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How Technology is Reframing the Supply Chain?


Technology-driven disruption is changing the outlook of supply chain management from top to bottom. The change that emerged by the disruption can be challenging, so many organizations are not sure of adopting the new business process. However, surveys conducted by different organizations show the clear benefits of digital transformation in the supply chain. The emerging technology will definitely transform supply chain management. Let's explore a few trends which may become a part of life in the coming years.

Harness updates platform to speed up software delivery, lower cloud costs


Harness, a software delivery platform, announced a handful of significant updates on Wednesday aimed at helping developers speed up delivery with AI and automation, as well as helping organizations lower their cloud computing costs. The updates were announced as part of the company's annual developer conference, {Unscripted} 2021. After emerging from stealth in 2017, the San Francisco-based Harness now has a $1.7 billion valuation. The company's customers include Kohl's, McAfee, National Bank of Canada, UK Home Office, and Citigroup. While Harness has a number of competitors, like GitLab and CircleCI, the DevOps market is expected to grow quickly: IDC projects that the market will reach $15 billion in 2023, up from $5.2 billion in 2018.

7 Platforms-as-a-Service for AI/ML Developers


Is it difficult for you to develop your infrastructure costs? In this article, I provide a list of platforms for AI/ML developers offered as a service. The platforms give a Web interface that may scale your computer as required. The technologies have been developed and maintained over time. The products that use these technologies are hungry for resources and need enough power to create and launch.

MLatom 2: Introducing a Platform for Atomistic Machine Learning


We are happy to introduce MLatom 2: a major release of our integrative platform for user-friendly atomistic machine learning. It includes many more features and is further optimized for efficiency. Detailed overview of MLatom 2 is given in our contribution to the topical collection New Horizon in Computational Chemistry Software of the Topics in Current Chemistry. Since its inception, the philosophy behind MLatom was to provide easy-to-use platform for routine atomistic simulations with machine learning in order to help new researchers in overcoming the entry barrier. Thus, the user only needs to specify the right keywords and prepare input data rather than to modify scripts (but you can, if you want).

Top 10 Applications of Artificial Intelligence


Here is a quick refresher about artificial intelligence. AI refers to intelligence by machines that simulate human intelligence; basically, it's the ability of a device or a program to think and learn. Now let's take a look at how different domains use AI. Let's have a look at the current state of AI. Have you ever thought about what would happen if Artificial intelligent machines try to create music and art?

AI Innovations Continue to Revolutionize Healthcare


The promises of artificial intelligence (AI) have captured the interest and imagination of just about every industry, and healthcare is no exception. Radiology is an area that has already seen an impact from AI innovation. In fact, roughly a third of radiologists are currently utilizing AI in their practices according to a recent ACR Data Science Institute survey. However, those practices are only employing an average of slightly over a single algorithm, suggesting a limited number of available tools and significant room for growth once users find the right AI applications for their needs. Although AI is still in relative infancy, it is already proving useful in a variety of tasks and in service of some important goals in the healthcare field.

Snowflake taps C3 AI to bring AI dev tools and apps to customers


C3 AI and Snowflake are partnering to give Snowflake customers access to C3 AI's development tools and enterprise applications, including AI-driven CRM, predictive maintenance, supply network optimization, and fraud detection apps, the companies announced. Billed as a way to "deliver next-generation enterprise AI applications at scale," the partnership will make C3 AI's suite of Integrated Development Studio (IDS) tools -- including C3 AI Data Studio, C3 AI ML Studio, C3 AI App Studio, C3 AI DevSecOps Studio, and C3 AI Marketplace -- available to Snowflake users. Customers using Snowflake's cloud-based data warehousing platform will also get access to C3 AI's AI Suite of operational and security apps based on the C3 AI model-driven architecture. Services provided by those apps include data persistence, batch and stream processing, time-series normalization, auto-scaling, data encryption, attribute and role-based access control, and AI/ML services. "The C3 AI Suite and C3 AI's prebuilt enterprise-grade models significantly speed and simplify the development of enterprise AI applications. As our customers deploy enterprise AI applications at scale, integration with C3 AI to Snowpark will accelerate the development and deployment of complex AI and machine learning use cases," Snowflake senior vice president Christian Kleinerman said in a statement.

Navy budget proposes research for 'bio-inspired' sea-air vessels, platforms, robots: report

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on The U.S. Navy is looking to develop drones that work in both the sea and air. Several unclassified documents uploaded under the military branch's budget materials for 2022 mention the Navy's ongoing research for the dual-purpose technology, according to The Drive. Moreover, the news outlet reported that researchers and engineers for the Navy are working on "biocentric" projects that take inspiration from aquatic and airborne animals. In a 546-page budget estimate submitted for the fiscal year of 2022, the Navy states it aims to advance research into amphibious tactical support units and assault vehicles.

3 Strategies for AI Development Teams to Make Sense of Unstructured Healthcare Data -- Healthcare…


Much has been made about the potential for artificial intelligence to transform the healthcare industry, and for good reason. Sophisticated AI platforms are fueled by data, and healthcare organizations have that in abundance. So why has the industry lagged behind others in terms of AI adoption? All of them, however, will undoubtedly highlight one obstacle in particular: large amounts of unstructured data. Unstructured data is everywhere in clinical settings, often taking the form of nurses' notes, physician transcripts, and other patient information that's usually stored in silos across multiple organizations.

Poly partners with CLIPr to address Zoom fatigue


Video conferencing corporation Poly has announced a new partnership with video analysis platform CLIPr that will make them an investor, partner and customer of the company. In a company statement, Poly said it will initially use the platform "internally for its own recorded video assets, including global sales meetings." Poly will also offer CLIPr to its own customer base as an extension of their audio and video solutions. Which video conferencing platform is right for your business? We've gathered details about 10 leading services.