Are our financial lives set by biased algorithms?


Jamie Heinemeier Hansson had a better credit score than her husband, tech entrepreneur David. They have equal shares in their property and file joint tax returns. Yet David was given permission to borrow 20 times the amount on his Apple Card than his wife was granted. The situation was far from unique. Even Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak tweeted that the same thing happened to him and his wife despite having no separate bank accounts or separate assets.

Yamagata University team finds 143 ancient geoglyphs in Peru's Nazca grasslands

The Japan Times

YAMAGATA – Yamagata University has announced the discovery of 143 geoglyphs on the Nazca Pampa and surrounding areas in Peru, including one found in a study using artificial intelligence technology. The university's team, led by professor Masato Sakai, found 142 geoglyphs, including ones depicting humans, snakes and birds, through analysis of high-resolution images of the areas and fieldwork there between 2016 and 2018. The research was based on a hypothesis that many geoglyphs were created along small paths in the western region of the Nazca Pampa, according to the university's announcement Friday. The team conducted the AI-based study with cooperation from IBM Japan Ltd. between 2018 and 2019. The world's first such study analyzed aerial photographs using deep-learning techniques to look for what are likely to be geoglyphs.

New Atomwise offshoot X-37 raises $14.5M to shepherd AI-designed drugs


Molecule prospector Atomwise co-founded a drug research company alongside Velocity Pharmaceutical Development designed to shepherd its artificial intelligence-derived candidates through preclinical testing and into potential takeout deals with pharma industry partners. Dubbed X-37, the new firm will maintain a flexible LLC structure that will house each development program within its own virtual subcompany. This will allow X-37 to divest individual properties in the future while maintaining its parent organization and team, the company said. And to kick things off, X-37 is debuting with a $14.5 million series A round to fund operations and early development, starting in autoimmune diseases, cancer and anticoagulation. It began research work in 2018 and aims to have novel candidates ready to begin human testing by 2022.

PyTorch at Tesla - Andrej Karpathy, Tesla


Sign in to report inappropriate content. Hear from Andrej Karpathy on how Tesla is using PyTorch to develop full self-driving capabilities for its vehicles, including AutoPilot and Smart Summon.



Disclaimer: This article and all the associated exercises are for educational purposes only. This is a short introduction on methods that use neural networks in an offensive manner (bug hunting, shellcode obfuscation, etc.) and how to exploit neural networks found in the wild (information extraction, malware injection, backdooring, etc.). Most of the methods presented are accompanied by an exercise found in this repo. The full article can be found here in'Article.pdf' Download and install Python3 and its package installer pip using a package manager or directly from the website



CCI is an algorithm which discovers causation from observational data. More specifically, it is a constraint-based algorithm for causal discovery with cycles, latent variables and/or selection bias. Running CCI feels like running FCI, but CCI can handle cycles. CCI discovers a partially oriented maximal almost ancestral graph (MAAG) of some directed graph G, provided that the global Markov property and d-separation faithfulness holds according to G. Such properties are reasonable when G is the directed graph of a structural equation model with independent errors and linearity holds, for example.

Best WhiteLabel Chatbot Platforms


The Chatbots Market was worth USD 1274.428 million in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 7591.82 million by 2024 registering a CAGR of 34.75% over the period (2019–2024). As the above statistic highlights, there is a growing acceptance of Chatbot platforms by businesses across the world due to changing customer behavior. Customers across the world are spending more and more time online and browsing through websites, apps, and social media than ever. Access to technology and the internet is fueling the next level of growth for the companies who have a good online presence but it's just not enough to have an internet presence. The businesses need to engage with the visitors 24/7 and swiftly & accurately answer the visitors' queries.

Top 8 Data Science Use Cases in Sales


Customer churn is the term used to refer to the percentage of customers who stopped buying the product and ended its use during a particular period. Machine learning algorithms go through the Customer Relationship Management data to spot the patterns and characteristic features in the behavior, communication, and ordering of those, who stopped buying. In comparison to the characteristics and periodical changes in the behavior of the present customers, it is quite easy to determine those who are likely to end up the relationship with a brand. The reasons for customer churn may be various: price, product fit, unsatisfactory customer experience, etc. To prevent or at least to reduce customer churn try to lean on your best customers, provide feedback and prompt communication, offer bonuses, ask about your customers' opinions and take it into account.

New Study: 64% of People Trust a Robot More Than Their Manager


People have more trust in robots than their managers, according to the second annual AI at Work study conducted by Oracle and Future Workplace, a research firm preparing leaders for disruptions in recruiting, development and employee engagement. The study of 8,370 employees, managers and HR leaders across 10 countries, found that AI has changed the relationship between people and technology at work and is reshaping the role HR teams and managers need to play in attracting, retaining and developing talent. Contrary to common fears around how AI will impact jobs, employees, managers and HR leaders across the globe are reporting increased adoption of AI at work and many are welcoming AI with love and optimism. The increasing adoption of AI at work is having a significant impact on the way employees interact with their managers. As a result, the traditional role of HR teams and the manager is shifting.