Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order review – the force is strong in this one

The Guardian

Star Wars video game fans have waited impatiently – for almost a decade – for a romp through their favourite galaxy in the best traditions of the action-adventure game. Out of mercy (for I, too, am a fanatic), I'll cut to the chase: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order does indeed deliver on that. Hitting all the right notes – and not just with the fluttering woodwind and heavy brass of the John Williams-styled orchestra – Fallen Order is right on brand. It has the ancient ruins of mystical past civilisations seamlessly blended with the crashed hulks of light-speeding starships; the militaristic, sterile, black and red halls of the Empire, with rapidly sliding doors that open on to lush landscapes. Each planet – but especially the freezing, windswept stone villages of Zeffo that are overrun by stormtroopers – could be a Star Wars movie set.

Reuters provides trusted news content on AWS Data Exchange for artificial intelligence capabilities - Reuters


Reuters, the world's largest multimedia news provider, announced today that it has joined the newly launched AWS Data Exchange to provide access to trusted news and data to Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers. Even more enterprises will now have quick access to Reuters trusted, independent and impartial news content and data, which are produced by 2,500 journalists in more than 200 locations globally, to power their artificial intelligence (AI) applications. "Reuters is constantly seeking new ways to broaden the reach of our independent, trusted and unbiased news content and data. We are excited to be among the first providers of such content in AWS Data Exchange, where our multi-language news data will be made available to a diverse range of AWS customers around the globe," said Alphonse Hardel, Global Head of Business Development and Strategy, Reuters at Thomson Reuters. "With the increasing demand across industries in using news content to train and power their mission critical AI and analytics applications on the cloud, the depth and accuracy of Reuters coverage means AWS customers are now able to seamlessly access the highest quality of data from AWS Data Exchange," added Hardel.

Mark Cuban Talks Artificial Intelligence, Disney Vs. Netflix


Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban said Thursday morning on Fox Business that artificial intelligence will have a much larger impact on society than personal computers and the internet did. Small businesses are more likely to find it difficult to integrate artificial intelligence into their operations than big companies, Cuban said. Artificial intelligence technology is not only expensive but very difficult for small businesses to confirm if the inputs are correct in the first place. On the other hand, a company like Walmart Inc (NYSE: WMT) boasts the necessary resources to combine artificial intelligence, machine learning and other next-generation technologies to improve its operations. See Also: Why Mark Cuban, Bill Gates And Leon Cooperman Object To Elizabeth Warren's Wealth Tax Proposal Traditional TV networks are "in jeopardy" as competition in the streaming video landscape picks up, Cuban said.

Popularizing "Emotion AI"-- 4 Steps For Creating a New Technology Category - The CMO Club


Until recently, technology was somewhat limited in terms of its ability to sense and adapt to human emotions and reactions. Our apps, devices and advanced AI systems have lots of cognitive intelligence, but no emotional intelligence. As such, transactions between humans and machines are relatively superficial and often ineffective. But over the last few years, Affectiva created never-before-seen technology: software that identifies complex human emotional and cognitive states, by analyzing people's faces and voices. Essentially, we infused AI with EI (emotional intelligence)--allowing for much more productive, persuasive interactions between tech and humans. This was a brand-new category that hadn't yet been defined in AI. We coined it "artificial emotional intelligence," or "Emotion AI." As a result, our challenge was to introduce the tech and establish a major footprint for it--as well as our brand--in the AI industry.

IoT News - Small Businesses, It's Time to Ride the IoT Wave - IoT Business News


There is nothing new about the fierce competition going out there across the globe; the fear of staying behind compels each one of us to ride the growth in your business you have to adapt to market trends. But the question is what does it mean to adapt to market trends? Over a span of years, disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, AR/VR seems to have created a huge impact on our lives. Everything seems changed right from the way we view, use, analyze and most important of all interact with these smart devices especially in the profit-spinning realm. Days have come where we are able to witness how internet-connected virtual assistants, appliances, security systems and more can all communicate and coordinate with each other, allowing business owners to automate as well as streamline mundane, time-consuming activities.

