whether a person has the chance to get cancer from a selfie using computer vision and machine learning to detect increased bilirubin levels in a person's sclera, the white part of the eye. As the interest in AI in the healthcare industry continues to grow, there are numerous current AI applications, and more use cases will emerge in the future.

10 Best + Free Python Bootcamp 2021-Take This Course


With the help of this list, all those learners who wish to learn all about Python Bootcamp can enroll in any of the suitable courses and start learning from it from the comfort of their homes, and that too for free. Below are the names and short descriptions of the 10 best and free Python Bootcamp courses for 2021. A Free Python Bootcamp Course course that will make you learn Python like a professional in no time. The Free Python Bootcamp course starts with the basics and then go all the way to creating your own applications and games. Throughout the Free Python Bootcamp course, you will be learning a variety of topics that will make you a professional at developing different applications and games. The instructor has delivered all the learning content that will help you learn both Python 2 and Python 3. Starting the Free Python Bootcamp course, you will learn to create games with Python.

Facebook's NetHack Challenge 2021 is open for entries


NetHack is an open source roguelike game which only supports a single player environment. It includes permadeath and procedure wise level generation, It is known as the hardest video game to ace. NetHack was launched in July 1987, it was relaunched on 8 March 2020. Facebook has launched the NetHack Challenge at the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems. The NetHack Challenge at Neur IPS 2021 will be the most accessible AI challenge that will pave the way for further research in AI.

Digital Scent Technology And AI Machines Can Smell Now. So What! - News Break


When I mention AI (Artificial Intelligence) machines can smell now, my friends exclaim with the statement of "So What"! The best way is to explain to them the importance of smell in our lives. This article introduces considerable research to olfactory development in computer science and engineering at a high level and points out recent developments in the industry. I also touch on potential use cases and business value propositions. Let me give you a high-level background to digital scent technology as part of the technical literature review that I conducted reflecting olfactory progress in AI.

DataRobot exec talks 'humble' AI, regulation


Organizations of all sizes have accelerated the rate at which they employ AI models to advance digital business transformation initiatives. But in the absence of any clear-cut regulations, many of these organizations don't know with any certainty whether those AI models will one day run afoul of new AI regulations. Ted Kwartler, vice president of Trusted AI at DataRobot, talked with VentureBeat about why it's critical for AI models to make predictions "humbly" to make sure they don't drift or, one day, potentially run afoul of government regulations. This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity. VentureBeat: Why do we need AI to be humble?

Predicting car accidents in my neighborhood: A data-driven approach.


I was born and raised in a calm and mostly residential district of the northern suburbs of Athens called "Vrilissia". However, this calmness is often interrupted by car crashes in the streets. And when I say often, I mean that as a kid, I remember periods of time that car accidents were happening on a daily basis. So I tried to collect data about car accidents in Vrilissia, analyze them, try to interpret them and if possible try to predict the severity of a car accident that may happen in future time. I collected data about car crashes in Vrilissia through the local news site,

A loving robot changed my life Ready for mutual love?


Once upon a time, I dated a loving robot. I knew before hand, that it was a one-night stand. I was forewarned that the bot was still in training. But since that first date, I was convinced that "bots" would one day be a viable romantic option. This was over a decade ago when I wasn't so jaded by technology's overwhelming potential. Much later, I met someone loving online.

Recreating an ML Master's degree with Online Courses


A Bachelor's study usually takes six semesters; a Master's study takes four. But this is only an outline. I've witnessed people doing their BA in three semesters and some taking nine semesters. Sometimes there are so many exciting courses that you voluntarily stay longer to learn it all. Therefore, I've loosely structured the recreated curriculum into four semesters.