Can AI flag disease outbreaks faster than humans? Not quite


Did an artificial-intelligence system beat human doctors in warning the world of a severe coronavirus outbreak in China? But what the humans lacked in sheer speed, they more than made up in finesse. Early warnings of disease outbreaks can help people and governments save lives. In the final days of 2019, an AI system in Boston sent out the first global alert about a new viral outbreak in China. But it took human intelligence to recognize the significance of the outbreak and then awaken response from the public health community.

Podcast: Improving battery charging, and harnessing energy from the air


A machine learning algorithm reveals how to quickly charge batteries without damaging them. Research Highlight: The'silent' language of mice is decoded at last; Research Article: Gu et al. A new device produces electricity using water in the air. Coronavirus outbreak updates, the global push to conserve biodiversity, and radar reveals secrets in an ancient Egyptian tomb. News: Coronavirus: latest news on spreading infection; News: China takes centre stage in global biodiversity push; News: Is this Nefertiti's tomb?

The Best Way to Build AI Solutions As a Company Is Via Collaboration.


A company that wants to become AI-powered and build solutions for real world problems has to overcome several challenges along the way. One of the most common obstacles is to get access to AI experts and data scientists that can help to translate a problem into a deployable AI solution or prototype. In addition, many organizations have little or no data to begin with. And even if data is plentyful, the question remains, how to leverage the raw data to solve problems or gain valuable insights. If an organization made the step to develop an AI system, the next wave of challenges is just around the corner.

Will AI change our industry? Read what the delegates of the UFI chapter in Tokyo think.


This question was discussed at the recent high-profile UFI Asia-Pacific Conference in Tokyo by Stephan Forseilles, Gunner Heinrich, myself and many other delegates. One thing became quite clear right from the start of the discussion. AI is a topic that's high on the agenda for nearly everybody in the industry. Overall the proportion of delegates who believe AI will change our industry was a clear majority at nearly 70%, however, the sceptics also presented a strong counter-argument. Those who didn't believe that AI would bring about change claimed that we are first and foremost a "face-to-face industry".

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Construction Market Insights - 2019-2026: Research Dive


The artificial intelligence (AI) in construction market size was valued at $408.1 million in 2018, and is anticipated to grow with a CAGR of 26.3%. Artificial Intelligence in construction market is mainly determined by increasing safety of the workers and rising work efficiency, artificial intelligence is mostly used to get information and take decision for the future. The construction companies are using Artificial Intelligence for safety, estimation, designing, and quality measurement. Get details overview of the report story The advanced Artificial Intelligence device and machines and cost efficiency are projected to drive the market.

Artificial Intelligence Could Fight a Future Coronavirus


Disease outbreaks like the coronavirus often unfold too quickly for scientists to find a cure. But in the future, artificial intelligence could help researchers do a better job. While it's probably too late for the fledgling technology to play a major role in the current epidemic, there's hope for the next outbreaks. AI is good at combing through mounds of data to find connections that make it easier to determine what kinds of treatments could work or which experiments to pursue next. The question is what Big Data will come up with when it only gets meager scraps of information on a newly emerged illness like Covid-19, which first emerged late last year in China and has sickened more than 75,000 people in about two months.

L&T to make use of artificial intelligence in streamlining operations


CHENNAI: Construction major Larsen & Toubro (L&T) is focussing on implementation of new age technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) in its operation to make it more smart and efficient, said S Anantha Sayana, chief digital officer, L&T. For the last four years, it has been working to bring in digital transformation in its operations and now it is focusing on deploying new age technologies like AI, internet of things in different verticals such as construction sites, safety and quality process management, and labour to bring in more affordable solutions. Sayana said over 11,000 equipments at their project sites have been equipped with latest technologies, which gives real time data and visibility. As digitalisation has tremendous benefit the company now aims to strengthen use of AI across its operation. "To ensure apt use of AI in different verticals, we need a strong database and we have created as rich storehouse of data bank from our systems. We have started deploying AI for prediction of machine life, quality check and many other sector but we plans to implement AI initiatives in analytic..." said Sayana.

New Iranian Missiles Pose Threat to U.S. Aircraft in Yemen, Pentagon Says

NYT > Middle East

According to an American military official, the 358 missile in flight is about nine feet long and can run on kerosene or diesel fuel contained in flexible containers that do not require a separate fuel pump. A dozen infrared lenses arranged in a ring around the missile are believed to be able to defeat heat-seeking countermeasures that coalition helicopters typically use. Another United States military official said that the 358 missiles from Iran had been fired against American drones flying in Yemeni airspace, but they had not yet succeeded in hitting any. Three of the 358 missiles were captured in November by the Forrest Sherman, a Navy destroyer, and five more were recovered this month in an operation by the Normandy, a Navy cruiser. Those shipments also included more than 170 antitank guided missiles made in Iran, as well as 13,000 blasting caps, which are critical to making modern roadside bombs.

Google removes nearly 600 apps for spam-like ads after they were downloaded 4.5 BILLION times

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In a large scale effort to insulate users from disruptive spam and ads Google removed nearly 600 apps from its Play store that had been downloaded an astonishing 4.5 billion times. According to Google, the apps violated its rules on disruptive ad policies, meaning they show advertisements that were'displayed to users in unexpected ways, including impairing or interfering with the usability of device functions.' This can include plastering a device's screen with full-screen ads even when the application isn't being used or even when a user is trying to make a phone call. 'This is an invasive maneuver that results in poor user experiences that often disrupt key device functions and this approach can lead to unintentional ad clicks that waste advertiser spend,' wrote Google in a blog post. Advertisers scammed by those apps will be refunded according to Google.

Machine Learning in Communication Market : Quantitative Machine Learning in Communication Market Analysis, Current and Future Trends, 2019-2033 – Instant Tech Market News


With bottom-up and top-down approaches, the report predicts the viewpoint of various domestic vendors in the whole market and offers the market size of the Machine Learning in Communication market. The analysts of the report have performed in-depth primary and secondary research to analyze the key players and their market share. Further, different trusted sources were roped in to gather numbers, subdivisions, revenue and shares. The research study encompasses fundamental points of the global Machine Learning in Communication market, from future prospects to the competitive scenario, extensively. The DROT and Porter's Five Forces analyses provides a deep explanation of the factors affecting the growth of Machine Learning in Communication market.