Scammers deepfake CEO's voice to talk underling into $243,000 transfer


Any business in its right mind should be painfully aware of how much money they could bleed via skillful Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams, where fraudsters convincingly forge emails, invoices, contracts and letters to socially engineer the people who hold the purse strings. And any human in their right mind should be at least a little freaked out by how easy it now is to churn out convincing deepfake videos – including, say, of you, cast in an adult movie, or of your CEO saying things that… well, they would simply never say. Well, welcome to a hybrid version of those hoodwinks: deepfake audio, which was recently used in what's considered to be the first known case of an AI-generated voice of a CEO to bilk a UK-based energy firm out of €220,000 (USD $243,000). The Wall Street Journal reports that some time in March, the British CEO thought he had gotten a call from the CEO of his business's parent company, which is based in Germany. Whoever placed the call sounded legitimate.

Artificial Intelligence Engineering Job Recruiting 5 Tips - Strategic Search


Artificial Intelligence (AI) jobs recruiting is accelerating rapidly with many more open jobs available than there are qualified candidates to fill them. This is particularly true for AI software engineers. This was confirmed during my recent appearance on CBS Radio affiliate WBBM News Radio 780 on Thursday, September 12, 2019. Please click here to listen to my segment in its entirety. The demand for software developers in all categories is literally skyrocketing as companies across many industries aim to become software driven.

Star Wars holograms move a step closer: Scientists create a floating 3D image that responds to touch

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A three-dimensional hologram-like image that users can reach out and touch has been achieved for the first time, using hundreds of silent speakers to levitate tiny particles of polystyrene. Creating an effect much like the displays seen in science-fiction movies such as Star Wars, the technology, inspired by the movies, is a step into the imagined future. Researchers at the University of Sussex, UK, built the'hologram' producing machine from 512 speakers set into a plinth above and below where the image appears. Ultrasound is emitted by the speakers, lifting tiny balls of polystyrene precisely into position by manipulating the sound waves - to'trap the particles acoustically'. By controlling and shifting air pressure using the speakers the balls can be so quickly manoeuvred to trace a 3D shape that they appear to be a 3D moving image - they float in pockets of low pressure created by the ultrasound. Newswire - AI Eye Podcast: CEO of VSBLTY Groupe Technologies (CSE: $VSBY) (OTC: $VSBGF) Discusses Deployment of Energetika's Smart City Contract with Mexico City


Newswire), a global investor news source covering Artificial Intelligence issues a special edition of The AI Eye, reporting on recent news from VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (CSE:VSBY) (OTC: VSBGF) (5VS.F), a leading retail software and technology company using artificial intelligence. VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (CSE:VSBY) (5VS.F) (OTC:VSBGF) and intelligent lighting solutions provider Energetika's smart city contract with Mexico City has begun deployment. caught up with VSBLTY co-founder and CEO, Jay Hutton for an interview in which he explained how this smart city contract goes further than what is standard. Hutton said that while smart city solutions typically cover commercial properties, VSBLTY and Energetika are also bringing application to residential spaces. "When you look at smart cities, often you see a focus on commercial applications," he said.

Amazon Saw 15-Fold Jump In Forecast Accuracy With Deep Learning And Other AI Stats


When Amazon switched from traditional machine learning techniques to deep learning in 2015, it saw a 15-fold increase in the accuracy of its forecasts, a leap that has enabled it to roll-out its one-day Prime delivery guarantee to more and more geographies; Mastercard has used AI to cut in half the number of times a customer has their credit card transaction erroneously declined, while at the same time reducing fraudulent transactions by about 40%; and using predictive analytics to spot cyberattacks and waves of fraudulent activity by organized crime groups helped Mastercard's customers avoid some $7.5 billion worth of damage from cyberattacks in just the past 10 months [Fortune] The Press Association's news service RADAR (reporters and data and robots) has written 50,000 individual local news stories in three months with AI technology (NLP) guided by a team of 6 reporters [] Ancestry used AI to extract obituary details that were hidden in a half-billion digitized newspaper pages dating back to 1690. The company's 24-person data-science team trained machine-learning algorithms to recognize obituary content in 525 million newspaper pages. It then trained another set of algorithms to detect and index key facts from the obituaries, such as names of the deceased's spouse and children, birth dates, birth places and more. Ancestry, which has about 3.5 million subscribers, now offers about 262 million obituaries, up from roughly 40 million obituaries two years ago.