Scammers find powerful way to impersonate you and empty your bank accounts - Technology news to help entrepreneurs grow and secure their business!


Criminals are using AI-generated audio to impersonate a CEO's voice and con subordinates into transferring funds to a scammer's account. However, the UK CEO was in fact taking instructions from a scammer who'd used AI-powered voice technology to impersonate the German CEO. Our FREE Tools can help! How will you protect yourself from this?

Artificial intelligence can immediately boost your business - KnowTechie


Innovative companies are taking advantage of the tech and using it to accomplish tasks that require incredible accuracy and intense dedication. If your business needs a boost in marketing performance and productivity, here is how you can get AI to help you reach these goals. Something that will drastically improve your marketing department and your business overall is a digital marketing data analysis software tool. It's designed to collect metrics across multiple platforms, formulate thorough reports and provide lucrative insights based on the findings. Data is pulled from various online platforms like your company's website, social media accounts, and Google Analytics.

Venture Scanner: Artificial Intelligence Report Highlights – Q2 2019


Here is our Q2 2019 summary report on the artificial intelligence startup sector. The following report includes a sector overview and recent activity. To learn more about our complete artificial intelligence dynamic report, visit us at

What business leaders need to know about artificial intelligence MIT Sloan


Artificial intelligence dominates the headlines, part promise and part specter, as society grapples with how technology is changing the way we work and live. Both hype about AI's immediate potential and fear about its effects are exaggerated, according to MIT Sloan professorThomas W. Malone,director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence. A realistic understanding of artificial intelligence and the promise of robotics, machine learning, and natural language processing is increasingly important for businesses. The 2018 AI Index report found increased interest in the topic around the world, including substantial increases in AI research, investment in AI startups, enrollment in AI college courses, and jobs that require deep learning skills. "A lot of senior executives and business leaders today are almost desperate to understand how AI may affect their businesses," said Malone, who teaches a popular executive education course on artificial intelligence and business strategy.

The 10 most important moments in AI (so far)


This article is part of Fast Company's editorial series The New Rules of AI. More than 60 years into the era of artificial intelligence, the world's largest technology companies are just beginning to crack open what's possible with AI--and grapple with how it might change our future. Click here to read all the stories in the series. Artificial intelligence is still in its youth. But some very big things have already happened.

AI Can Now Pass School Tests but Still Falls Short on the Turing Test


From winning at Go to passing eighth grade level multiple choice tests, AI is making rapid advances. But its creativity still leaves much to be desired. On September 4, 2019, Peter Clark, along with several other researchers, published "From'F' to'A' on the N.Y. Regents Science Exams: An Overview of the Aristo Project " The Aristo project named in the title is hailed for the rapid improvement it has demonstrated when it tested the way eighth-grade human students in New York State are tested for their knowledge of science. The researchers concluded that this is an important milestone for AI: "Although Aristo only answers multiple choice questions without diagrams, and operates only in the domain of science, it nevertheless represents an important milestone towards systems that can read and understand. The momentum on this task has been remarkable, with accuracy moving from roughly 60% to over 90% in just three years."

Amazon is said to have tweaked search algorithm to favor its own products

Daily Mail - Science & tech

It seems Amazon may be putting profits before customers. The Wall Street Journal has reported that the retail giant tweaked its product-search algorithms in order to favor its own'private label' and higher profit margin products– instead of what is most relevant for consumers. Programmers involved with the search algorithm are said to have opposed the change, as Amazon's principles stress they'work to earn and keep customer trust'. The changes were cited by sources familiar with the situation, who claimed Amazon's product-search system was changed last year. The Wall Street Journal has reported that the retail giant tweaked its product-search algorithms in order to favor its own'private label' and higher profit margin products– instead of what is most relevant for consumers Prior to the switch, algorithms would first show products that were bestsellers or relevant to what customers were looking to purchase.

Tulsi Gabbard accuses Trump of being 'Saudi Arabia's b----' over response to attacks on oil fields

FOX News

Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tusli Gabbard, D-Hawaii took President Trump to task over his response to attacks on Saudi oil fields, likening his wait-and-see approach to being "Saudi Arabia's b----." Trump tweeted earlier Sunday that the U.S. was "waiting to hear from the Kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of the attack, and under what terms we would proceed!" "Trump awaits instructions from his Saudi masters," Gabbard tweeted in response. "Having our country act as Saudi Arabia's b---- is not'America First.'" The attack on the world's largest oil processing facility and a nearby oil field in Saudi Arabia were hit by drone attacks early Saturday by Iranian-backed Yemeni rebels. GABBARD WARNS THAT DNC DEBATE QUALIFICATIONS COULD MAKE VOTERS THINK'THE FIX IS ALREADY IN' Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, speaks during the New Hampshire state Democratic Party convention, Saturday, Sept. 7, 2019, in Manchester, NH. (AP) Gabbard made the same off-color remark last year after Trump stood by Saudi Arabia amid backlash for the murder of writer Jamal Khashoggi.

Ensemble methods: bagging, boosting and stacking


This post was co-written with Baptiste Rocca. This old saying expresses pretty well the underlying idea that rules the very powerful "ensemble methods" in machine learning. Roughly, ensemble learning methods, that often trust the top rankings of many machine learning competitions (including Kaggle's competitions), are based on the hypothesis that combining multiple models together can often produce a much more powerful model. The purpose of this post is to introduce various notions of ensemble learning. We will give the reader some necessary keys to well understand and use related methods and be able to design adapted solutions when needed.

"Father of Machine Learning", the Chief AI Scientist of Squirrel AI Learning, Tom Mitchell Delivered an Opening Speech at the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference(WAIC): AI for a Brighter World!


SHANGHAI, China, Sept. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On August 29th, with the theme of "Intelligent Connectivity, Infinite Possibilities", the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC), co-sponsored by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Internet Information Office, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering and Shanghai Municipal People's Government, was solemnly held in Shanghai. More than 500 top universities, international organizations and the world's most influential scientists, entrepreneurs and investors in the field of artificial intelligence gathered in Shanghai. Turing Award winners Raj Reddy and Manuel Blum, former Dean of the School of Computer Science at CMU & Chief AI Scientist of Squirrel AI Learning Tom Mitchell, Nobel Prize winner George Smoot, "Father of Machine Learning", Finn E. Kydland, Swiss AI Lab IDSIA Scientific Director Jürgen Schmidhuber Co-founder and CEO of Tesla Elon Musk, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Tencent Pony (Huateng) Ma, Co-chairman of the United Nations High-level Group on Digital Cooperation Jack Ma etc., delivered brilliant speeches and conversations respectively. In the top-leader conversation session, Elon Musk, Co-founder and CEO of Tesla, conducted an in-depth conversation with Jack Ma, Co-chairman of the United Nations High-level Group on Digital Cooperation. When it comes to education, Musk said, "The lecture is the worst because it's too slow. It's hard to make fewer mistakes for us in predicting the future, but you have to try first, and then to adjust it according to the errors you have predicted before."