Why We Need More Women Of Color In Tech

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And implicit bias can show up in other forms of artificial intelligence software. A ProPublica investigation found that software by Northpoint, a consulting and research firm, used to predict the likelihood that criminal defendants would become repeat offenders overestimated risk for Black people and underestimated risk for white people. Black defendants were "77 percent more likely to be pegged as at higher risk of committing a future violent crime" than white defendants, according to the organization's research.

The 10 Best Gadgets of the 2010s

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Making a list of the decade's most important and influential gadgets is, in a word, illuminating -- and that's before you factor in all the LEDs. Over the last 10 years, thousands of products have been released, and while some are definitely "cooler" than others, their impact on the past decade, and the decade to come, is by no means identical. Each gadget tells the story of a new way of thinking, a slow-moving paradigm shift set to change the way we approach the personal technology we interact with on a daily basis. Sure, you might not know what a Raspberry Pi is, but its impact on industries like robotics and home automation has been massive. But the elegantly executed idea has opened up a world of delight for gamers with disabilities.

U.N. can't confirm Saudi oil facilities and airport were attacked with Iranian weapons

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UNITED NATIONS – Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says the United Nations has not been able to independently corroborate that the cruise missiles and drones used in attacks earlier this year on an airport and oil facilities in Saudi Arabia "are of Iranian origin." The U.N. chief said in a report to the council obtained Friday by The Associated Press that the U.N. also can't confirm that the missiles and drones were transferred from Iran "in a manner inconsistent" with the Security Council resolution that endorsed the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and six key countries. The United States has blamed Iran for the attacks. The Saudis said the missiles and drones were Iranian but stopped short of accusing Iran of firing them. The U.N. chief said the U.N. examined debris from the weapon systems used in the attacks and is still collecting and analyzing additional information and trying to establish the supply chain.

Parental controls in iOS designed to prevent kids from talking to strangers being easily bypassed

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Bugs in Apple's iOS have cast serious doubt on the company's new parental controls. CNBC reports that restrictions that were designed to prevent kids from talking to strangers have been falling well short of their intended goal. Communications Limits, a parental control rolled out this week via iOS 13.1.3, Theoretically, this would prevent a child from communicating with anyone that wasn't already uploaded into the phones' contact list. However, a test from CNBC revealed that if an unknown number texted the device first, users were able to directly add that number to the address book and effectively subvert the parental lock.

On Theory of Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning Algorithms


Based on a joint work with Aryan Mokhtari, UT Austin, and Asu Ozdaglar, MIT. Imagine sitting in your autonomous car, going for a vacation. Your vehicle should follow the directions provided by the navigation app, and also use multiple sensors to monitor other vehicles, road signs, street light, etc. As a result, during the course of your journey, your car might need to take actions within a few seconds, such as turning or stopping. The question is how should your vehicle be programmed to be able to adapt to the new tasks within a short amount of time and limited data.

TensorFlow.js Image Classification Made Easy


TensorFlow.js Image Classification Made Easy In this video you're going to discover an easy way how to train a convolutional neural network for image classification and use the created TensorFlow.js image classifier afterwards to score x-ray images locally in your web browser. TensorFlow.JS is a great machine learning javascript-based framework to run your machine learning models locally in the web browser as well as on your server using node.js. But defining your model structure and training it, is way more complex than just using a trained model. Azure Custom Vision - one of the various Cognitive Services - offers you an easy way to avoid this hassle. The dataset I used (Pulmonary Chest X-Ray Abnormalities), can be downloaded here: https://www.kaggle.com/kmader/pulmona... Subscribe for more free data analytics videos: https://www.youtube.com/saschadittman...

Going meta: learning algorithms and the self-supervised machine with Dr. Philip Bachman - Microsoft Research


Phil Bachman: …and it's not always clear what the distinction between the methods are. But supervised learning is sort of what's had the most immediate success and what's driving a lot of the deep learning power technologies that are being used for doing things like speech recognition in phones or doing automated question answering for chat bots and stuff like that. So supervised learning refers to kind of a subset of the techniques that people apply when they have access to a large amount of data and they have a specific type of action that they want a model to perform when it processes that data. And what they do is, they get a person to go and label all the data and say, okay, well this is the input to the model at this point in time. And given this input, this is what the model should output.

Overcoming Obstacles to Machine Learning Adoption - insideBIGDATA


Our friends over a H2O.ai have sponsored a new Business Impact Brief from 451 Research – "Overcoming Obstacles to Machine Learning Adoption." The brief highlights the organizational barriers to machine learning adoption from 451 Research's Voice of the Enterprise: AI and Machine Learning 2H 2018 survey, asking the question: "What are your organization's most significant barriers to using machine learning?" After many fits and starts, the era of enterprise machine learning has finally arrived. According to the 451 Research survey, 20% of enterprises have already deployed the technology and a further 33% plan to do so within one year. These figures should come as no surprise: AI has the potential to benefit almost any company by automating and improving a variety of business processes.

A Sobering Message About the Future at AI's Biggest Party


More than 13,000 artificial intelligence mavens flocked to Vancouver this week for the world's leading academic AI conference, NeurIPS. The venue included a maze of colorful corporate booths aiming to lure recruits for projects like software that plays doctor. Google handed out free luggage scales and socks depicting the colorful bikes employees ride on its campus, while IBM offered hats emblazoned with "I A ." Tuesday night, Google and Uber hosted well-lubricated, over-subscribed parties. At a bleary 8:30 the next morning, one of Google's top researchers gave a keynote with a sobering message about AI's future. Blaise Aguera y Arcas praised the revolutionary technique known as deep learning that has seen teams like his get phones to recognize faces and voices.

14 data scientists you should follow on Twitter TechBeacon


The application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to business and IT, from intelligent IT operations (AIOps) to service management to software testing, is keeping the data revolution moving at lightning speed. That's why data science remains a popular concentration for computer science students who have the talent for math and analytics. And it's why more organizations are clamoring for data scientists who can help make decisions faster and put their businesses ahead of competitors. To help you keep up, TechBeacon assembled this list of leading data scientists to follow on Twitter. Plus: Get the 2019 Forrester Wave for ESM.